Don’t Get Mad At The Grammys (Get Mad At Yourself?)

i saw all the outrage after the grammys.
“we” were mad some of our favorites got snubbed.
it may have been faux outrage.
that’s open for opinion.
i know one thing tho…

Black folks need to get it together when it comes to our own

in therapy as a cub,
i learned something that always stuck with me.
it’s easy to blame someone else for our problems.
i notice some black folks love to do that.
we might need to take a look in mirror and face ourselves.
well here you go:

we can’t get too mad at bruno mars.
we let him,
and others like him,
take our music and make it acceptable to win awards with.
would we have supported tremaine if he did a “24k magic” album?
this wolf:

our old school wave gets rave reviews when done by someone else.
i find that interesting.
so i had to wonder another something else.
is it that we don’t support our artists…

…Or is the game really set up for them to actually fail?

tremaine could make an album like bruno,
but we would tell him that he’s going backwards.
his management would probably tell him that it won’t sell.
so my question is what’s “forwards” then?
what “sells” for him?
why is this okay:

but this isn’t:

as much as i love to hear tremaine sing,
he’s stuck in a “trap ‘n’ b” world.
“we” put him there.
chris is the same way.
the vixens seem to have more freedom to jump from genre to genre.
we tend to accept b and rih going back and forth.
the males don’t seem to have that luxury.
our main wolves who sing right now are trying to be rappers.
males don’t want to sing r&b anymore like rappers don’t want to rap.
mumble rap is in; bars are out.

i could be wrong with my assumptions and please correct me if so

and i hate to break it to ya,

The Grammys don’t support us

we need to keep it moving.
it was so embarrassing to see jay looking foolish last night.
b and rih learned their lessons from last year.
there are fully functioning black awards that cater to our talents.
some of our bigger artists have excuses as to why they won’t attend.
i’m kinda looking at you jay.
after these last few years,
i hope this serves as a lesson for those who wanted acceptance.

They don’t want “you”,
but they want “you” in someone else

“blue eyed soul” as they call it now?

i wish everything would go back to how it was in the 90s.
black artists had freedom to be and do what they wanted.
it wasn’t also “one artist who could be the only artist”.
labels weren’t shelving other black artists so they wouldn’t serve as competition.
folks seemed to have embraced the competition back then.
stan culture didn’t exist either.
there were many who were able to tell different stories.
it all honestly sucks now.
some of it is our faults.
we opened the door,
closed it on some of our own,
and silently created monsters in a whole other races.
once we accept these things,
we might be able to change and start anew.
too bad some of us enjoy being simply just mad so…

we’ll be over it until the next outrage.

lowkey: it would be nice if we stopped tearing each other down.
we stay going in on our own.
why is this okay that we do this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Don’t Get Mad At The Grammys (Get Mad At Yourself?)”

  1. And why you’re on this subject, you know that Justin Timberlake, is allegedly doing a Prince song @ the Superbowl. They forever stealing our music and profiting. As you stated tremaine needs to step out of that comfort zone.

      1. Truthfully we should literally own the music scene…PERIOD. I mean lock stock gotta go through us to get to it because in reality American Music is Black Music!!! The reality is to many pitfalls have blocked (some of which our own fault, not all but some) that path to the true ownership we should Right fully should have over the scene. That idea of ownership on that level is a joke. We would rather be accepted and liked than have true ownership, respect & power. Many in 50 years if we are still around we will get it and link up as others have done since the capitalism age!

  2. If blacks stopped going and solely supported bet awards in pretty sure theyd woo us back. there was a time when the Grammy didn’t acknowledge us but then had to acknowledge us and we came running. the pendulum has swung yet again

  3. Stephanie Mills on TV One’s “Sister Circle”

    Asked about the “state of music right now,” Mills was frank and to the point: “I think they want R&B, but they don’t want it from us.”

    “They want it from Adele and Justin Timberlake and those people; they don’t want it from us,” she continued, later adding that the industry doesnt’ “want to show the respect of where it comes from.”

  4. None of these awards are own by black people anymore obviously (BET, NAACP, and etc…) That why All these awards show are so dry now. So there’s nothing to support with these awards shows. I’m at this point where I going to need BLACK PEOPLE to do the action and stop saying the words.

    Nobody can’t come for me. I support what I like and that black. Even if it porn if I like I want more so going to support it. Just like y’all asses do food do it for blacks.

  5. Listen up and wake up. These Fair-Skinned Decepticons are not your friend and it’s not just them, plenty of Latinos and Indonesians and others can be just as racist and Anti-Black.

    Black Americans need to to stop thinking that minorities are there allies too. Now I didn’t say All were like that, but you’d be surprised.

    Multi-colored Decepticons love the Black American culture and it’s coolness and all the benefits but they don’t really care for the icky Black people, so they must try to make things as ambiguous as possible…turning the dial lighter and lighter until it’s pretty much as white as washing can get.

    The entire reason for blacks coming over here was to be under the White Decepticon’s power. You can beat the Black woman and hang the black man, but you can never take away Black integrity…or can you??? 🤔 Once Blacks were no longer bound by physical power…The White Decepticon’s attacked the most powerful tool. The Black Mind. Once you get into a man’s mind, he is doomed. Free to go physically but a slave mentally.

    Black folks need to wise up fast. I’m not trying trying to say the Decepticons are trying to phase out black people or anything like they did the…oh wait yeah… Thanksgiving….you know that day we All celebrate what we are all thankful for…Umm Turkey.. I love turkey, and sweet potato pie and the Pilgrims and Native Americans…wait a minute..

    In reality, white settlers rewarded Native Americans by enslaving populations, carrying out widespread genocide but I mean despite all that, at least the Native Americans sorta got a half-of-a-truth holiday and some casinos and pieces of land and stuff…

    Oh look..Blacks get a whole month to themselves because it’s really the only time that Blacks need to be really recognized for anything important…I mean it’s not like it’s the shortest month or anything or that Valentine’s Day is really the most promoted event.

    But this is the Decepticons method of appreciation. Giving a little reassurance after causing a whole lot of damage. My 1500th post saying they do only three things….Kill, Steal, and Destroy.

    Ah, Bruno. The very talented Bruno…I like Bruno Mars a little. I think he’s interesting… What’s not interesting is this “I dedicate this to Blacks” movement. He sounds like an apologist. I’ll let him slide since he “grew up” watching it. 🙄 But I’m sure Justin Timberlake and the rest will be handing out apology tickets soon enough.

    This post so damn long…I’m ending it here.

  6. Why do people bother with these award shows. What bullshit. I like what I like and listen to it. I don’t need an award show to validate my musical tastes. And who wants to sit through that long shit anyway?

  7. the academythat votes are white. I will say that they dud have number of us perform and having Kendrick open….remember when it was an all white and country show.

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