fabian rabia wants you to pay good money for his meat

i was shocked when the foxhole told me how nasty fabian rabia was.
not “nasty” in the good way either.
i stopped keeping up with him so i was out if the loop.
it definitely put a dent in his aura within the forests.
well fabia allegedly started an onlyfans and you can only guess…


50 bucks?

did he think he was in a meat market when he picked that price?
i know one of his legs alone would go for 50 dollars,
but ima need him to be reasonable.
he thought he was rapping wolf,
with the “rich dick” prices.
 nah homie.
he looked better to me when he was smaller anyway:

you can visit fabian on his onlyfans: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “fabian rabia wants you to pay good money for his meat”

  1. Y’all better not fall for this. He’s not gonna show anything y’all haven’t seen on his Instagram stories lol.

    I unfollowed when he posted that pic black Superman holding a white woman that most people use as a joke about pineapples that live white women, but he was dead serious. Smh

      1. His nudes are available on Twitter and another four letter-named site I won’t type out, for free. So save that $50 to put toward the electric bill. Summer’ll be here soon enough.

  2. Like I always say, once they show the goods…I’m no longer interested. Outside of his physique, which looked better when he was smaller, he does nada for me. He showed the dick already.
    2 posts, no vids…$50! GTFOH
    He will get some dummies though.

  3. Unless him and Maravilla are munching each others cheeks… count me out. I suspect that Maravilla is next.

    I bet he looked at the bank Safaree has pulled in and decided to set up his OnlyScam.com account.

  4. Seen him cum for free already, so next! Kingnate also recently reopened his onlyfans after he declare he was single on his IG.

          1. According to some of the user on LPSG, just thirst trap shit so far…his first post was back in early 2019 and he didn’t update until recently yesterday and something posted about 3 hours ago. Let’s wait a whole month or so to see what he post. I’ve seen a couple of his old nudes and thirst traps floating around on the net already.

          1. Just Google King Nate nude and you’ll find a blog or something posted on LPSG

  5. I wonder if it is even him doing this Onlyfans, someone used his pictures a couple of months ago and set up a fake Twitter page and also set up a fake Onlyfans in his name, it was shut down. I wonder do most of these IG attentionistas know that they have fake Twitter accounts and others are scamming in their names. From what I understand about Fabian is that he does not speak any English, and may not be too astute that others are profiting off his image. He comes off very corny on his IG but he has a Superhero Body so I guess he can get away with a lot of fuckery and foolishness. I am sure he is probably like a lot of Dominicans who do not think they are actually Black and he is probably very narcissistic thanks to his juiced up body. Those awful tattoos leave a lot to be desired and have turned off what little I found of him to be attractive. I am going to save my candy money on this one.

    1. Lol well he’s actually black and I think the way they are down there in regards to black Dominicans may be the reason behind his scamming ways.

    2. Fabian has used the term “negro” to describe himself on his IG before. A lot of the Dominican attentionistos are doing so. Not sure if you’ve ever visited DR, but if you do, you’ll see, it’s a predominantly Black country. And most of the people there are quite aware of this, even if they nevertheless hate Haiti, which is also a Black, very proudly so, country. The ruling class of that country hates Blackness though.

    3. You sound like a person who hates being black American. I’m here to tell you that you have nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud and stop hating.

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