Lets Out This Wolf! (U Mad!)

tumblr_mpjaqsWNQl1qkxrtro1_1280the outing continues…

so i got a call earlier from a vixen friend of mine.
she started to tell me about a wolf i know.
well i know through people in his circle.
either way he was the typical new yawk wolf.
masculine and materialistic.
he was also really attractive.
body id like to fuck.
i crushed on him pretty heavy.
something always told me he got down tho,
but i wasn’t too sure.
i thought maybe it was my attraction to him playing tricks on my mind.
well i guess i was right!
he was outed recently by some jackal he was messing with.
the jackal sent private convos,
dick pics,
and other receipts to get this…
his family.

iIhcjhiyrGN9P11apparently he found their facebook and…
you know the rest.
he also sent some to his coworkers that were linked in pictures.
the reason?
the wolf stopped fuckin with him.
that was it.
jackal went extra and it was over for him.
how spiteful is that?
to his family and job tho?

okay so he was d/l.
the jackal knew what he was getting into when he started fuckin with him.
people ain’t kids anymore.
people know what d/l wolves bring.
he maybe fine as fuck,
but that don’t mean the game suddenly changed.
i guess i’m different.

when i’m done with you,
i’m pretty much done with you.
when you’re done with me,
i’m also pretty much done with you.

losing my parents,
star fox,
and other hurt put my heart in a straight ice box.

IceBoxHearti can say goodbye and not even look back.
maybe i just have no time.
maybe i have a conscience.
maybe i believe in karma.
i believe doing dog shit will fuck my blessings right up.
i couldn’t find myself to out someone.
i’d put a brick through his car window,
or drive the whole fuckin car in the hudson,
faster than i would outing someone.

tumblr_inline_mi4dovryLn1qz4rgpif that wolf went and beat his ass up and down the block,
i wouldn’t even feel sorry for him.

these jackals are too much nowadays.
social media makes it worse.
wtf is wrong with people nowadays?

54 thoughts on “Lets Out This Wolf! (U Mad!)

  1. I remember my 3rd boyfriend …we were inseparable however he was a PK( preachers kid) I met the whole family and all …they though we was just good friends and that’s how i liked it ..hell me an his older brother who was married was homies ..so not one of my boyfriends family members suspected us as a couple ….we broke up due to him thinking the family knew too much and him not having a girlfriend. I always fell back I didn’t have to always be around or with him …long story short we broke up he thought I was gone out him which CLEARLY that was my furthest concern …he met a new dude fell in love and got together …when they broke up and that dude outed him in church in front of the whole congregation with pictures and all ……I felt real bad for him bc even though we broke up I was still his friend. I thought that shit was tragic ..his brother and his dad got In contact with me asking me did I know about him or the allegations …. I was like nah never suspected him he was talking to this chick when we were cool ..I don’t know if that helped but I tried. What’s sad is that 2 more dudes did the same thing that other dude did to him ..outed him in either a family function or in public ..smh

  2. Personally, I would NEVER out a gay male or anyone in this life for that matter. I have been in the closet and although the closet can be a harrowing place if you don’t have like minded people to interact with, the fear of being outed is worst than being in the closet. When I was deep in the closet, I had the two phone thing set up, different social media profiles and the like; the fear was real especially coming a culture like mine.

    I prefer guys who are like me; masculine, discreet and not too much in the life. And it may see wrong to say in the eyes of some, but fems just turn me off with their antics of outing dudes. It’s just disgusting and reprehensible.

  3. Dean stays repeating the same shit like a broken record. These long paragraphs about nothing are entirely too much. Do you copy paste this shit?

    1. Disney, my comments are not “about nothing”. As far as repetition goes, if I say “A” on subject “1” today, do you really expect me to say “Z” tomorrow on subject “1”. My thoughts are considered opinions so they don’t change much–although they do evolve over time. They are about human existance! And that’s a whole bunch of somethings. If they are too long for you to read, then fine. But I remind you that a person who does not read is no better off than the person who cannot read.

