atl tayh lets us know the news was “2 fast and 2 wrong”

i guess the news got it wrong about onlyfans star,
atl tayh.
you know they can mess up with their reporting at times.
atl tayh aka horace dillard jr has been released from jail.
as you know,
he allegedly hit someone in his version of “fast and the furious”.
( x see the entry here )
he ran straight to twitter to release a social media statement

some of his fanbase didn’t believe a single word from the news either:

apparently he has to wear an ankle monitor.
the victim,
leslie reese,
has a gofundme to help with her medical bills.

i hope she is able to recover swiftly.
in the same font,
i hope atl tayh has learned something from all of this even if the news got it wrong.

lowkey: we have made a lot of people feel like celebs.
do some of them deserve it?
folks will complain when that same person gets too big-headed.

article cc: gofundme

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “atl tayh lets us know the news was “2 fast and 2 wrong””

  1. The ONLY thing this negro leans is how to suck 2 dicks instead of one. They NEVER learn one fuck. They are young. They feel entitled. They feel the world owes them something and they rebel constantly at the System for recognition they think they deserve. Rudderless ship 🥺

  2. Wasn’t he the one in a three way relationship with two other low level porn actors? Didn’t he get into a fight in the parking lot on IG live? Why do I even know this much about him 🤣?

  3. The news can definitely manipulate stories, HOWEVER in this situation I don’t think this was the case. He’s not special for the news to do that. He really injured that poor woman. And look at black the gays/community defending and co-signing his dumb ass. The black community loves upholding and praising toxic, degenerate people and behaviors. This is why I don’t associate with the BC anymore.

  4. Sounds like he pled GUILTY to a lesser charge (only because thankfully she is alive) and is on HOUSE ARREST. Had she died he would have been charged with MURDER. I’m sure we’ll see his ankle bling in his next video; “Locked down while beating it down.” Ignorant degenerate.

  5. Wait till some random cop investigate into his sexual escapades doing many outdoors adventures and he’ll be charge for more crimes.

    1. Kevy Kev- Honey, naw. I know they not can could or would see the video and charge Lil Baby Rugrat with sex crimes?? Fa real?

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