Lets Be Together (On Christmas Day)

tumblr_nf9cepBbjc1tu9oufo10_r1_500“Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful.
And since we’ve got no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”…

dean martin was blasting out the overhead speakers.
it was feeling a lot like christmas up in here.
even tho it wasn’t outside.
bae wasn’t in bed when i woke up this morning.
when i went downstairs to look for him,
he damn near screamed for me to go back upstairs.

“i want you to go back upstairs and don’t move!” he said.

he was just wearing an apron and his drawz.
if my ass wasn’t still sore from last night,
i’d fuck him right on these stairs.
he has been the most gracious host since he flew me out here.
this time last year for christmas,
i woke up to the sounds of “hood” and “rat”.
this year,
i’m in the hollywood hills.
who woulda thunk?…

i didn’t think he would be like this.
i usually don’t do the “rappers”,
but something about him enticed me from the moment we met.
i was working backstage at the bet awards about a year ago.
he had just finished performing one of his current hits.
he had the place going crazy.
after he was done,
he walked off stage and we caught eyes.
i smiled and did a head nod.
he repeated.
the way he looked at me made me feel something.
his smile.
his body.
his physical was on point.
he was in a wife beater and dripping with sweat.
i mentally put him in my “to do” list and left it at that.
later that night,
he walked up to me at one of the after parties.
very bold.
much bolder than i was use too.
i gave him my card and the rest is history.
i won’t lie,
but i always secretly had a thing for him.
even went as far as to buy his album.
he was no stranger to the news because he was always getting into something.
people look forward to what “he did” rather than “how good he is”.
so because of that,
i labelled him as:


…but if he hasn’t been the perfect boyfriend.
oh god.
did i say that?
i try not to let those words come out my mouth anymore.
after my last baller boyfriend,
i vowed to stay single.
i think i’m changing my opinion with this one tho.
when its me and him,
he lets his walls completely down.
he opens up and shares his pain.
hell i’ve seen him cry.
who knew?
he isn’t even a “thug” at all.
he just playing a role because that is what helps him “sell”.
i get it.
plus if the kiddies don’t think you’ve shot someone,
you won’t get that much desired “street cred”.

you ready!” he screamed from the hallway.

“do i have a choice?” i said,
closing my laptop after writing a christmas entry on my site.

one he doesn’t know about and i like to keep it that way.
he comes in the door holding a food tray.
there was also a fresh cut rose sitting in a holder.

“oh my.” i said smiling, “so we made breakfast?”

“yup!” he said,
grinning like a school boy who was proud of his report card.

when it sat it down infant of me,
it had a neatly folded napkin with a knife and fork between it.
there was a cup of orange juice and a covered plate.
when i took the cover off,
before me lay toast and what appeared to be…
semi burnt eggs.

“is that eggs?” i asked.

but i think i left them on too long.
as you can see i’m not really a chef.”

you think?

“aww no its great!” i replied,
pecking him on the lips.

“anything for my boo.
go ahead and eat some.
tell me what you think!”

oh he was gonna sit there to wait for a review?
oh ok.
i took the fork and knife and cut a piece.
as i started to chew,
i tasted the over use of salt first.
it then mixed into this nice burnt blend of flavor.

“mmmm.” i grinned,
trying not to spit it out.

“you like?” he asked, “don’t lie.”


okay so i lied.
sue me.
he tried so i wasn’t going to spoil it for him.
i simply mixed the eggs with the toast and ate it all.
the orange juice didn’t work with the salt,
but he looked so pleased.
i’ll make sure we don’t do this again.

“are you going to eat?” i asked.

“yeah i ate mine while i was making yours.”

…and he couldn’t tell he used too much salt?
okay let me stop complaining.
i do this when i’m confused about something.
he could have simply plopped a warm honey bun on a plate and mixed that with love.

“okay so i didn’t know what you wanted,
so i’ll let you decide.” he said,
rubbing my leg.

i picked him up this nice givenchy sweater,
and the cologne,
before i left new yawk.
he stays in that brand so i knew he would appreciate that.
i was confused at first.
what do you get a man who could get anything he wanted?
definite first world problems.
he reached into his wallet and handed me his black card.

