Laith Ashley Has Really Come Into His Own

i am still blown away by this.
we talked about laith ashley before in foxhole’s past.
check the archives.
he had a full interview with “hollywood unlocked” and…

…i’m still in awe.
whoever did his surgery:

send them to the rest.
i love being at a loss for font.
no more back alley surgeries please.
speaking of font,
i’m not afraid to admit that my bawdy parts feel a certain way.



lowkey: according to the interview,
foxhole members are not wanted.
i know some of ya’ll tried sliding in his dms.
that transwolf will deny you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Laith Ashley Has Really Come Into His Own”

  1. No offense to any trans individuals, but how does he have a penis in his underwear and does it get erect? I’m genuinely curious about this.

    1. He doesn’t have one. Didn’t go through the process and doesn’t want to at the moment. It’s probably a prosthetic

  2. I had typed up a good bit on my viewpoints on this matter, cause I like to keep it real, but I backspaced out and erased everythang accidentally twice while trying to post…..Go figure…The Universe is telling showing something…hahah

    I’ll have to outline it since I ain’t bout type all that again.

    Some of my viewpoints/questions.

    Are you attracted to this transman in the post? If so, would you sleep with them once you found out they had a vagina?

    Do you see any correlation between your attraction to the transman in the post above and how “straight men” get caught with transgendered females and are called gay? Would that make a gay man that dates a transman bi?

    If a transman and a transwoman get together, is that still considered a heterosexual relationship?

    What makes a person “feel” they are the wrong gender exactly? (Is this a trick question??? Hmmmm🤔🙂)

    Lables? Do we need them? Yes, we do..We lable ourselves as humans to distinguish us from animals. Without lables we have no diversity, no heritage, no identity.

    Without an identity, we have no purpose.

    Lables provide structure and maintain order… without order, we have chaos.

    Most of us may be able to live on to see a couple more generations. Things may get pretty interesting…

    1. Do trans people say they want no label or do they simply choose the labels they want to answer to? Labels aren’t going anywhere. We simply learn new information and recategorize things. Always have, always will.

      These are some interesting questions and I’ve asked this stuff before too. Sex =/= gender so technically a trans woman/trans man couple is heterosexual and straight lol.

      The correlation Jammy mentioned is the best part of the comment. We (most of us are probably cisgender gay men) may find Laith attractive. Does that make us straight (or bi) because he was born a female?

      What even is attraction to a particular gender? Is that attraction have to include genitalia? I think that’s why we are so uncomfortable with trans people. You realize sexual attraction ain’t neat like we (as a society) like to pretend it is.

  3. He not cute and I seen alot and I mean A LOT of fine trans-men more then women. I honestly seen that Billy D gif and I forgot about him that fast. young Billy D Williams can get the business.

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