So I Watched The ’18 Grammys and Well…

so i watched the grammys tonight.
it was in my city at msg.
i figured it would be poppin but…

maybe it would have been better if i was there,
but i could have caught this on repeat at work.
as usual,
i had a few thoughts:

– kendrick is magical.
– lady gaga = yawn
– rih looked like a giant next to him on stage
– how did alessia win “best new artist” over sza?
i demand a re-vote
– am i the only one who thinks bryson tiller is cute?
– i digged the “wild thoughts” performance.
rih struggled,
but she always has fun on stage.
– p!nk was like “i ain’t dressing to perform for ya’ll”.
she done did circus soliel so she is “tied”.
– i actually enjoyed cardi with bruno.
– b looked like she was over blue tonight.
– b dressed like a 1st lady
that skit was accurate tho
– victor “snack” cruz.
that’s all
– didn’t like the way kesha sung “praying”,
but i get the emotion behind it
– they just gonna disrespect “cntrl” like this?
– miley “who”?

– i loved sza’s performance
– that song taylor swift wrote for that country group>>>
– logic looks like his name should be stanley robitowitz
– i guess jay will ignore his grammy invite next year?
– i HOPE to see jay and b at the bet/soul train awards.
places that actually supports their music/artistry.
rih too.
i didn’t forget her.
– bruno mars gave the most “culture vulture” speech ever:

“i use to listen to ya’ll music back in the day and plot twist…


aside from that:

i was shocked at all these ballads tonight.
a good sleep aid?
i keep wondering…

Are these award shows losing their luster?

maybe it’s better when you’re actually there.

lowkey: i bet the after parties are gonna be lit tonight.
any f-bi out there,
go rogue and get me some good scoop.

26 thoughts on “So I Watched The ’18 Grammys and Well…

  1. I don’t bother with these awards shows any longer. It shows you who’s the studio singers and who’s the true entertainer/performer…and makes me wonder how some of these people actually made it in the industry.

    I didn’t watch it, but from the clips I saw/heard..I didn’t miss much. Everyone was raving about Kesha’s performance and Miley’s duet with Elton John. From what I heard…neither sounded so hot.

    I can honestly say that I would actually shell out my hard earned money to see Bruno in concert. He looks like you would have a good concert-going experience at one of his shows. I can’t say there’s any other artist out now I would do that for, not even Beyonce. After 4, she fell off to me. If she did a concert up to that album, I’d go see it…but then I would leave. LOL

    1. I still fail to see the big deal about Beyonce. She makes catchy music, and is eye catching, but that’s about it. Jay-Z is good, but haven’t they won enough awards. Are they the only black artists out here because it doesn’t seem like it. Personally I’d rather see new (black) faces.

      I would pay to see Bruno Mars in concert as well, as I’ve paid to see Mary J Blige and Maxwell in concert (they were AWESOME, and they both make beautiful music). I’ll pay and support who I damn well please. The prerequisite is that I like their content, like their vibe/message/theme, colour comes next.

  2. I’m officially over this site. Jamari you often say things that reflect a person who isn’t happy. I hope you get well and stop being so judgemental. As a gay man I expect better from you but you’re just like the rest of the messy queens in here no matter how hard you try to sway folks that you’re so different, you’re messy, mean, and need to do some soul searching others on your blog have always said this and I never cared to listen but now that I’m in a happy place and see the things you say about people I realize you’re not as happy as me. Good luck, I wish you the best and you may say whatever to this now bit when you’re truly happy you’ll realize I wasn’t trying to be mean just trying to get you to stop. I stopped frequenting sites like boss and media fake out for messiness and all I’m getting is the same here with a few aesthetics. Peace.

      1. 1st and foremost I am a queen and I never said anything was wrong with it. And the only reason you see no issue in this post and previous post is because you are just as messy as him. This site is like a breeding ground for homophobic homo’s. I am not surprised by the troops rallying. A real person tells the truth Jamari knows what I’m talking about his conscience kicks in every time he does it yet he ignores it out of pent up anger. Your boy is hurting be a friend and help instead of looking for a fight because that’s not my intention.

    1. So basically your issue is that most gay people (in your opinion) have a problem with queens like you. That what you saying. I going to tell you like I tell anybody, nobody going to like everything you do. Some gays like twinks and some gays don’t. Some gays like fats and some don’t . Some like whites and most don’t and Some like queens or fems and some don’t. It the circle of life and you got to did with it. Also Everybody messy including you because you had some messy comments to, so don’t play.

      Again point out messy in this specific post. Please and thank you.

      1. You are a disgrace to the LGBTQ I’d shock you with how “straight” I appear to most. I’m a queen at heart not out loud but I shame no queen and that’s the problem here and you proved my point with your whole “not everyone is gonna like what you do” speech. We’re public enemy #1 to everyone else and that’s why need to stick together not separating ppl based off their behavior. I hope you get self-esteem. This will be my last visit and comment. Goodbye. Jamar good luck you have so much potential don’t waste it being mean. Love all as they are except the pervs.

      2. And still did not show any logical reasoning what was wrong with anything in this post other than freedom of speech which they didn’t agree with then proceeded to have a temper tantrum and name calling.

  3. *whisting* Best R&B you say…Goes to back to look at my post about Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s new song….

