you’re making it obvious that you like other males sir

I mess with dudes,
but I’m not out there with it.
I’m not gonna hold you but I’m really attracted to you.
If you are cool with me not being out there,
we can mess around.
I’m not looking for anything serious right now.
If that isn’t what you’re looking for,
I understand and that’s cool too.”

….or something like that.
it’s perfect tho.
that is how you do shit if you’re on the low.
it saves hurt feelings and potential outing because you put it all on the table.
i think miscommunication is what causes hurt feelings tbh.
you want a relationship; they wants to fuck.
why are we not on the same page?
now don’t get me wrong….

There are folks out here who can’t hold water

it’s also a judge of character too.
i feel like most dl males are so desperate for sex,
they walk right into the jackal and hyena’s dens to get it.
that response would only be in a perfect world.
what i’ve learned on my journey:

Males who like other males,
but act like they don’t like other males,
often incriminate themselves with how they move.

they move weird and obvious.
often times,
you are moving for other people’s approval rather than your own.

“If I do this,
they’ll think I’m gay.”

“If I don’t fuck a ton of bitches,
they’ll think I’m gay.”

“If I don’t walk with a limp and talk like a mack,
they’ll think I’m gay.”

Newsflash: everyone thinks everyone is gay!

i feel like once you live by yourself and pay your own bills,
you should be okay with who you choose to fuck/date.
this isn’t high school or college anymore.
your parents live in albuquerque and you live in new yawk.
once you fill out a w2,
it’s fuck everyone (i mean that literally and figuratively).
that’s just my thoughts tho.

low-key: i was having a conversation with pose about my growth into myself.
she has watched me grow from scary teenager to…

i’ve cum a long way.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “you’re making it obvious that you like other males sir”

  1. Yasssss Jamari! Most of us have been on that scary journey 👏 And I agree with this post 💯 When you become an adult whatever you do with whoever you do is completely your business. I know I stopped caring once I became 21. Tuh. If people notice, they notice, if not then that doesn’t bother me either. Don’t care either way. And you are also completely right about guys who are on the low, but make everything so hot by the way they move. Might as well wear DL on your forehead. It’s actually lowkey quite funny to me honestly.

  2. Exactly. It’s like I woke up one day and was like “You know what, I am grown. What I do is my business and mines alone. Fuck it.” And I’m living my life right now and loving it 🙌 Also since we’re on the subject of homoeroticism 😂😂😂 there is a show I would love for you to watch Jamari, if you can. I BEEN wanting to tell you about it. It’s called Hannibal and it’s on Amazon Prime.

  3. I completely agree. DL men are stressing themselves out and looking crazy. Smh.

    I wish they would man the hell up!!! Unfortunately, they are completely trapped by other people’s perception of them.

    1. ^im not saying you have to come out the closet.
      not at all.
      you can navigate through your word discreetly,
      but you just need to know WHO YOU ARE AND BE COMFORTABLE WITH THAT.
      a man or woman will never be happy otherwise.

  4. I left home at 18 and had my own apartment and piece of shit car by the age of 19 and that was many many years ago. So in the words of my gay mother (May she gloriously Rest In Peace):
    “IF YOU DON’T FEED, FUCK OR FINANCE ME THEN WHAT I DO IS NONE OF YOUR ‘GOT DAYUM’ BUSINESS”!!! And she bellowed that more times than I can recall and it has stuck with me ever since.

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