The Purple One Now Has Twitter!

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 9.11.28 AMthe purple one has come to fuck shit up.
i followed him as soon as i got ( x confirm ) it was really him.
i wasn’t about to follow some rabid stan who was gonna get sued.
you know prince doesn’t play that shit.
why “doe” did people tweet him they would die if he tweeted them
and he tweeted them back, “there. rip.”?
i love him.

x follow prince here

lowkey: i wonder what made him join?
i know he was anti internet for the longest.
he won’t even let ( x his videos ) be played on youtube.
i also wonder if he gonna go dm to dm since he’s a jehovah’s witness?

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “The Purple One Now Has Twitter!”

  1. Lmaoooo at the Jehovah witness comment. You know I am thinking about converting to that? But I never liked any prince song besides diamonds and pearls. Never could getmintomhis music.

    1. ^now run,
      you are one of my favs.
      i can’t tell you what to do.
      im not your daddy or ya mama.
      i will say my experience with them.
      that experience is they are a cult and you should drive,
      not run,
      fast and far away.
      again my experience lol

      1. Listen a couple of weeks ago I asked some JWs please don’t come back to my house I am not interested .Yesterday Im on my way to store and several of them are at the end of my driveway near the sidewalk.So I decide to “hide ” in my house until they leave.They knock on door I didnt answer so they left a Watchtower in door.Dont they keep a list of the people who ask them not to return?
        On another topic I was and there is a story about a woman who pretended to be a man on Grindr to score dick pics for her art project.The dick pics are going to be displayed at art gallery in Brooklyn.WARNING be very careful when you put explicits pics online.BTW she did not tell the guys why she was collecting pics.

      2. Yeah imagine some woman checking out the art display and saying wait a minute ,I recognize that birthmark.Oh sh## that’s my husband LOL

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