You Probably Just Liked An “Andrew Cunanan” On Instagram Today

i love observing people.
that’s why i love the foxhole so much.
i find crazy hyenas and jackals fascinating too.
i’m often wondering the “whats” and the “whys” behind in their minds.
i guess in a past life i was a psychologist or something.
so i’ve been watching “the assassination of gianni versace: american crime story”.
i gotta font ya that as i watch that…

I believe there are a ton of “Andrew Cunanan”‘s running wild out here

social media.
sometimes right in front of you.
co workers and even the ones we are related to.
rt: internet trolls are the gatekeepers to crazy.
they’re so easy to spot tho.
you’ll find them bragging about these extravagant lifestyles.
they always know “such and such”.
they can never put you on,
or invite you to these big events,
but they love to brag.
they will carry on lies just to keep the likes and facades up.
they can’t sit down and will be every fuckin where.
it’s so similar to how andrew cunanan was living.
if he was on ig right now:

i bet chu he would be getting 10k+ likes,
having even more followers than that,
and a ton of intricate pictures of a life we’d probably be jealous of.
his stans would probably be just as insufferable.
andrew was truly a psychopathic narcissist.
this jackal lied about everything.
everyone he met,
he had a story for.
from being born in france to claiming he was in a relationship with gianni.
it’s being said he allegedly never even met gianni until he murdered him.
this show is GOOD.
the casting is excellent and everyone is acting their tails off.
darren criss will sweep award season for his portrayal as andrew.

i recommend you all watch because i’d love to hear your thoughts.
“the assassination of gianni versace: american crime story” is on fx,
every wednesday at 10pm.

lowkey: are folks born like this?
or does it happen because of trauma?

12 thoughts on “You Probably Just Liked An “Andrew Cunanan” On Instagram Today

  1. This show is very good. I was always intrigued on how Gianni died. Every actor is doing a great job, also special shoutout to Ricky Martin.

  2. Its so funny how in 1998, Andrew Cunnanan was this enigmatic figure, dying and lying to be someone, Constructing lies and fashioning this fictitious world where his station in life was far and above his reality. A man desperate to be “in”, to be accepted, to be one of the beautiful people. The irony is, in 2018, all we have to do is get on instagram and you have tons of “Andrews” at your disposal. Men, gay and straight, using clothes, cars, muscles, and money as social currency to feel, look, and appear to be “in”. The story not being told is the rug burns, scrapped knees, and pillow biting its taking to keep up appearances. Not much has changed since Andrew killed Gianni. Niggas still out here willing to kill for a lifestyle.

    1. ^the foxhole has taught me that there are a TON of males out here who are lowkey sex workers.
      some i didn’t want to believe,
      but it’s all truth.
      my thing is what’s the end game?

  3. People often overlook red flags based on a person’s looks. A study was done, and men who post excessive selfies are most likely a psychopath. Be careful and don’t ignore the signs.

    1. ^good looks will have folks fucked up out here.
      sometimes you look good and your self esteem is so low,
      you will put up with nonsense to keep up
      red flags need not to be overlooked in 2018

  4. You know J, I read that in an article and saw that on a documentary. He supposedly met Versace the morning he shot him. That’s crazy.

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