  4. Zen Buddha, on this very site, I wrote a while ago: “Dungy said ““I would want to wish him the best and let him know I have no bitterness or animosity toward him. Even though I don’t agree with his lifestyle, I love him. And I wish him the best, and I’d love to say that to him.”” in commenting on Michael Sam. Google defines lifestyle as: “the way in which a person or group lives.”the benefits of a healthy lifestyle” or denoting advertising or products designed to appeal to a consumer by association with a desirable lifestyle.” From that definition, it’s clear that sexual orientation is not a lifestyle. It’s not how a person lives. It’s who a person is. A person does not have a homosexual lifestyle or a heterosexual lifestyle or a bisexual lifestyle. A person is homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual.

    Calling homosexuality a lifestyle or a preference is a not so clever way to imply that a person’s sexual orientation is a choice. The consensus of scientists that have studied the issue is that sexual orientation—homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual–is not a choice. So Dungy and his ilk should stop acting like it is a choice or a lifestyle or a preference. Idiots who think that it is should do some research and start with a Google search of “The Kinsey Scale of Sexuality”.

    Since homosexuality is not a lifestyle but rather is a life. Dungy might have well had said “I would want to wish him the best and let him know I have no bitterness or animosity toward him. Even though I don’t agree with his life, I love him. And I wish him the best, and I’d love to say that to him.” Now, that’s foolish. He doesn’t agree with Michael Sam’s life, his existence but he loves him! That’s pathetic and/or dishonest and/or sick. I don’t want to have anything to do with persons who disagree with my life and I recommend the same attitude for everyone!”

    I don’t like Tony Dungy referring to sexual orientation as a lifestyle because it isn’t and such reference is harmful to gay people. I suggest that you keep that in mind.

    1. When I say “lifestyle”, I mean it in the most casual way possible. Tho they may not be a choice, sexuality and the way you decide to use and/or abuse it, can be considered a lifestyle. Plus, bisexual people do choose so it’s most definitely a lifestyle for them either way. Especially if we’re going by your definition of what qualifies as such.

      1. No we do not choose the way you are thinking we choose. Tired of telling you that. Whatever bi dude who hurt you man, you are going to have to talk to him.

      2. Zen Buddha, bisexuals do not chose to be bisexual. Gays do not chose to be gay. Straights do not chose to be straight. Having gay thoughts and feelsing is not a choice–but that is what can make someone gay. Having straight thoughts and feelings is not a choice–but that is what can make someone straight. Having bisexual thoughts and feelings is not a choice–but that is what can make someone bisexual. All people chose whether or not to act on their thoughts and feelings. So there is no straight lifestyle, no gay lifestyle and no bisexual lifestyle.

        Sexual orientation is not a lifestyle and it gives aid and comfort to those who are anti-gay to act as if it is a lifestyle. And it’s scientifically inaccurate to boot!

    2. Quote- “Having bisexual thoughts and feelings is not a choice”-end quote

      Definition of Bisexual: attracted to both sexes: sexually attracted to both men and women, or engaging in both heterosexual and homosexual activity

      Yes it is. They CHOOSE to pursue hetero or homosexual relationships/hook-ups. That’s the entire point of their label and orientation. Gay men don’t have a choice. Our minds are made up. Same with straights. Y’all may not like it but it’s the truth. Bisexuals can get mad all they want. They’ve made it very clear that they’ll continue to go back and forth and that’s fine as long as they realize that gays and straights have a right to want to be with someone of their own orientation i.e someone who is decided. If that’s such a problem then bisexuals should get with other bisexuals and shut the fuck up.

      1. Zen Buddha, you said it yourself that bisexuals are “attracted to both sexes: sexually attracted to both men and women”. An attraction is not a voluntary/volitional act. It is in the mind. Certainly, bisexuals can choose (make a voluntary act) concerning who they have sexual relations with but so can homosexuals and heterosexuals. Whether bisexuals “go back and forth” is a matter of choice but attraction to both male and female is not a choice. Again, thoughts and feelings are not a choice (voluntary/volitional) but actions are. So your last comment adds nothing to your previous comments.

        By the way, I have a gay friend that prefers bisexual men. And I have a gay Facebook friend that also prefers bisexual men.

