You’ll Never Believe What He Wanted For Extra Credit


Who is teaching our cubs nowadays?

i’m very scared of who they’re allowing in these classrooms.
every other story is some pervert getting caught up.
so a teaching jackal thought he would hook two students up,
but under one alleged condition.
guess what that alleged condition was?
a foxholer sent me the story via “the root”

A New Jersey high school teacher was arrested Friday on charges that he promised at least two students better grades if they sent him lewd pictures of themselves, prompting the necessary question: Were teachers always this nasty? reports that Jose Maria of Passaic (N.J.) High School was taken into custody and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and official misconduct. According to court documents, the 39-year-old engaged in inappropriate conduct with two of his teenage students between 2010 and 2012.

Investigators said that Maria would pick up two students and buy Chinese food and alcohol for the teens. Maria, who taught Spanish, allegedly offered one of the boys a better grade in exchange for photos of his penis. The student told authorities that he searched for pictures of a black penis on the internet and sent them to Maria as though he had taken a picture of himself.

Prosecutors say the creepy relationship ended when the mother of one of the teens found the inappropriate text messages and confronted the teacher about it. (Because the child was black, we assume “confronted” means there was—at the very least—some chair throwing and a few suggestions of what the mother would do to Maria if she ever saw him, which is probably why the court’s affidavit of probable cause states that Maria admitted to his actions and “asked for forgiveness,” stating that he would kill himself.)

Maria’s salary of $75,513 will be …. Wait. The next part of the story can’t be correct because it says Maria will still receive his salary and is only suspended.

what in the ever loving fuck?

i didn’t hear of students fuckin teachers in my school.
vixens flirting with substitutes?
actual sex and debauchery?
i might have missed that.
the students were too busy fuckin each other.
on school grounds or not.
as much as i’m having baby fever nowadays,
i’m kinda “okay” bringing a cub into this world.
i ain’t trying to shoot someone for mines.

lowkey: does there need to be a better background check nowadays?

article cc: the root

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “You’ll Never Believe What He Wanted For Extra Credit”

  1. Sadly, my vice principal (and boy’s varsity basketball coach) was bangin both teachers AND students. He had them so sprung on the “D” (and he was packin) that one clique of girls started fighting each other when they found out they were all getting some of his lovin’!

    Interestingly, they named a community park after him when he died. Little did they know, or they just didn’t care!

    Looking back…high school was fun! LOL

    I’m not surprised at this. Kids are maturing faster nowadays. Girls are flirtatious as hell, boys if they are interested, will let you know in some way, shape, or form. I’ve had students hit on me. I am not about to lose my job behind some raging hormones…no matter how good you look.

    That’s not to say he should’ve acted on his impulses, but I’m willing to bet those kids may have given him some kind of “sign”.

    1. ^omg!
      is it that bad out here?
      some of these young wolves are fresh af.
      they looking like straight up grown ass adults now with these bawdies.
      i know you see them on the train!

  2. Jamari speaking as a teache, I can tell you firsthand that yes the students will try you. It’s not always the teacher. I’m not defending any teacher for the debauchary. The kids would flirt and say vulgar statements to me daily that I felt uncomfortable in their presence. These were girls and boys mind you. Offering to stay after school, eat lunch in my room or help me carry my books to my car. I’m an attractive black male but that’s beside the point. I wanted to be a positive role model and now I feel like eye candy in the face of children. I felt uncomfortable talking to my administrator and fellow teachers but nothing would be done. I would explain how inappropriate it was and they would laugh while telling me I should feel flattered. Keep in mind these were high school aged kids. I taught three years and dropped down to middle school where I’m receiving the same treatment. Needless to say, this is my last year teaching.

      1. Idk. Sounds corny and cliche but I’ve always wanted to change lives. I thought about writing but I’ll pray before I make a hastily decision

    1. blkeducator…I feel you man. I work at a University, and these students will test you. NO shame in their game. Like one young man said, if he sees something he likes/wants…he’s gonna go for it. All you can do is try. Little boy…I am not losing my job for you!

      Once a young girl felt my butt, and she looked at me like yeah I did it. Now meanwhile, there are cameras EVERYWHERE. I’m like yo, don’t do that. Stay in your lane. I’m not trying to lose my job over some horny kids!

      These kids today are maturing faster. Young girls look older than they are, and the boys like to advertise their bodies and bulge with the tight clothes. Lol

  3. Always happened. Happened at my High School and I know who..My H.S. bf was sexy and guess I found out who was messing around with when he first transferred…ole Ms. Williams. I still remember that Educated Thot to this day.

    F.Y.I. there was a vid of a student sucking a teacher floating around someone was a vid of a student recording it with their cellphone through the blinds..

    I’m sure it’s deleted by now as this was a fee years ago…but it happens…often.

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