dwayne mckell is upset because he is a sex pioneer and wants to feel included


i was just talking to the pretty vixen today about our fallen attentionistos.
everyone knows an attentionisto who is a fallen star.
as much as they flexed their (sex) lives all over social media,
they somehow didn’t “make it”.
either by scandal or no one cared anymore.

dwayne mckell,
is angry today.
so blac chyna is coming out with a documentary about onlyfans.
it’s called “only cam: LA” and it will be on zeus:

this is what he had to font about it on his twitter

 so i’m confused because when we had our run in,
and his nudes first leaked,
it was because he was being ( x stalked ) or something like that.
i asked him to come on the foxhole for an interview and he curved me.
out of sight; out of mind.
when dwayne first started many years ago,
he took advantage of the vine craze.
he knew how to entice us with his sex glares and licking his lips.

…not to mention that he has a pretty healthy piece of meat.
somehow he didn’t transition well and i think i know what the issues are:

His strokes are lazy
He comes off like an asshole

i mean look at the tweets.
he was nasty and jealous about the whole thing.
flashman wade,
out of all the slander he gets,
comes off approachable and friendly.
i think they both started the same time.
he has shouted me out a few times and retweeted my entries on him.
this is why he got the call and continues to get the calls.
not to mention he is lighter skinned and has a stupid fat tail he lets the gays obsess over.

a lot of these attentionistos don’t have “it”.
they are good for the gram,
but hollywood isn’t gonna call many of them.
when you mix that with these nasty attitudes some of them have,
the shelf life time starts to lessen.
so i’ll ask the foxhole…

Do you care to hear Dwayne’s story?

you can watch “only cam: la” at ( x thezeusnetwork.com ) for 3.99 a month or 39.99 a year.

low-key: dwayne has a nice following on his ig.
he might get called for a bet documentary about it one day.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

35 thoughts on “dwayne mckell is upset because he is a sex pioneer and wants to feel included”

  1. I don’t know about Flashman Wade having a better stroke game because we haven’t seen it. Him being more visible on social media and probably his connections got him the show. I noticed how he’s been promoting his onlyfans more and having sales.

    I don’t subscribe to either but my guess is Dwayne probably has better content and he’s definitely more seductive than Dallas. He just needs to get a camera man and improve his content even more.

    Treyschlongz kills them all though. Lol

    1. ^i can get with treyschlongz tbh

      i remember when dwayne’s sex tape leaked,
      the talk was about how bad the strokes were.
      his whole aura was sexual,
      but the dick was trash.
      that didn’t help.

      flashman has more connects.

      1. That first one was wack but from more recent clips there’s definitely improvement. He does a lot of solos too.

        I’d like to see him collaborate with more female performers so he can get exposure to their following.

        Treyschlongz and Troy Francisco, and maskedbandick have the best content I’ve seen for straight males.

        Flashman clogs up your timeline with the same shit🤷🏾‍♂️

        I do not believe he’s cleared 100k in a month unless he’s making house calls

        1. ^ TROY THO!!!!!!!
          he has a black belt is slaying pussy.
          he fucks these girls like he is trying to penetrate their thoughts.
          the type of dick that would have you out here looking like a fool LOL

          i never heard of maskedbandick?

          can we see some posts on dwayne’s stroke improvement?
          he needs to redeem himself lol

          1. He was fukking her like a jack rabbit. He’s overrated and folks need to admit it. Regular dude you can find hugging any block.

        2. Nah Jay. You have to add MandingoGucci to the list of top 5 Onlyfans. His content is top tier honestly.

          1. Idk I didn’t see any clips that wowed me. His dick is just big 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. I don’t know him, and I am not sure about his attitude. But I do think it’s interesting that he admitted that his social media fame didn’t turn into real world dollars. He should be a cautionary tale for those that sell their souls for likes in hopes of brand deals and sponsorships. Success isn’t guaranteed. Make sure the choices you make now are ones you can live with 5, 10, 20 years in the future.