      2. Then the gay friends you speak of preferring bisexual men are nothing but a bunch of self hating queers. Hell, there are some gay men that prefer straight men. Doesn’t make them any less dumb and self-hating than the ones who prefer bisexuals. Gays are fucking idiots.

        I would just so happen to be apart of the two groups that do that subservient shit the most.

        Black and gay. Lucky me. 🙁

  5. I must also mention to you J and fellow foxhole brethren. I think what happened to the guy who was outed might be the reason why gay black men don’t like being with other black men. When I was just getting started in the lifestyle, I stayed away from dudes who were close to my age because I was afraid they would out me. I only pursued older gentlemen because I perceived them to be more mature. I assumed that getting with a guy close to my age would end up backfiring because he’d probably blab his bigmouth. It took me a while to work up the courage to pursue men my age.

    Not saying that all white gays are perfect because I’m sure there are stories of White gays outing other white gays, I’m just saying, these stories that you guys have told about all those bitter spiteful queens who out other men end up giving us a bad name.

    I’ll never forget a young boy here where I live who was ready to kill himself because he fooled around with a tranny and the tranny put it on the internet for everyone to see. He was only 17-18yo and didn’t know what to do because the entire neighborhood found out about it.

    Shit like what this queen did just pushes them further away although they shouldn’t lump us together with them. I think the cunts who do that have no conscience. They’re also selfish. Instead of moving like a normal person would, they have to make it all about themselves and ruin the other person’s public image. It’s sad to think that anyone could be like that knowing full and damn well how hard it is to accept that you’re apart of this lifestyle and can’t choose/change it(unless your bi.) The least the queens can do is leave the person with a good public image but no it’s “I’m gonna be a devil and expose him to his family and friends. Like really, calling their moms and sending them naked pics of their sons. How perverted.

    If they didn’t think we were perverts before, they’re really gonna think it now. 🙁

  6. A of us keep conflating being out with being fem. Whereas an out brother can be fem, they are not one and the same. I am out as are my truly close gay friends; however, there is nothing fem about any of us. Women still hit on us and most of you on here from your comments would probably consider us discreet. I consider myself “out” because I am comfortable with myself and have spoken up for and defended gay brothers be they fem or masculine to have the same rights as everybody else. That doesn’t mean I introduce myself as openly gay this or openly gay that…the same way I do not introduce myself as Black this or Black that. I just am all of those things that comprise the person I am.

    1. I wouldn’t consider y’all discreet … It’s called your business everybody doesn’t have to know …I like that u said you don’t introduce yourself as gay …nobody should have too …..but I agree with what u said

  7. Smart decision on your part, Jamari. Don’t fall for the bait. He’s trying you, has his gaydar out trying to pick up on anything he can gather about you. Just speak and keep it moving. There is this over the top queen at my job who used to always flirt and would suggest grabbing lunch or doing something after work. I studiously did not allow him to sense any discomfort on my part and let him know matter of factly that I was not up for that and would steer the conversation elsewhere while keeping it brief and only in passing. Never, ever throw shade. Always be respectful and keep it moving.

  8. Wow, this was really messed up. For the jackal to do something like this suggests he is really a miserable person and hates himself. When I first came home from college and was feeling my way, I sought out people who had things in common besides the sexual attraction. This was important because my family was well known and it was and remains nearly impossible to venture anywhere without being recognized. Let this be a warning to all the DL brothers reading this. Also, I keep reminding everybody to always listen to that inner voice. That cannot be stated enough. It doesn’t matter how fine the person of interest is; if something says leave it alone, there is a reason. Brothers, trust me on that. Although I do not know the parties involved, I would not be surprised if the DL brother had an inkling that this person could possibly be a tad wack but allowed the booty to override that feeling he might have had deep down inside. Again, listen to that inner voice. There is a reason we have it.

    Something happened to me once that alerted me to the pitfalls of social media. Years ago, I had chatted with someone online one night. It was an okay conversation but nothing came of it. Years later, this individual saw me online and I had truly forgotten our exchange (I wasn’t trying to be dismissive) so he pulled up the entire conversation we had had that he had saved and sent it to me. It did refresh my memory and, fortunately, there was nothing in it that would have embarrassed me; but, it reminded me why I live my life in a manner that nothing I do would embarrass me.

