flash brown has allegedly come out (twerkin’ in savage x fenty?)

*the following entry is rated M.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

 that flash brown entry from yesterday.
( x see it here )
one of my f-bi wanted to update us more on this story.
this is the drop he sent in…




i can’t confirm or deny that flash,
but i’m glad to see him slowly getting comfortable with his sexuality.
i feel something is off about this tho.

It feels very “play it up for my gay audience cause I know they’ll spend that dough”

that vixen’s hand in the alleged videos dinged my foxy senses.
i could be wrong tho.

remember how ( x allegedly homophobic ) he was?
i remember when i first made an entry about him,
he was so appreciative in emails and supplied me with his meaty drops.

He switched up once he blew up.

now look…
he is trying to twerk in fishnet underwear on onlyfans.

don’t bite the paws that will end up writing about you in the future.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “flash brown has allegedly come out (twerkin’ in savage x fenty?)”

  1. I remember when I was following Flash on twitter and he went on a whole homophobic rant about Ace Rockwood/John Johnson switching from gay porn to straight porn. Look at him now.

  2. Mmmmmm ?This is confusing and kind of odd to me.

    He is a married porn star .Videos of him have recently surfaced of him sucking dck , getting his dck sucked by a white male and now he is twerking in female under garments while getting oil poured down his crack, Mind you for years he has built a career on “straight ” porn. Why now?? Straight porn still makes more money .

    Okay. Obvious he is sexually fluid and is unbothered by how this will effect his career as a “straight “male porn star.

  3. He kept saying, “open it up”. Naw bruh, you’re definitely not ready for that yet. Can one of you foxes send him a cleaning routine? 😆

  4. Thank you for posting the vids & not a download only.

    Proof that all black men do not know how to twerk LOL. Nice booty though. I’d eat & fuck it, but I certainly will not pay onlyfans to see it!

  5. Chile, that second one is so disgusting with that shitty booty He needs to get himself a fox friend that will help a sis out because his videos finna be about painting on wolves if he don’t learn how a fox foxes.

  6. Hmmmm… feels very much like a page from the book of Nat Turnher… very much baiting… and was that shit?!?!?!

  7. YAWN 😙😙😙 if anyone believe this ploy then I have a bridge to sell you. it’s Fake. It’s called marketing. It’s to grab your attention. It’s like the so called American Dream- it’s a marketing plan. It’s not for everybody.

    Many gays will have their tongues out and go subscribe to his OnlyFans and that is exactly what he wants. And that’s exactly what he’ll get. He knows the animal he’s dealing with. Gays will kill themselves for a new ass or dick. Go on gay guy- go suck on his dick or his ass, whichever you prefer 😂😂😂

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