mj harris wants exclusive; corey slauson wants to bang everyone with a pulse (perfect relationship?)

i find a lot of folks agree to relationships that they aren’t comfortable with.
he says “i’m only looking to fuck” but you want a whole ass relationship.
disconnect city.
so i’ve seen a couple videos from mj harris and he is a gem.
i love that he is so positive and inspiring.
his energy is so warm but

…why is he dealing with this fuck boi?

no offense to corey,
i’m sure he has other redeeming qualities,
but he is definitely not “boyfriend material”.
i get a strong “fwb” or “the dude you smash in-between relationships“.


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Out in the Garden

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the reason i font this is because of the following video


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. . @COREYSLAUSON . . This video was HARD to film, but I am thankful to @solomonlawrence for sending me this beautiful shirt.

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mj has the same face i made while watching the video.
this is the meat and potatoes of the video that has folks chatting:

i mean,
look at the differences between mj and corey’s ig pages:



now i don’t know how it looked before,
but he only has one picture of mj on there.
mj has a whole shrine.
this one tho…


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. . @CoreySlauson @MisterVybes

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what is this need for the world to be the third wheel in your relationship?
when any male you’re getting to know shows you who he is


if you know you want something exclusive,
and he wants to be open,
it won’t work.
he will cheat.
you will walk in on him banging the dude who waters the plants in your complex.
don’t let being single and desperate drive you into the cross hairs of an ain’t shit negro.
i hope mj doesn’t end up getting hurt in all this,
but he seems too open to not.

low-key: mj makes good points here…

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52 thoughts on “mj harris wants exclusive; corey slauson wants to bang everyone with a pulse (perfect relationship?)”

          1. Damn Corey got a massive piece on him…. it ,just reach the part of MJ’s brain that uses discernment and switches it off.

        1. Who’s the damn bottom or are they both lesbians?? …I can’t tell. I do know his excuse is lame….he just wants to sleep around….openess my ass

          1. Zario / Corey is vers. Did he say on one of their videos that he was giving up the porn career or shutting it down? Or something like that?

  1. yes they did another video about them spending quarantine together. mj said that was a deal breaker for him. corey did not speak in the video but looked depressed. MJ said he got bad news that day and would not be talking.

    Biography: https://gay.aebn.com/gay/stars/127733/zario-travezz
    Hot ass, great body, beautiful cock: these are just some of the phrases that fans use to describe Zario Travezz, a porn superstar and go-go hunk based in L.A. On social media, fans often request Zario for pair-ups with other hot stars du jour, signaling his quickly rising popularity since he started performing in 2018. Major companies including Noir Male, Raging Stallion Studios, Dark Alley Media, Iconmale, and Pride Studios have cast him in must-see movies.

    Zario was born in Birmingham, Alabama on February 19, 1988. His multi-ethnic heritage, good looks, and sensual performance style are part of what make him a fan favorite!

    Tattoos: Around navel; Marijuana leaf on left flank (armpit level); Center of upper back

    1. ^why does it seem like corey seems more into white males?
      judging from the majority of the males he has been in scenes with.

      it could be just work tho.
      so how could mj even have this discussion with a full blown porn star?
      his job is to fuck other people!

      i’m confused now.

        1. ^lmaooooo

          mj might not come out of this looking so much like a victim tbh.
          i don’t know if he was trying to,
          but he knew what he was getting into.

    2. The reason they are having problems is because Corey is vers and MJ is a bottom.

      Exhibit A https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5dd26d5437cdd

      Exhibit B
      Here is another instance of this same type of match up. Skip to 38:53 https://youtu.be/hQrEofE3yow

      In every scenario that I’ve heard MJ describe an ex, it’s been about masculine energy. His whole channel is about how feminine energy attracts masculine energy. This pairing seems off to me. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. Ummm, was this ever brought up BEFORE they got together? Cause if it was, and MJ just thought he could change Corey, he thought wrong. I know a lot of people mad at Corey, but the truth of the matter is there are men like that out there, and no amount of dick or ass can change them and make them boyfriend material. If anything, Im more mad at MJ for allowing himself to get caught up, not only with someone who wants an open relationship, but someone who has/and from my understanding still does porn. Just like you cant turn no hoe into a house wife, the same can be said for gay men…you cant turn no hoe/pornstar into a boyfriend/husband. We all need to be on the look out for men like this. Because even if they claim they can be changed, the simple truth is their lying to themselves and us. MJ should have never even entertained this dude, he was meant to be a quick fuck or fwb and nothing more, but he went and got caught up…smh. I feel for him. At this point, I wouldnt even argue anymore, I would just call it quits and take my love somewhere else. Them having a heart to heart about it aint gonna change shit either. He’ll pretend he’s listening and continue to do what he wants because “thats who he is”. #icant 😒

  3. he’s made vids with all nationalities beginning in 2018. at first mj didn’t when they met (per the vid i saw) but i guess corey later revealed it. so i vid i saw he knew and this was after quarantine and mj said they were just friends and they never had sex even before that. so i don’t know the context of the vid you posted in relation to the other one.

    fyi per this site: so far zario has 99 credits. PERFORMER AKA

    Zario Travarez

    February 19, 1988 (32 years old)




    Birmingham, AL, USA


    2018-2020 (Started around 30 years old)




    1. Not age shaming, but….dude looks way older than 32. IDK if it’s his real age or stage age but he looks like someone in their mid/late 30’s. Not someone who just dipped out of their 20’s


  4. I’m not saying I’m against open relationships, due to my own ignorance I can’t fathom a relationship where there’s a connection so strong emotionally that you’re ok with being together (in whatever capacity) and then laying it low and spreading it wide with most of Jack’d and A4A.

