Odell Beckham Jr Annnnnddd… Zendaya?

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 8.14.19 PMyes.
i needed to put my glasses on as well.
so odell beckham jr and zendaya are an alleged “thing”.
i know.
from amber rose to zendaya?
you know what?
*puts hands in the air*
check out what tmz sports had to say…


NFL standout Odell Beckham Jr. stepped out with singer and Disney actress Zendaya after Monday’s Grammy Awards — and her father implied the two stars are taking a Giant step towards a possible new relationship.

“It’s like an audition,” Kazembe Ajamu Coleman told TMZ as he got into a car with the two stars after the award show. “It’s an interview.”

But Coleman wasn’t quite ready to say his famous daughter is officially dating the New York Giants wide receiver just yet.

“When you see my daughter out on a date without me, (then) it’s a relationship,” he said.

Beckham and the “K.C. Undercover” actress turned heads on the Grammys red carpet Monday as they locked arms and posed for photos together.

After the show, they then attended the star-studded Republic Records after-party at the Hyde nightclub — where they shared a booth and a few laughs together, according to People.


okay so are they dating,
or aren’t they?
200-31i mean this literally came out of left field,
but i’d rather my odell with a classy vixen than some super thot.
no offense amber.
so i’ll allow this confusion of randomness.
i think.

lowkey: i feel like odell is a master media manipulator.
i am for him all the way.

sidebar: get into zendaya’s best friend,
and star of “american crime”,
trevor jackson:

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 8.26.59 PM

iov9edwvqpn7smeaf7he is going to be a heartbreaker in a few more years.

story taken: ny daily news

17 thoughts on “Odell Beckham Jr Annnnnddd… Zendaya?

  1. They look like they will be sharing fashion tips, hair tips and posing for the camera.

    They look like they will be fun

  2. He’s dressed like a gay dude going to the club. I’m just saying.

    I mean have we really heard any stories about him with women or any screenshots with this dude involving a woman? I mean that Amber Rose story was a stretch.

    Even when he’s dancing with his boys there are never any females around lol

    Zendaya is not the type ballers date.

    1. True. It’s no secret that many celebrities that have a trail of gay rumours behind them have PR teams/managers that tell them to “date” other high profile women to deflect the gay rumours and get people talking about the new showmance. I’m not buying them “together” at all.

  3. Not buying it.
    I’m not here for her mullet. She kinda bores me, but I guess that’s a good thing these days.

    Anyway, where are Odell’s nudes?

  4. Not buying it, they looks like good “girlfriends” in that pic. This is clearly a “our mangers set this up to see if we can make news” outing.

    1. Co-sign Mikey! That appears to be something to get the tongues wagging…besides I thought he only liked Becky’s?!!

  5. They make a cute couple so I will allow it. But I thought she was dating Trevor, but I’m glad to know I can have Trevor now

  6. Damn. He done took wifey off the market. My money long but it aint baller long. But a guy can dream…

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