Rain On Me (Non-Ashanti Style)

I am tite.

Why is it when I want something,
it is always some fuckin’ challenge?

Can a Fox have it easy for once?

So I ordered this sweat shirt:

…like a month ago.


I wanted that shirt for a while.
I saw Ludacris wearing it on some gossip blog,
and I said to myself “I want that shirt!!!”
As the Law of Attraction showed itself as true,
I was browsing on my favorite clothing/kicks spot online and WHOOP -> there it was.

I pulled out the card faster than fast and ordered it.
So they sent it out and I was supposed to get it in like a week.
A week and a half goes by and I’m wondering wtf happened.
I go track it and it says they sent it back to the company.

W. T. F.

I call them to find out what was good
and they tell me the USPS delivery retarded could not find my address.
I was so fucking TITE.
So they tell me once it arrives, they were going to send it back.

I’m sitting here waiting and waiting; twiddling my thumbs and shit
Tracking it because the dumb ass at USPS sent it back regular mail…
… to California.
You know my shirt been at the company for the last week and a half and I wasn’t contacted?!?!?!!?
I went straight Concrete Forest style on that phone on them.
I told them giving me refund and just fuck it.
I wasn’t about to do this shit AGAIN for another month.

I’m a little sad because I wanted that shirt.
I had an event coming up and I wanted to rock with but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.
Today wasn’t the greatest day.
They kicked my ass at work and then, I got soaked to the bone coming back to the crib WITH a handful of groceries.

What’s the deal????


Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Rain On Me (Non-Ashanti Style)”

  1. have it delivered to the job….always work…as they will come during business hours and it is always someone to sign for it….get your shirt shorty if you want it you should have it.

  2. It was a rough one for me too, Jamari. Out comes the sun that will dry up all of this rain. Keep your head up, bro.

  3. It’s apart of life Jay…we all have bad days and I know how you feel when it seems like only WE are having it ruff but trust it’s not only you or I…looking from the outside in is much different from looking from the inside out…but of course, your HFIC, so you know this. Cheer up bae its THE FRICKIN WEEKEND!

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