    I smashed a random guy one night…exchanged numbers so we could keep in contact. He evidently ran off at the mouth to a queen I happened to know but had no clue he knew. The queen later confronted me with a play by play of everything the dude and I had done and lambasted me because I wouldn’t give him any dick; the review had been good.

    The point of all this is people talk! Try very hard not to do anything that would embarrass you, should it get out there. I have to remind DL dudes I know who want to take things further that they are not ready and to proceed with caution, until they are at places in their lives when and where they would be able to handle people knowing. Finally, let the head on your shoulders do the leading and not the one down below.

    1. This is the truth, and young guys my age or younger need that info, especially ones just breaking in the life. Get to know the person you are dealing with before you hop in bed with them. Knowing who they truly are just may save you at the end. Also, never send a person your full body picture of yourself to anyone. If they want to see your dick or your ass, that is all you show them. Do not show anything that could give away your identity, most definitely not your face. I suggest anyone who can afford a second phone to get one that is just for their dealings with men. The celebs who do this to cover there tracks, and regular dudes do it too. Some of them have three or four phones lol. The phone should be cheap, no extra shit on it, and keep your main phone for everyone else. I don’t have a second phone, but I plan on getting on getting one once I get out of college and on my own.

      1. The internet messed up gay dating. You had to learn these things on the fly when gay dating involved chat lines and off line meetings.

        I would always listen to a person’s voice and after awhile if they were a fem they would give themselves up. By listening to their voice and my inner voice I was able to get to a know a person. I met some truly remarkable men through this method.

      2. I agree, and the internet is the root of all the evil in this life. Yea, they always give themselves up. There are some fake masc. dudes out there.

      3. To your comment earlier TheMan. I wont let no lil bitch ass confused nigga talk to me any kind of way. I had always suspected that he may have felt like he had something over me because Im not out. That’s why I always made sure I talked to him like I didn’t give a shit to let him know he didn’t have any power over me. I remember when we got reacquainted he told me about this college football player he messed with. He jokingly told me that he kept all of their text messages in case the dude went to the nfl so he could blackmail him. This led to one of the many times we got into it and I clowned his ass. He even recently found the guy on facebook and they are friends but the dude never knew what kind of person he was really dealing with.

        I don’t get why these guys like that shit. I mean they don’t want to feel emasculated but they be letting these fems top them just like they let trannys top them so wtf. I mean I know it is easier to get a fem because you already know what time it is, and I guess they don’t want to take the risk of trying to get at another masc dude because he may not be gay and that would start some shit. Whatever, I never messed with a fem again and will never. They all are not like that but the risk aint worth it.

      4. Damn he kept the messages tho. Where is their loyalty at? He ain’t shit. People are sad. I don’t know what they get out of destroying another person’s life.

    2. ^people do talk!

      there is a “something” at my job now.
      he works in a department downstairs.
      well he has been trying to get my attention.
      trying to talk loud whenever im around.
      already a bad idea.
      well the mail room wolves said they went to some happy hour and he was there.
      he was hanging with a few vixens and they were all drinking and he was trying to hook them up with these females.
      once the alcohol got in his system,
      he was acting like a queen.
      being real loud and boisterous.
      they claimed they “liked that” because they did have to worry about him doing dumb shit.
      real naive about it.
      i laughed on the inside and kept my mouth shut.

      I automatically blacklisted him from even getting to know me.

      1. Yea, you need to be careful whenever you go in that department. The fems will scope anyone out. They make me hella uncomfortable.

