don’t say you are child free and happy or you’ll be eaten alive like chelsea handler

i’m not the biggest chelsea handler fan but Jesus Christ.
there are some people who do not want kids.
its a personal choice because they don’t desire to be parents.
that is totally fine and a personal decision.
chelsea handler made this video:

why does this sound like the day as a gay male?
the angry white jackals decided to eat her alive tho


why are males all of a sudden patrolling women’s wombs?
wtf is going on?
they acted so personally offended by her choice to be childless.
half these folks probably had kids to save a dying relationship,
had an “oopsy daisy/pull out gone wrong”,
or it was “something they had to do” and regret it.
some people HATE their kids and learned that during the lockdown.
its all really sad tbh.

you know chelsea was gonna fire back and that she did:

especially white males,
are getting scared vixens don’t need them anymore.
they don’t.
vixens are becoming very self-sufficient without males interfering.
as a black gay male who is attracted to other males,
i can honestly font that:

A majority of males are fucking stupid and not worth the headache.

a majority of males with platforms are so insufferable nowadays.
i wouldn’t want to breed with any of these morons either.
it’s not just the males tho.
she is getting it from white she-jackals in her twitter comments too:

…and all the black folks are like “let these girls fight!” from the sidelines.
america is unraveling before our eyes and everyone’s misery is flying out.
i blame the pandemic for making everyone crazy.

lowkey: what if some vixens can’t have kids?
chelsea could have inspired them to live a happy life.

7 thoughts on “don’t say you are child free and happy or you’ll be eaten alive like chelsea handler

  1. Jason Bourne I agree with most of what you said, but I think it goes deeper than that. As much as we may want this to be a “white” thing I actually see a lot of this same sentiment coming from black folks both men and women.

    Most of my social media timeline is black folks and its starting to become nauseating how many black men and black women ages 25 to 40 sit around and talk about what makes a good man, what makes a good woman, what men want, what women want, why you don’t have a man or woman, the keys to a successful relationship or marriage ; I’m like stop talking already, your too young and just starting out what do you know.

    First off if I’m going to listen to anyone about the keys to a successful marriage/relationship I’m going to go and listen to a couple or someone in their 70’s or 80’s who’ve been married for 30+ years and has children who are grown and successful with children of their own; I’m not listening to some 28 year old whose only claim to fame is that they have the right aesthetic whether that’s nice abs or a big butt; but we don’t want to hear from the ones that have truly been there and done that.

    Chelsea Handler challenged social norms and that is the problem. The reality is that our society is in transition we are and have moved away from being a utilitarian agricultural society into a sort of pre jet age; heck the cartoon series the “Jetsons” almost predicted this. We are at a time when robots can clean your house ( the IRobot Roomba), you have electric self driving cars ( unfortunately no flying cars), you can do your job from the comfort of your home on the computer if your lucky ( doesn’t matter the gender). Women don’t need men for protection , in our society we have plenty guns and home security systems, women don’t need men for income, men don’t need women to keep house or to cook we have uber eats and door dash, or a cast iron skillet and YouTube; the list goes on and on. The problem is that people have romanticized the 1920’s to 1950’s in terms family, relationships, and marriage without acknowledging the punitive laws and policies that were in effect to allow those relationships to exist. We should all know and continue to educate ourselves on the horrors that black people faced during those times; but also for women many couldn’t leave home unless they were married, many couldn’t have their own bank accounts even if they had a job etc.

  2. The problem is that every idiot who has wifi gets to ‘have a say’. She is speaking facts. It potentially allows for the same disposable income that gay men have been enjoying for years. Everybody knows that these Republicans don’t give a damn if Quiana has an abortion. They care that Chelsea and Kelly Anne are choosing to make personal choices that lower white population numbers. That is all. And I love Chelsea in general. I love someone willing to have an opinion and stand on it, as long as it’s not based in being a straight up asshole to people for no reason, or based in an unwillingness to see that theirs could in fact be misinformed.

    1. Jason Bourne
      I agree❤️. 👁️👁️❤️Chelsea.
      All that cheesy masculinity emitted from Fucker Carlson’s screen.

      1. It was a perfect example of TOXIC masculinity. Nothing wrong w masculinity but toxic anything is a problem.

  3. I have been considering having a kid and starting a family. Soooo many of my friends with kids tell me “don’t do it! Enjoy ur life”
    Not everyone is meant to have kids. Some people enjoy living a childless life and moving without the thought of someone else. Not sure why so many people are in an uproar about what she said lol.

    1. She clearly struck a nerve,
      If you are a mom and you are offended by Chelsea, then you probably don’t really love being a mom as much as you tell yourself.
      If you are confident then someone else’s life choice wouldn’t threaten you.

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