“whatever you want,
go and get.”

honestly i didn’t really want anything.
i know.
i really just wanted to spend the holidays with him.
i wanted to spend christmas wrapped up with him.
a day of binge washing tv,
and giving each other pleasure on these expensive sheets.
the only time we would get up was to get food or use the bathroom.
this bedroom would become our island.

i’ll go to the beverly center and see what i may like there.”

as i talked,
he was just looking at me dead in my eyes.
i was getting nervous.
is this the part i was supposed to say “i love you”?

“i’m really feelin’ you.
i didn’t think i would ever feel this way for a dude,
but you are different.
i done told you shit that i ain’t even tell me mama.
i just want you to know that i trust you and i hope you would never betray that.”

“who are you talking too?
you know i would never do that.
i’m actually feelin you real heavy as well.
i just didn’t know because you are a rapper…”

“what does that have to do with anything?”

“um rappers are hoes.”

“um i’m not that.
yeah i fucked a lot of females,
and messed with some dudes on the low,
but ain’t no one ever made me feel the way you do.
i spend my day thinking bout making you happy and seeing your smile.
i don’t want to lose that over some random.”

…and then i felt something.
i didn’t know if it was my heart or my drawz flying across the room,
but something felt real about this.
he leaned in and kissed me.
it made my entire body tingle.
when we kissed,
it felt like passion.
it made me feel scared,
but i left my body surrender to him.
i ended up gving him head for a almost an hour.

“damn baby! shit! wait!” he moaned,
as his legs trembled underneath me.

he didn’t want me to stop with his hand on top of my head tho.
i was determined to suck his soul out his dick.
i wanted him to spontaneous com-bust when he nutted.

“i’m bout to nut! oh shit! baby… shit!” he exclaimed as he gripped the pillows.

his legs literally stretched out when he busted.
i felt his salty load squirt into my mouth.
he watched me in pure ecstasy as i swallowed it.
it tasted better than those eggs.
okay sorry.
doing that again.
i cleaned his entire dick with my mouth.
we spent the rest of the day not talking.
we just laid with each other and watched tv.
he kept me close.
i held onto him like i didn’t want to let me go.
it was perfect.
this is how i wanted to spend my christmas.
not talking or doing anything at all.
just us.


…and then i woke up.
one day tho.
i want to wis everyone that reads this site a very foxi happy holidays.
we at 8 million views now.
thank you for always giving me the best present a fox could ask for!


Written by Jamari Fox (C)
12.25.14 \ 9:55am

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “Lets Be Together (On Christmas Day)”

  1. Man you got me all hot and bothered with that story. Loved the build up and the freaky ending. And 8 million views! You go boy! Lol Merry Christmas!

  2. Very hot story, but “i felt his salty load squirt into my mouth” I had to laugh on that part. That was too funny to me.

    Merry Christmas, J.

  3. okay sir you have to keep these stories coming…i love your stories and originally one of your stories hooked me about the baller who was getting it in while his people were downstairs at the party waiting for him..you are very talented!!!!

  4. 8 million views! You should be getting paid now. People on youtube get paid for videos that get less than 20,000 views.

    You’re kind of inspiring me to get back into writing. I stopped years ago because of a constant writer’s block.

    1. ^that will all start 2015.
      all this unnecessary stress,
      break outs,
      feeling out of it,
      and feeling stagnant at this job will not be joining me next year.
      new beginnings for both of us!

  5. Yay u was so happy when I saw this story , while I’m on break at work.(I missed your story telling)

    Have a merry Christmas and big congrats on the 8 million views here’s to another 8 million!

  6. Great story J! You could DEFINITELY be a novelist or a screenwriter. Congrats on over 8million views! :mrgreen:
    Merry Christmas 😀

  7. Jamari-

    Oh my, this post made me moist…got me on some “cum trim my Christmas tree” type stuff. The last 6 months have been extremely rough for me with losing my apartment and a house I put a bid on fell through all the while juggling grad school but I’ll still say Thank you Lord. I made it through and this year has taught me ALOT!

    Thank you Jamari for being a voice and a sounding board. Congrats on 8 million views and may 2015 be a better and more prosperous year for us ALL.

    With love,

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