    Ah, I knew something sounded familiar about this post. 🤔

      1. i dont think it’s to late for us, but it would take an R&B artist of Beyonce’s caliber to address the fact that the genre that gave us Aretha, Luther, Whitney, Toni, and Usher, is no longer part of the telecast. R&B artists no loner get their shining moment on tv accepting an award for their work. I also think that instead of going to the Grammy’s every year waiting for a hand out, A-list black talent should start attending the Soul Train and BET awards. They would add so much legitimacy if they showed support for R&B based award shows again. But the other half starts with the consumers. We need to start supporting R&B artists a whole lot more. Theres no reason two racially ambiguous artists should be able to get dressed up in Cross Colours, do old school black dances, singing about “Finesse”, and get our co-sign. Its appropriation to the highest degree. We give our culture away so freely. We love when non-poc can dress/act/sing/dress like us. Its nauseating to me. We allow white folks to regurgitate our culture to back to us all while selling it to the masses. They get the luxury of “playing” in our culture for awards, record sales or a “new sound.” While we cheer them along. It must stop..

      2. I’m gonna say this… It’s not the color of the artist, it’s the production and lyrical quality of music that are hurting R&B. Bruno is a good artist. He writes and
        produces his music. Not too many artists do that. Now Cardi B is a different story. What she does I don’t call rapping at all. But if she can milk it for what it’s worth from people that don’t know real music..go for it. Lol

        Everyone copies what’s “hot” instead of being creative and taking chances. When Chris Brown or Trey Songz put out a CD you already know what kind of song you’re going to get. Do something DIFFERENT, take a chance outside of your comfort zone! Chris used to do that, but he fell into that trap of making “Imma fuck you” songs like everyone else. Hell, even some of the “old heads” fell into that trap soul style of music.

        It’s not for everyone, and when you jump on the bandwagon…it reeks of desperation. I miss those days when Timbaland would release songs with different artists. He wasn’t afraid to explore different sounds and/or production values. Think back to when Omarion was upset that “Posed To Be” wasn’t nominated for an award (I forget which awards show it was though). Like really, you think that’s an award caliber song?!

        Hip-Hop is the worst. You get the same beat, the same lazy lyrical flow. No originality. You have a few that stand out, but the majority o these new artists sound alike with no distinction in their music whatsoever.

        If they can’t get it together, our artists have no one to blame but themselves for this musical drought.

      3. Umm Christian I start to realized that y’all don’t listen to Chris Brown music at all. Because Chris doesn’t just make fuck you music that what you hear on the radio. This how I know some people don’t listen to black artists y’all talk shit about (not say you are.) because it more to a album then just sex.

        Same with rap.

      4. keivon…not all of his music is like that, no.

        I do listen to both Chris’ and Trey’s music, and have plenty of their music in my music library…but if the majority of what you put out is talking about fucking, drinking, etc what do you expect?! Even his dance music is talking about fuckin…lets be real man. If that’s all you’re about, you’re going to fall in a rut that you can’t get out of.

        I’d love to know what you’re listening to..because it’s damn sure not what I hear. If you’re not hearing that, maybe you should read the lyrics. That might help

      5. I´m with Christian on this one.

        Chris Brown and Trey Songz only make basic music at best. They aren’t even Bruno level. Not sure I understand the references to these two. Chris Brown is actually talented enough to compare to Bruno, but his content is just weak. Trey boxed himself into a niche, and isn’t talented enough (IMO) to compete with a Bruno Mars. If he is, he hasn’t displayed it.

        It isn’t Trey’s fault as much because his content and genre were still popular when he came on to the scene, but is now phasing out, while Chris screwed himself over IMO. They just don’t make interesting music, and yes, I listen to black artists, and all kinds of other artists that I like, and no, you don’t know who and/or what people listen to, don’t make claims that you do.Smh.

  4. So we’re just gonna overlook the fact that R&B is complete left off the live telecast. Literally no R&B awards have been given to R&B artists for years. Yet a NON BLACK artist creates a 90’s R&B album, giving all the joys and rhythms of black music without the “stain” of blackness and wins every award he’s up for. If Trey Songz made 24k Magic would anyone had cared? If Trey Songz and Remy Ma made “Finesse” would they had gotten to perform on the Grammy stage? An invite? Like Stephanie Mills said “they want R&B, they just dont want it from us.” I remember being younger in the 90s and the Soul Train awards used to be filled with every black A-List performer every year. Now no one of that caliber attends. They’d rather go to the Grammys and get snubbed every year. The Carters lost AOTY 2 years in a row. They shouldnt attend the Grammys anymore til Blue is nominated.


      jay thought he had that win the the bag.
      he invited the whole family and look…
      he should have known better.
      his wife and artist got snubbed for their efforts last year.

      how he gonna say he boycotted the grammys but was in full attendance tho?
      even performed with b with “drunk in love”?
      i’m confused at his idea of a boycott…

    2. “giving all the joys and rhythms of black music without the “stain” of blackness.” Wow.. just wow. Good one. It’s their goal to keep things as ambiguous as possible, so as the generations go on…poof.

      This isn’t dedication to blacks Americans, just more cntrl+alt+del…

  5. Also do you really consider Bruno Mars for R&B look at the nominees he was up against:

    Best R&B Album:
    Freudian — Daniel Caesar
    Let Love Rule — Ledisi
    24K Magic — Bruno Mars — WINNER
    Gumbo — PJ Morton
    Feel the Real –Musiq Soulchild

    No one in this category is even on the same platform as Bruno for their music to reach the same masses…He shouldnt even be in this category.

  6. Here by Alessia Cara came out in 2015…no clue as to how she was a new artist…same as here album was released in 2015…robbed most definitely. Maybe a cut off issue.

  7. Beyonce and her husband put too much importance on that album of the year grammy. They aired out all their dirty laundry for both their records and got snubbed. Anywho I wonder what’s up with Rihanna? She looked really good tonight. Some were saying she looked pregnant.

    I also disagree with you saying SZA got snubbed. She had a great breakout year, last year. She had a nice rollout and everything. I believe that she’ll come back and snag her a trophy.

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