aaliyah is finally free

i keep saying and fonting that i never thought i would see this day.
20 fuckin’ years too long.
i felt like i’d be 80 and they’d finally release aaliyah‘s music for the public.
imagine what is gonna be the streaming platform in the future?
we gonna be in the music.

“I Care 4 U” and “Ultimate Aaliyah” have been released to streaming.

today is the final day of her music rollout.
come over >


i remember seeing that “ultimate aaliyah” and it being stupid expensive.
what’s crazy is her music sounds so fresh.
it sounds like it was legit released during this music era.
baby girl was truly ahead of her time.

i feel like today,
her spirit has finally been released as well.
i know she was probably haunting “those people”.
this new blackground did well with releasing everyone they had imprisoned.
i hope they are all at least getting some kind of royalties for their work.
thank you aaliyah for the memories,
what your music continues to mean to me,
and may you always rest in power.

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lowkey: where these remixes bruh?!?!?!?

Author: jamari fox

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  1. I am so happy about this. Ps come over is great.
    Ps the ultimate is missing some gem collabs with Missy and timbaland
    Best friend and up jumps the boogie.

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