Dwayne Mckell is Mad At The Foxhole

E92055E2361164816005420195840_35cddcd2ed0.1.5.13579415232067087333.mp4this “dwayne mckell” scandal is really a turn off.
for a attentionisto who craves attention,
he sure is acting like he would rather be behind the scenes.
the tweets.
the emails.
someone tell these attentionistos/nistas if they want attention,
they need to realize it comes in all forms.
good and bad.
anyway so i got this email i wanted to share with the foxhole.
before we start,
it was from a “yahoo” account

To Whom it may concern:

There is an ongoing Invesigation going on between (Dwayne Mckell) and Mr. Gilmore. Mr. Gilmore has a been contacting, blackmailing, and threatening family and friends since 2012 and had been tied to the (@stillconnectin) account on twitter. It has contacted personal friends and family. This letter is to warn other parties that involvement might be taken into consideration and used as evidence.

OFFENSES: A person commits the crime of stalking when the person either:
(1) engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts toward another person, including following the person without proper authority, under circumstances which demonstrate either an intent to place such other person in reasonable fear of bodily injury or to cause substantial emotional distress to such other person; or

(2) engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly communicates to another person under circumstances which demonstrate or communicate either an intent to place such other person in reasonable fear of bodily injury or to cause substantial emotional distress to such other person.

Thank you. We will be in conact soon with further official documentation.

first of all…

Who wrote this nonsense?

who is “it”?
is “it” @stillconnectin?
how is dwayne being stalked by “it” since 2012?

it is 2016.
why has that not been handled yet?
this account is up and active,
Β stalking dwayne and his circle,
but hasn’t been shut down?

anigif_enhanced-buzz-11864-1381846346-0look i can understand if dwayne’s phone was hacked,
or his laptop was stolen,
or he accidentally left the gate open…
then i might have sympathy.
when someone,
knowingly and willingly,
uploads his:

jack off
porn videos

…on a website called “connectpal” for profit:

…then clearly this “leak” has brought out a lot of insecurities.
he is basically a hoe.
a hoe who is now confused that the animals know he is a hoe.
the crazy part is,
from the looks of his social media accounts,
he seems okay with being a hoe.
he makes teaser videos on his PUBLIC accounts like this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 7.22.25 PM

…and then uploads a full jack off video for sale.

Am i wrong?


i don’t think so.
enough is enough tho.
the only reason this is an issue is:

a) everyone is clowning how weak his stroke is
b) those are videos not meant for free

…and if it’s the latter,
ima need him to provide quality sexual content.
no reason why 98% of the animals are complaining.
either way:

Never send me a bullshit email like that again

my foxhole will be forced to start sniffin’ around.
they don’t like it when their home is threatened.
you don’t want that.

lowkey: this make dwayne look so corny to me.
this crazy part is i saw the original video on tumblr.
here is where i saw the other:


the foxhole actually led me to @stillconnectin.
that is where i saw all the videos.
dwayne already had one of the entries pulled off my tumblr.
REAL celebrites get leaks,
good or bad,

they work the pr in their favor.
these attentionistos/nistas need a clue.

17 thoughts on “Dwayne Mckell is Mad At The Foxhole

  1. I no Dwayne and i didn’t no he made jack off video’s and sex tapes that’s a shock to me definitely and everybody is clowning on him for this how u going to explain this to your daughter u should cancel all of them tapes

  2. Don’t let that shit bother you. Maybe he’s just insecure o maybe he doesn’t like the gay attention.

  3. If you don’t sit yo limp dick ass down somewhere! Don’t put it on the net, then no one will see…problem solved!

  4. lol he was supposed to “sue” me last month then I confronted him about it and told him that if he’s gonna make a case he needs to leave the lies out which basically left him with nothing πŸ˜‚ He went on to say “I don’t want to file charges. I don’t want to do anything.” 😴 Same bs new month it’s sad πŸ˜•

    I love this blog btw, so happy I came across it 😍 People needed to know about his scamming. You’re the shit!

  5. Don’t take him serious lmao. He did the same thing to the @stillconnectin person last month. He needs excuses not to post every month. He used stalking, “family and friends” being sent vids, being depressed, his phone being “broken,” being sick, and the list goes on as excuses to take people’s money without providing them with what they paid for. He said he was gonna take @stillconnectin to court but had nothing on them to do so. He found your page and personal contact info and ran with it to scare you. He’s a LAME!

  6. It sounds like someone got caught up in their feelings. Dude you’re going to get bad comments positive comments and in between that’s what happens when you put something personal or anything on the Internet. These male attentionistos kill me with this shit. I’m supposed to believe you have a lawyer but you can’t even have Good quality fuck videos. Ugh this is some straight up fuck boy mentality.

    I’m starting to think we’re part of the problem, we gas up these pineapples heads about their looks and bodies in these boys start acting like their are gods gift.

  7. This dude is lame he leaked all this sex stuff and is now upset because he didn’t get the attention he wanted I follow him on twitter and he wants to sue this dude needs to get a job and stop all this bs yo opened the door now deal with it

  8. Nah, this clown is just upset about all of the negative feedback he has been receiving about his amateur performances. These dudes crave the attention, but it always depends on who it is from and the responses. Personally, he does nothing for me, and that has nothing to do with his poor sex.

  9. Ironically, I had a feeling this was coming cuz he we blowing up on snapchat about his stuff being leaked and etc. the bad part about it is most if not all the ish he uploads on there is leaked if not leaked already and for something like that coming from a “yahoo” is just trash. Instead of him just owning it and all that he wants to do ish like that. It doesn’t work like that on the internet much lies publicly posted stuff by others. Guess that weak ass stroke game finally coming out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. ^that email got me real vex.
      like wtf???????
      he act like those where stolen off his personal devices.
      i dam near see jack off videos with him all over myvidster.
      if he don’t get the fuck…

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