    I mean why not just be two single people that kick it when the mood strikes and does their own thing? Why not be fuck buddies? Is there a difference?

    I need someone that has successfully navigated this to explain lol

    1. A lot of people like to know they always have someone there emotionally. Apps can only give that fleeting satisfaction, but no one on a hook-up site is going to want to sit down with you after to share your joy/stress/concerns/life. They came to party and once the party shut down they dip.

      So they wanna have someone close they can confide in that makes them feel safe, secure, listened to etc. A home-base of sorts. Familial security.

      It is a case of having your cakes and eating it too (my attempt at clever word-play for the day. Hope ya’ll appreciate)

      1. Well said.
        I feel bad for corey, it seems he is being up front and honest about who he is and what he wants. I don’t think that makes him a bad guy. Corey is boyfriend material, just not for mj.

  5. Maybe I watch too much porn but I immediately recognized him by his porn name. Looking at his videos, u can tell he’s one of those porn stars where money isn’t the sole motivation to do it. He also enjoys the countless sex (ex. Rhyheim, Khi, phatrabbit… in fact they run up in each other onlyfans).

    So imagine trying to be in monogamous relationship knowing that, its just not realistic. MJ didn’t do his research especially since Corey said he quit porn. Its not like oh I did this ten years ago, I’m on a different path now. There are videos that have come out in the last month or two with him in it. Unless he saying he quit when the pandemic automatically made that decision for him.

    1. Don’t get me wrong, dude is fine. But MJ should’ve stand firm in his belief no monogamy is a deal breaker before he let Corey fuck him.

  6. Having been in an open relationship myself, I think it all boils down to being honest with your dude and YOURSELF about what you truly want and making sure you two (or three lol) are well-aligned. A nigga can tell you that he wants what you want, but his actions, even the most subtle, will ultimately be the red flags that speak the loudest. Hurt feelings set in when we ignore those red flags because of feelings, bomb sex, etc.

    Even if two people both want an open relationship, they both have to be clear about the reasons why and the rules around it. In my case, I thought having an open relationship would take away the pressure of having to be monogamous in a post-Grindr world. I also thought that it made my relationship more honest because we were acknowledging that we couldn’t be everything to each other and loving each other enough to let those needs get met elsewhere. I was on some progressive, new age shit, while my ex just wanted to be a ho lol.

    1. Part of me gets the deeper connection with each other and sex just being a physical act, but a bigger part of me thinks so many gay men choose this route because it’s their dating mantra “look for the next best thing, but always have old faithful on the back burner”

      Men handle dating that way whether they are gay or straight lol

  7. Srry but i just watched the Video Corey has with “Cade Maddox” and yeah… ole boy is a verse BOTTOM who clearly LOVES to get fucked DOWN by a “MANS-MAN💪🏼” and there’s no way MJ (a feminine energy exuding bottom) is gonna be able to give him That 🤷🏾‍♂️ Not trying to be rude, neither is “less then” the other, but COME ON! you gotta be honest, if this is real, how did EITHER of them think this could really work?

  8. The Twitter comment in the article that states: “Why are niggas like this even in a relationship? Be single if you’re this selfish,” is quite humorous…

    Being in a relationship myself I am “selfish” because I would never allow him to be with anyone else if we are together if he asked. I couldn’t see myself “submitting” to such a request to be in an open relationship. If the decision ain’t mutual the relationship will fail, and hard. I don’t allow men to make infidelity a condition with me.

    The MJ guy is right.

    And porn is…fantasy. It’s just acting…. or is it?

  9. Has it ever occurred to anyone that MJ Harris orchestrated this fake relationship to elevate his “social media and celebrity profile?” I mean really? Are we really sitting here having a conversation about two people who aren’t equally yoked both physically and psychologically?

    LMAO y’all doing too much up in here…..

    ** sips my strawberry Fanta ** 🥤

      1. @Mike

        The reality TV shows do it every season. Drum up fake controversy to get you glued to the broadcast. And don’t get me wrong, this little gimmick is mutually beneficial to both of these stunt queens. Zario gets to dip into MJ Harris’ coins and Harris gets to use a porn performer who’s considerably more attractive than him for internet fame. Andy Cohen should call these two for a casting interview. lol

  10. MJ needs a man who is over 40, established, doesn’t play games and will treat him like a southern belle. I’m talking taking him on dates in a horse-drawn carriage. I doubt this is anything more than publicity.

    1. Say it louder for the bitches in the back because that’s exaaaaactly the vibe I’ve been getting off the break. This conversation they are having is very poignant and relevant in ANY relationship and especially the gay community. We each get to decide for ourselves who or what we will of will not accept for ourselves and our lives !!! S/N Did I miss the part where MJ ever said he was a bottom or is that an assumption the gay masses are making due to his effeminate mannerisms? Hell they are likely fucking one another. Plus fem dudes through some good pipe but you ain’t hear that from me. All these big dick TS dicking down these masculine dudes … y’all better go somewhere and sit down somewhere. Lmaoooooo

      1. Zeus, I’m calling the rest of Mt. Olympus on you. I cannot deal with anything you wrote. At all!!!!

  11. I honestly thought this was fake. Corey or Zario or whoever he is has been doing porn for a couple of years now so I’m shocked that so many didn’t know this and that’s what made or makes me think it’s fake. If it’s not that MJ needs to get a clue and LEAVE his trifling ass. Corey seems like a user & no good why be with someone who doesn’t match where you are. I hope MJ comes to his senses real quick and also stands his ground and doesn’t compromise just to keep him

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