Generation Z Might Be Gay AF

i’m a tad jealous of generation z.
now don’t get me wrong,
i love being a millennial.
i was able to experience growing up in the 90s,
learned how to interact with real folks,
experienced a “3 way”,
and had a front row seat when technology started coming together.
one thing ill say about generation z is they’re pretty comfortable.
i mean i didn’t see wolves doing this in high school…

generation z does the gayest shit.
most of the millennials are uptight af.
baby boomers and x are whole nother level of judgment and disgust.
generation z is coming up in a world that’s more fluid.
sexuality isn’t so taboo in that generation.
social media has been showing me a whole ton of “z” shit.
it’s pretty interesting to witness it all.
then again,
they eating ( x tide pods ) so…

lowkey: i was talking to a wolf the other day and i said “steve urkel”.
they legit said “who is that???”
when i asked his age,
he hit me with “20”.

my interest in him vanished shortly after.

Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “Generation Z Might Be Gay AF”

      1. LoL I had the same run-in with a new co-worker that was hitting on me. I told him my sisters named me after the actor who played Steve Urkel and they gave me this confused ass look. I felt so old, I’m happy I experienced that era.

  1. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 So we going just act like they didn’t getting the influenced by Generation before Z. Are we forgetting that mostly everybody who BEEN talking about drug was boring thru 70 – 92 (UGK, Three3Mafia, Young Thug, and etc…) mostly everybody doing drugs and being hoes on T.V. are boring in the early 80’s.

    Just let this damn kids have fun. As long as not killing each other or their self let them be.

    Also the reason this kids act like this is because they don’t have a foundation in there household. I remember when they use say they were going to be better than their parents but they have nobody to lead to that greatness.

    1. The truth right here! And let’s be clear, the same things were said about millennials. We’re literally turning into all of the old heads before us bitching and moaning and blaming the youngins for everything lol.

  2. I saw stuff like that when I was in high school and middle school all the time. Straight wolves at that age do the gayest shit as long as it’s in fun and just. Now a dude that was openly gay couldn’t do stuff like that (and still can’t) cuz then to most it’s crossing a line. To be honest I don’t think the new generation has it any easier , while there ya e been strides made for gay people there is still a ways to go.

    P.S. I feel old at my job on the regular, I work around a lot of people I’m in my late 20s (even tho to most I looking like a 21 year old). I was talking to this young girl and was talking about the movie Lean on me. She looked at me like I was speaking Japanese and asked what it was. Lol I guess it’s apart of getting older but i’m no longer the demographic that media and music is after anymore.

      1. I do, I had a crush on this one cutie at my job for months .he was tall af, deep voice, and a cute face, my crush on him ended when I found out he was born in 1998 😑

  3. Gen Z are mostly the product of Gen Y…and you basically have kids trying to raise kids.
    No manners, no sense of pride, and no damn sense at all! They have no fucks to give.

      1. To a degree it falls on the family. Kids mimic what they see daily.
        Abuse, neglect, materialism, etc. All goes back to the home.
        It’s even worse when there’s a single parent environment, because most of the time that parent is working, so the kids are by them opportunities to get into mischief. This isn’t all families/kids…but it is a majority.

  4. Oh the wolves was doing this a lot when I was younger all the straights was but it was only a in the gym locker thing. Now they everywhere just humping everything.

  5. They were doing this when I was in high school…and even more.. showing asses and dicks and dry humping. Hell, I was dry humped in school.

    oh and Gen Y is not to blame for Gen Z. The Gen before the creative Millennials..the Baby Bust (alas and the chill Xiennials) were the pioneers in a revolution of postive change, action and self empowerment through integrity, so if anything the Millennials had great examples before them which is why the 90s is such a refreshing era. It is one of the highlights in music, film, television and style.

    What is going on with the current Gen is a gap in humanity. And I strongly believe Darwinism may be at play here… The generations before it we’re about progression. They major blame here would probably be technology.

    I don’t know why some Gen Z insists on using the statement “Well look who taught us.” as an excuse for idiocracy. The key is not about who ‘taught you’, but about what you allow yourself to evolve into.

    Gen Z is kinda a mess but it’s not THAT bad…Gen Alpha may be something we should be concerned about and keep an eye on though possibly…

  6. Yes, times are changing, but the homophobia has remained the same and will not be going anywhere. This generation may be more fluid and open when it comes to things, but I think it is mainly because past generations have opened so many doors by taking risk though.

  7. Lol so I guess I’m generation Z then? I was born in December 1996 so I recently turned 21 just a month ago. But I don’t really relate to the 2000s born kids.

    There are still a lot of homophobes within my generation, I grew up in the 2000s but experienced all of my teen years in the 2010s. And I remember back in school coming out as gay was the last thing anybody would do. I mean now in the age of social media we are exposed to a lot of openly gay people with huge platforms so we become more used to the fact that gay people do in fact exist and are a part of society, however it’s still sort of a taboo to come out as gay in school unless you want to be the social misfit.

    But yes I do feel blessed to grow up in this day and age. I would never want to be born before. I always want to be part of the progressing era despite the fuckshit that still goes on today.

    Btw, I used to play out too when I was a kid just like the 80s born kids. So the misconceptions need to stop. People born in the 90s decade were probably the last generation to experience that. Remember the early 2000s wasn’t as “digital” as it is now so we’ve seen some things. Now I didn’t have 3 way conversations on the phone (I thought that shit only happened in movies) however I did get my first cellphone when I was 9 and that was a Motorola razor. So this was when social media wasn’t as popping and camera phones were the new craze. And once I got to high school those blackberry smartphones were the main craze, then once I graduated it was the iPhone.

    Social media blew up by the time I was 12/13. However I’d say that I stopped playing outside when I was about 8 or 9 years old. (2005/2006)

    And about that video, it was straight dudes who did that shit. They got a pass for that. However if you were openly gay, everybody would avoid you like the damn plague.

    I’m one of those young people that have that Kylie Jenner syndrome, I look way older than my actual age. I’m 6’2 and work out regularly. So grown men approach me all the time and then when I hit them with “I just turned 21” they don’t believe it. However most will claim that they think I’m too young but will still find an excuse to try and hit because I look like a grown ass man.

  8. Gen Z is doomed. These kids have no social skills, they are all about having something given to them as opposed to working for it, and lack manners/dignity/pride.
    Tech smart, but definitely not book/street smart. It’s frightening. Lol

  9. Generation Z will be fine. They’ll push the dial forward a little as all generations as done then when they hit 29/30, they’ll start calling the next generation lazy, dumb, and entitled like all others before them have.

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