Is The Empire Starting To Crumble With Season 2?

empireseason3can i say i didn’t know what the hell was going on?
i watched empire last night and was highly confused.
i don’t even have much thoughts besides

why are they writing this show so damn fast?
why did they kill off camilla?
there was so much they could do with her character.
she could have had a one more season of destruction in her.
jamal sings about every damn thing.
i’m tired of jamal singing.
 –since when does someone smack their head with bipolar disorder?
please help me understand…
andre and these bunz:


the only highlight.
i don’t know what scene this is but:

-that whole “come to church with me” screamed a tp production
-that scene with jamal and the gays in the street.
and then singing hakeem song…

what in every inch of the fuck?

…and just other shit that didn’t make sense.
“empire” is losing what made it so great.
they are speeding writing through plots,
not tying up loose ends,
and making it absolutely confusing to follow through.
i guess animals are starting to bail out too according to deadline:

The near-end of American Idol (2.2/8) brought a near season low for Empire (4.2/14) last night on Fox. With a strong first night of the long-running competition show’s two-night series finale as a lead-in, the Lee Daniels- and Danny Strong-created drama saw a 12% drop in adults 18-49 compared with its winter break return last week.

With the exception of the 3.2/10 that last year’s Thanksgiving eve episode of November 25 pulled in, the lowest Empire has done in the demo was the 4.2/13 of its November 11 show last year. That “True Love Never” episode pulled in 11.20 million viewers, or 1.1% less than the 11.329 million who watched “A Rose By Any Other Name.” The January 7, 2015 series debut and the January 14, 2015 episode of Empire both did worse in the key demo than last night’s episode, with 3.8/11 and 4.0/12 results, respectively.

tumblr_o4z39vOdFJ1u2116qo3_250shame they are ruining such potential.

lowkey: if i could act,
i’d love to join that cast to shake shit up with jamal.
they would probably write my ass out the same episode too.

article taken: deadline

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Is The Empire Starting To Crumble With Season 2?”

  1. Yeah the show is boring now.. Tyler Perry TV shows hold my attention more than Empire nowadays and that is alarming

  2. #OUCH
    No wonder Andre wants to leave the show.
    Is Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry sharing the same writer or something?

  3. I overslept and missed it last night and from what I hear I didn’t miss much. I kinda like the show but not loving it. I guess since I didn’t watch the first season I don’t see what everyone else loves about it, but I’m going to stick it out because as it always goes with these shoes they will have a lack luster episode and than have a great one the week following.

  4. I watched the first half of season 2 and was disappointed. I decided to skip the second half of Season 2 and if people say it is good, I will catch up on Netflix. My new favorite show right now is UNDERGROUND on WGN. It airs Wednesdays at 10pm. Everyone should check it out.

  5. One thing I was confused about was the ending.
    SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t seen it.
    Luscious was just all of a sudden in Camille’s place telling her he’s got proof she killed her wife.
    I looked up like wait a minute, who/what/when/where/ and how did we get here?
    I swear I only looked away from the TV for a second or two.

    About the people with bipolar disorder hitting themselves.
    I think Lee is taking the Tyler Perry route in trying to over-exaggerate a person’s behavior.
    Tyler Perry has crackheads in his shows being the always itchy paranoid type.
    I’ve had to deal with crackheads on a daily basis and none of them have ever acted in such a way.
    Some you wouldn’t even know did crack unless they told you.

  6. Looks like Fox will bypass on a spin off. This show is a 1 year wonder. Never seen a storyline fizzle 3 episodes in. Jamal performances are becoming redundant. It actually felt like the “West Side Story” the gay version last night.

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