  3. If they’re smart, they’ll be saving their coins because once those looks go, your 401k gotta kick in

  4. These guys should realize that the best way to make a buck is to treat people with RESPECT. Especially your fans. If you engage them, are approachable & friendly, entertain their fantasies, produce QUALITY content, take care of your body, you too can become very successful. The largest consumers of male content are other MEN. This is the reality, this is the bottom line. Women will NEVER pay for male content as much as gay men. If that’s the audience you’re catering to, you will lose. You will lose BIGLY. Creating content for women is not as lucrative. You either adapt to the money, or get left behind.

    In other words, let the homophobia go. Sell the fantasy, even if you aren’t necessarily attracted to men. Make the suckers…i mean subscribers, believe they have a chance with you. Help them visualize it. Adamantly reiterating your heterosexuality ruins the fantasy. Gays don’t want to hear that. The most successful guys on sites like Chaturbate are the ones who engage with viewers and are kind. The assholes who think they deserve tips simply because they’re cute are not as successful.

    You aren’t entitled to anything because you worked hard. We appreciate effort, but we PAY for results.

    Flashman Wade, although straight, adapted and monetized.

    1. Sell The Fantasy!!! That goes a long way and many don’t understand that. Especially in the virtual world, that keeps your viewership and sponsorship flowing. Like you can be a straight as you want in real life but virtually you need to be fluid enough to sell the fantasy and secure them dollar dollar bills. Lol.

    2. Flashman has been on Top Model, Catfish, and all other types of shit. He isn’t just a sex worker like Dwayne. As annoying as he is, Flashman is out here doing the work. He know we love seeing them cakes and he obliges. It’s called the supply and demand curve lol.

      You sure as shit have a point about incessantly reminding your audience you’re heterosexual. So what?! Take them clothes off and earn this money. Gay men’s and straight women’s money spends the same.

  5. Going on national TV and openly talking about how much you make… bold

    hope they pay taxes because you know IRS will be tuning in each week, screenshoting these receipts

  6. I think the biggest issue that a lot of attentionistosmale and female don’t realize is that their time of popularity is limited. There is always someone younger, more attractive, freakier, sexier etc. right around the corner. What’s he is dealing with is what alot of the the pioneers( don’t know if that’s the right word to use here) or people who were big on social media a few years ago are dealing with. There are newer people coming along doing what you did(maybe better,maybe not) and reaping the benefits because it’s a system that they know that works.

  7. I honestly only see him posted occasionally cause the gays are all that keeps him thriving.

    I remember he did 2 things that made me not care for him (its been awhile I can’t remember but i do remember considering him as a no)

    He and some of the others have that thing where soon as we get to know them the mystique and allure dissipates. It sucks cause he is attractive and has the qualities but he and some others work against themselves.

  8. He needs ass injections . He looks better now that he works out. I hit him on snapchat and i asked him to call and video me to make sure it was really him and he did…he was pretty chill.. In hindsight I wonder if offered the right amount (not that i would) if he is pay for play

  9. I mean, it’s “OnlyCam: LA” Zeus is low budget and looking for LOCAL Social Media folk, Dwayne lives in Harrisburg, PA, they not about to fly him out when they had Wade right there in LA

  10. I got to tell the truth on this one right here. This dude just does something to me, I know it is many better looking, better body, better everything than him, but it is something about him that makes me lose my normal cool demeanor to write most of these attentionistas off. I guess we all got different taste when it comes to what attracts us. I havent subscribe to any of his content but I follow him on Twitter, his actual sex works does seem boring but his sex appeal to me personally is off the charts, he is a prototype to the dudes I am attracted too.

    1. I agree with you. Dwayne has mad sex appeal. That look he gives just makes me wet. Yes, Flash has body and is attractive and seems more friendly, but sex appeal can make a average dude hot as hell.
      If Dwayne got down he could get it real talk! Holla 😘

  11. If you’re a male and don’t have a dedicated gay following you’re not going to make money on only fans. It’s that simple.

    Jonathan Heat used to be really homophobic, he probably still is but on his OnlyFans he is charming as ever.

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