i had no fox tails to give these last couple of days tbh

Have you ever woken up and felt like you don’t even wanna get outta bed?
all you wanna do is lay low,
binge a show,
and put your phone on dnd?
You might only have 1 fox tail to give.

Have you ever gotten up outta bed,
could still be social,
but didn’t want the drama of others and the forests bringing you down?
You only had enough for close friends and that’s it.
You could only have 3 fox tails atm.

for the last couple of days,
i’ve only had like 2 fox tails to give.
1 was for me and the other was for a few friends.
i stayed off socials because i had no energy for dms or news articles.
i spent those two days trying to replenish back to 5 fox tails.
i know you’re like “wtf is giving a fox tail?“…

i was reading an article about giving spoons (the spoon theory) a while ago.

Your spoons,
or foxtails since this is the foxhole,
is the amount of energy you have for the day.

some days,
we wake up and we are at 5 fox tails,
which is peak energy and vibes.
we have enough to give out to everyone and everything.
on other days,
we wake up with about 1 fox tail which is low energy.
that means you don’t want to be bothered because you are burnt out.
1 fox tail is just for you to do whatever you want.
it could be sleeping or being a lazy hoe all day.

it can be fox tails,
wolf tails,
vixen tails,
and hybrid tails.
it can be whatever you want it to be.

I woke up today with about 3 foxtails.
I’m not in the mood but I can find some energy for some friends and get some entries up.
I have my phone DND and screening calls/texts/dms.

i hope you have enough to give today.
  if not,
 get some rest and try again tomorrow

x read an article about spoon theory

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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