  9. What’s sad is that I work in the industry , I encounter extremely fem make up artist stylist and hairstylist …I’ve seen them plot on male celebrities for the sake of 15min fame making up fake scenarios taking opportunist pics etc . I remember being in a store at about 430am an a gay club had just let out usually all the gays congregate at the store when the club closes. Young dro the rapper came in asking where a specific club was (it was a str8) club, and the store was full of fems,queens, trannies, etc they was like is that dro , I’m like yeah they was Like ooooh get a pic so we can send it to mediatakeout . I quickly told him where the club was and he left..I’m glad he left ..I’ve seen these plots since high school outing the star athlete or popular dude ..the same thing in college …what’s funny is that in high school and college I was on the auxiliary squad and I’m a hairstylist even though they’re both stereotypical femine hobbies and careers I don’t carry myself as the stereotype . I had NO problems bc my peers knew me and knew what I was about ,I didn’t hang with the loud flamboyant fems ( not that is a bad thing I applaud any whose strong enough to REALLY be themselves) but they come with negative baggage …fems aren’t even loyal to their fellow fem (girl/boyfriends) ….what makes ppl think they will be loyal to a nigga when They get and loose a nigga….. I know peoples STD statuses all bc so called fem friends have fallen out ……I have not EVER been an advocate of telling anyone’s business let alone a closeted dude …… I actually like private men( not really dl especially if they’re married NO) but to themselves …don’t necessarily have to be hugged and boo’d up in public eye everyone knowing how we get down …and when it’s over it over wether good or bad ….this is one of the main reason all gays are categorized in negative stereotypes bc many of our kind (different variations)are vengeful,deceitful , and conniving … I’m not friends nor associates with messy ass fem either ….an I speaking from experience bc I’ve messed with a few industry celebs …. It will always be btw me and them nobody else needs nor have to know ……very fem flamboyant gays don’t have nothing to loose and don’t care …..a lot of gay men loose out on love and commitment due to the ignorance others who make it extremely hard….I’m also a parent I don’t need no one telling my child what their dads sexual orientation is … I’ve met so many dudes in and out the industry who can’t be themselves due to fear of someone knowing and them loosing endorsements,careers, family and sad but true their lives …….I encourage all who don’t date fems to continue not to unless you’re extremely confident and might find a mature Individual …..I’ve yet to meet or encounter one

    1. Men in the industry will always go for those types of men, just like straight men will always go to the hoes. The cycle never ends, and the the people complaining are the ones who keep putting themselves in messy situations and associating themselves with scum. They never take action to prevent shit from happening, but they are crying the loudest when all their information is out in the streets. GTHFOHWTBS. I keep a low profile to keep my true sexuality under wraps, especially at school where I am in a high populated area where they are a large amount of gay men, out and closeted. You can’t even allow anyone to suspect that you creep. The down low men will hound you and the out men will destroy you life is tough for any discreet man. If he doesn’t have a lot to lose, don’t fool with him.

  10. I know its wrong but I don’t even deal with fem dudes even on a friend level. I am cordial at gay functions and even laugh at their antics when they cut up, but I never get too close to any fem dudes. I have one fem dude I am really cool with but that is only because we grew up together as kids and he came out later when we were grown but it was no shock to anyone. I can tell you that he is a piece of work to say the least. He was dating this guy in the military and the guy dumped him and all he could think about was REVENGE! I begged him not to out the guy saying it wasn’t worth it, but to no avail. He contacted his senior sergeant, he had save every letter an card and then told them that he forced anal sex on him. I felt so bad for this dude because he was cool and even though he dumped my friend, he was real good to him when they were together, so I was pissed at my fem friend for a minute for this ratchet ass behavior. He called the dudes mother, and this dude was very masculine and came from a family full of brothers, the mother was pissed at my friend and said she didnt believe him but I know that this dude was livid but he was stuck because he was a career military man. Thank God he was only reprimanded and he was able to dodge that bullet because one of his commanders was closeted female lesbian and they were really close, she took up for him and he did not get kicked out of the military. Seeing my friend and his messy actions, made me realize that fem Queens are messy and bitter. My friend was so proud of his behavior, this happened many years ago and he still brags on this behavior and has since done this to at least 2 other guys I know. In fact a dude paid him hush money in the tune of $10,000 not to tell his church and his mom. Extortion at its finest. My messy friend told me that no man will steal his “pussy” and run, so these dudes think just like Vixens and are just as evil when they think they have been done wrong.

    1. That friend of yours is no good and I suggest you watch your back as well. I couldn’t associate myself with a person like that. Feminine men are risky period.Then they want to get upset when masculine men speak out and proclaim their dislike for feminine men and chose not to date them. Look at what they do to men who aren’t out?

    2. Tajan, why are you friends with such a snake? “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.” “Birds of a feather flock together.” “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” “Associate with people who will make you better.” Get the hints?

