everyone is mad what rihanna thinks about her son

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rihanna is on the tip of everyone’s tongue this week.
from the opinions about her superbowl performance,
her pregnancy reveal on the mario maker stage,
and now what she said about her son on ig.
she was celebrating him with their feature in the latest british vogue.
she made the mistake and said this in her ig caption…

…and everyone is having a FIT.
according to screen shots from article in ( x  buzzfeed news ):

would it have been better if she said he was “handsome af”?
“beautiful af”?
are people just looking for something to bully her for?
i took it as a mom who loves her son and thinks he is an attractive baby.
i dunno what a strange and lowkey sick turn black america went down.

Like Beyonce and them visuals,
Rihanna should have kept her kid(s) on the shelf too.

these two vixens are not in the good graces of america atm.

Everyone coddles and prays every night for Chrisean Rock to change.

make it make sense.
i did like these points:


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these people on the internet don’t deserve nothing.

6 thoughts on “everyone is mad what rihanna thinks about her son

  1. Nothing wrong with what she said. The complaints really display how some people have an inate ” ICK” factor . I love when they Talk, Type or Font” their rediculous thought process . It reveals their frame of mind and warns me who to avoid.

  2. This young king will be loved and blessed. Some folk are just not aware that Mother’s/Parents can choose to adore their son’s/daughters. Let’s all pray they grow up grounded.

  3. People are pathetic af!! Let them celebrate their love for each other. Great that her man is being a great father, because so many are not great with their children.👊🏼❤️💪🏼

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