Chris Brown May Have Got Down On Dem Knees for Karrueche

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 5.55.19 PMnow before everyone has a heart attack,
lets review the evidence.
so as you know,
chris brown and karrueche broke up a couple weeks ago.
he threw her under the bus.
she threw him.
he ended up apologizing.
she appeared to have gained some sort of common sense.
the whole thing was ( x messy AF ).
well they were spotted coming out a club on christmas eve like ( x so ).
she ran like she saw a ghost.
well today karreuche puts this up on her instagram

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 5.53.24 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 5.53.35 PMcan we talk abut her fingers?
they look like chicken feet.

Chicken_Feet_by_dotautumblr_m2iepi5NBa1r76lino1_500well she has two rings on her long bony fingers.
one looking like an engagement ring.
its giving me the “conchita bryant” special.
not only that,
but 2 week ago she posted this:

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 5.56.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 5.56.13 PM…in which he was doing the “christmas challenge” two hours ago doing this:

…in her robe like this:

10865272_434493196698293_1526832752_n…and all signs point to “we’re fuckin’ again!” with a maybe marriage proposal.
now i hope those rings came with him eating her pussy for a whole week?
the “baby i’m your slave” tour would not be complete without that.oh and giving a large amount of money to the charity.
one of her choice.
can’t forget the good deed where he will pay for his sins.










or this could have been a lovely publicity stunt.
i’ll still continue to play along because i’m choosing the latter.
tumblr_mek8bbEj5Z1r5wsg2lowkey: if this is true,
would she really take an engagement ring from a wolf about to go on tour?
one with trey songz and august alsina?
these wolves are about to be knee deep in strange pussy.
maybe this whole tour is one big bachelor party to sew his wild oats?


instagram credits: his | hers

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Chris Brown May Have Got Down On Dem Knees for Karrueche”

  1. The rings are on her right hand, which you are showing. Engagement and wedding rings go on the left hand. And I assume that the “negative” is not “backward” as is sometimes the case online.

  2. It’s sad that people act they way they do. Crazy and senseless makes for you being stupid. She is being played for what it is worth. Like some else said the parents are reaping the benefit from all of this as well. The tour is going to be mad sick, but I feel that they will be fucking somebody or each other.

  3. whenever i see posts like this on IG it makes me miss the days when you knew NOTHING about what happened with celebrities…you know the early 90’s and 00’s it gave artists a mystique about them…made them seem more elevated now with social media i’m finding many of my fav celebs are either boring or just corny lol….her fingers looked like they’re missing a few meals….i just think chris is one of those guys that if you have a relationship with you’ll have to deal with his attitude god bless her…i dont see how woman deal with angry and whiny men all the time…i bet his stroke is a killer though lol

  4. I can imagine the handjobs she give are very painful. Some of my str8 wolves friends alway complain about how it hurt to have sex with a bony chick sometime. Just to let you know I sent you the video.

  5. The cycle continues I guess. However, the supposedly engagement ring is on her right hand. You know he ain’t marrying her ass. Why buy the pig, when you can get a life supply of bacon for free?

  6. I cracked up at the chicken feet/finger comparison.

    If Karrueche was my daughter, I’d be disappointed in her. All this shit he puts her through and she still keeps going back. She’s a cute girl. Does she know how many dudes would be trying to wife her blasian ass up if she were single. I just don’t get it. Is she trying to have his baby hoping it inherits some of his talents so she can live off of it?

    If Chris Brown were my son. I’d be so disappointed in him. He’s showing all the young ladies that still have crushes on him what they have to look forward to if they ever do get the chance to be with him. What a dream killer. Can’t believe anyone would still want to be with him. Maybe they just wanna sample the pipe.

    I kinda sorta think it was publicity stunt. They’ve noticed all the attention they get from the media from one of their many break-ups. Wendy Williams talks about Karrueche every chance she gets.

      1. Collecting the benefits of her being a doormat. They remain out of the spotlight because they love the comfort they are probably in financially. Water is coming out the well, and it ain’t drying out soon. Why complain?

      2. There are probably a lot of people like that in Hollywood. Once they are cut off, the family is too. Remember Madea’s family reunion when the mother wanted the daughter to stay with her abuser because he was well off financially? People are willing to sit back and watch their children sell their souls and be victims of abuse because they will reap the benefits. Kris Jenner, the most successful madame in history known to mankind, pimps her own daughters for financial gain, and she is laughing all the way to the bank. She doesn’t even care that her 17 year old daughter is kicking it with a 24 year old man.

  7. I bet it’s hard to stay away & say no when you’re in love…

    …but sit cha’ll asses down. Y’all are being annoying as shit. Glad I don’t follow either one of them on IG. I must say though, Chris’ humor makes me weak sometimes. He had me cracking up in that video! A GOOD sense of humor is like kryptonite to me.

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