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5 thoughts on “DEAR JOURNAL: IN THE MIX (818)”

  1. Yea you have to be careful for what you pray for man, you are blessed and you don’t even know it because it could be worse. It took me a while to realize that myself. We have all been through a test at some point in our lives, so you have no reason to feel alone.

  2. You are where you need to be…as I told u before, you got this.

    Now come lay on my bosom and put on a movie.

  3. That sounds good and all but may I suggest you go out and find a Church to attend regularly. There is something about being in the sanctuary surrounded by other brothers and sisters in struggle that just can’t be felt at home by yourself. My Pastor always says nothing is worst than a homeless Christian and the bible says when 2 or 3 are gathered in the Lord’s name then he is among them.

  4. Very thought provoking. I am also dealing with drastic changes in my life that seems there is a negative outcome in every phase of my life, no matter which road I take. I really pray that things start to get better for you, as well as I.

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