Chris Brown Unleashes The Big Bad Wolf on Tinashe

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well damn chris.
no chill?
he isn’t right to drag tinashe across my kitchen floor,
but she shouldn’t have been so passive aggressive.
i don’t really feel sympathy for her.
next time,
stand by your shit and be professional about it.
he added some post points on twitter…

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tumblr_o4avl4kmd91qi79cgo1_500he always takes us on a ride,
don’t he?

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Chris Brown Unleashes The Big Bad Wolf on Tinashe”

  1. I’m confused as to what she said wrong? Chris Brown is a childish asshole. He gets more annoying daily.

    1. ^she trying to push that single she had with Chris.
      well it didn’t do well.
      when she was asked about him,
      she made it seem like she never wanted to work with him and the label made her do it.
      after he made the suicide comments about kehlani,
      tinashe unfollowed him.
      when she was asked about it,
      she claims she and him are friends and there is no beef.
      so which is it?
      she just was too passive aggressive.

      1. She was flip floppin’ but he didn’t have to say anything. He should’ve been the bigger person and just left it alone. Hell, he should just keep his mouth shut period, aside from singing because he puts HIS foot in it every time as well. If someone attempted suicide, that is not something tojoke about and take lightly..that person needs help.
        His bipolar ass should know that better than anyone. She was silly for not standing behind what she said/did…and he was dumb for once again acting out like a child.

        1. ^i didn’t even want to address that suicide shit with him.
          he could have addressed his point without being so nasty.
          he has to remember he has fans who deal with some of the issues he drags of others for.

          she needs to try this again.

  2. He should have been the bigger person and kept quit and she should have had a better answer to that question ( where are there stars Olivia Pope to help them keep crap together?)

  3. Yes Chris, we know you’re not politically correct cuz all that bashing yo bitches in the face.

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