      1. Bro, I had to laugh at this, man I have all kinds of friends from ratchet to refine, from alcoholics, drug abuser to Christians, everyone of my friends has some character flaw as I do. This particular dude is someone I grew up with, but I may actually physically see him once every couple of years if I happen to catch him in the old neighborhood. I talk to him on the phone from time to time mostly catching up about family and people we grew up with. I don’t subscribe to the philosophy of “birds of a feather” I know who I am and can pretty much accept and hang with anyone, this particular person is not someone who I run with or hang out with, but he does call me from time to time and he tells me about his exploits. I tell him why he is wrong and what he does is not cool but at the end of the day we are all grown and are going to do what we do. Believe me I tell him that he is going to get his ass handed to him on a platter and I let him know if he did me like that I would beat his ass. I have told before on here about being outed by a dude on my sister’s job who I didn’t even know but he seen me on her Facebook page and saw me out at a party. I was ready to go H.A.M on his ass but I had to remember my sister has a pretty high profile position. I am just going to get your ass back some kind of way.

        Also lets not forget that sometimes these jackals get their just dessert. I am not advocating killing or anything, but I also told about the time this dude in my city was going with a married dude and caught feelings and was going to expose him to the wife and he ended up floating in the bottom of the river. This dude was friends with a friend of mine and had actually came by my house a couple of weeks before he went missing. This was almost 15 years ago before the down-low phenomenon had caught everyone’s attention and before social media was a threat.

  11. Happened to me. I actually wrote you an email about it J. Had to get a restraining order against dude. But with time it did heal. I also learned major lessons. Funny thing is about karma. He emailed me last year not to apologize but to tell me what I did to cause him to do that to me. So I know he has to deal with that feeling, knowing he’s a dirtbag for the rest of his life. One of those gays who will never be happy with themselves. The guy you speak of will be ok. But I know he’s sick right now.

    1. Well this almost happened to me recently but this was with someone who I messed with back in the day even before I was 21. I didn’t know then if I was a wolf, hybrid or, fox, however I definitely assumed the role of a wolf and vixens were my main goal. The mothafucka was feminine so it was easy to experiment. We only had two semi sexual encounters. I say semi cuz it was never full on sex, I learned sometime after that I was a fox lol. Anyway we kept in contact for a few years after, they always wanted me but I made sure it was just platonic. We ended up loosing contact for about 5 years but they tracked me down through a mutual friend. I decided to reestablish the friendship but at this time they had been on some tranny shit and they still were trying to get at me. I really cant deal with that tranny shit so I kept the friendship at a distance. I ended up moving to another city and coincidentally a few months after that they moved to the same city #stalkershit. I still tried to be a friend at a distance but they wanted more and would either try to bait me in seeing them by always being in distress and needing help or by trying to make me jealous by always talking and probably lying about how many guys they would get. Anyway we got into it really bad one day and I called him a nigga in a dress with a five o clock shadow he couldn’t get rid of. Well that pissed him off so he threatened to out me. He threatened to contact my people on facebook. See he thought that would shut my mouth. Well it didn’t shut me up and and lets just say I called his bluff and made him very aware that it wouldn’t be worth it given the consequences that would come soon after should he fuck around and be stupid. Louisiana Creole and Jamaican make a crazy mix lol.

      Morale of the story is if you are really DL or discreet you should never mess with a fem dude. I know not every fem dude equals a jackal or hyena but you never know. I was lucky only because in my situation the mothafucka knew better. The wolf will get through this but its gon be a long time before this wound hills. There is no way he can cover this up.

      Sorry for my rant but dem hyenas and jackals, ils sont dégueulasses!

      1. LMAO…you knew better calling him that lol. You can’t be that reckless with your mouth bro. You got too much to lose.

      2. I learned this at 17, I’m shocked DL dudes these days are even messing with guys that are not only out of the closet but fem.

      3. That’s what they like tho espn. Some have to realize that not every masc man wants another masc man. Part of it is because they do not want to feel emasculated, but that’s a whole nother subject that I do not feel like getting into.

  12. Idk whats wrong with these dl dudes though. How many outings is it going take for these dudes to realize these jackals and hyenas are not the route to go if they plan on keeping their shit secret.

  13. You’d think some queens would have learned by now that doing that just makes you look like the cunt not the d/l person you’re outing. No wonder so many men prefer not to be too involved in the lifestyle. They should all take The Man’s advice because this shit is ridiculous. That’s somebody’s life you’re fucking up… SMH! I can’t really say much else because I’m so disgusted with this behavior. Outing is no joke. That’s part of what keeps me paranoid when I decide to start connecting with other locals. If somebody did that to me, trust and believe they’d get their ass beat. Some gays are just ugh inducing. Just because you are out, does not give you the right to out others. You’d think they’d remember the time when they were still in the closet. Unless they were one of those fem boys who everyone knew from the time they were 5 that they’d be bent over screaming “daddy.” Outing somebody is so immature.

    Trash is what that person is and I hope they’re put on blast for everyone to see.

      1. So did you find out what happened to the wolf after this incident or if he retaliated.

  14. when i’m done with you,
    i’m pretty much done with you.
    when you’re done with me,
    i’m also pretty much done with you.

    ^^^^ jamari that is my motto too…. an Aries never forgets and rarely forgives. Goodbye number deleted.

    1. ^ya heard me!!!!!!

      you could have the best dick and mouth in the world,
      but if you hurt me on some next level shit,
      im leaving and not looking back.
      the way I see it,
      you could die prematurely and id still have to find the strength to move on.
      don’t get me wrong,
      i will argue like it’s nothing,
      but this outing thing ain’t my style.

  15. This is sad. It reminds me of that “Hollywood” guy that outed Kerry Rhodes. And consequently, Kerry Rhodes’ football career is over.

    Whether and how much a person should be out is an intensely personal decision that should be made by the individual using whatever factors he feels relevant. I can only think of one reason to out someone and that is when he is a person of influence–like a male politician or minister–that is anti-gay in his public affairs (like voting against gays or giving speeches or sermons against gays)–but deals with men sexually behind closed doors.

    When you date a closeted or DL man, the deal is you get what you want and he gets what he wants and you keep it secret forever. When you date a closeted or DL man, you know the deal and you should stick to the deal even when he stops giving you dick and or ass!

  16. THAT IS FUCKED UP..TOTALLY FUCKED UP…no wonder some of these hoe bitches get cleaned …for good

    1. ^right.
      and if something was too happen,
      they would try and claim “hate crime”.
      its okay tho.
      karma always comes to collect right after.
      10 times worse than what they did.

  17. Damn man, that’s some tough shit right there. Outing season is all year around huh? Nothing like a gay man scored. They can’t stop and won’t stop until a dude’s life is completely destroyed. I take it that he was messing with a fem dude. Ah man, those can be the worst. One of the reasons why I have to kick it with a masculine discreet dude who is in fear of being outed and has a lot to lose like myself. I’d risk my life and jump out of a ten story window before I involve myself with a man who is completely out to the world. I have to protect myself at all costs, and I do NOT want my future career ruined over a no good dude. They say they won’t out you, but talk is cheap. Cheat on them or break up with them, your info and all your biz is out there.

    1. ^man…
      i feel you so heavy right now.
      i just don’t get whats wrong with people in the world.
      like you know what you getting into messing with a d/l pineapple.
      why go far as to out him to fam and co workers?
      i bet some queens and vixens would applaud that shit too.

      1. Sure they would applaud it, especially women since most of them miss the red flags anyway despite the fact that they are in front of their eyes. Dudes getting upset just because ol dude left them…..and? These fem boys know that outing dudes is the ultimate betrayal and it is the best form of revenge, but karma is going to get them.

    2. I bet the dude is fem too. My mom was right tho like when I came out to her. She warn me to never date fem guys and I quote “You don’t know them like I do.” And I’m understanding why.

      1. ^you know what lin?
        there are some fem guys that are cool.
        it’s the QUEEN that some of these dudes get involved with.
        the one with the OBVIOUS signs of potential foolishness.
        ain’t no “give head better than a female” in the world…

      2. Idk. I have to see for myself because everyone have different results with certain people.

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