perfectly pansexual

welcome to the forest of the pansexual.
it’s one that you never hear much of.
as with anything that regards sexuality,
it isn’t talked about in fear of judgment.
like me,
i’m sure you’re wondering what pansexual means.
the definition according to the internet:

adj: not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

so it means they are attracted to anyone.
a foxholer introduced me to “the pansexual pisces” today.
his name is blanco and he made a couple youtube videos to explain more…

oh my.
he is hood af.
not only that,
he has a confident “idgaf” attitude that drives me wild.i really have a strong attraction to the alpha wolves.
his twitter is pretty wildd too:


wild with the double “d”.
you already know he has an “onlyfans“.
from those clips,
his big ass pipe has no filter.


you know what i love?

Most people are comfortable to share who they are these days.

i didn’t even know what being pansexual was.
i never met anyone who is pansexual before.
anyone that would admit to being it without fair of judgment.

here goes blanco letting us into a new forest to explore.
he might have helped someone get comfortable with who they are.
i feel there are a lot more pansexuals out there.
i’m sure they are confusing it with bisexuality too.

lowkey: folks love to run from labels and well…

check out blanco: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “perfectly pansexual”

  1. Am I the only one that just doesn’t buy into this sexuality is fluid movement? Water is fluid, sexuality aint. Kinsey created a theory, not a law. The laws of nature were here long before his theories..He’s dead and gone and the laws of nature are still the same…Why this is so hard for people to grasp is beyond me but okay…🙄

    You either like a man, woman or both. It is not that complicated.

    If you were born one gender and opt to switch to another gender, you were still born your original gender but now assume the opposite without the natural mechanics of the gender you now identify as.

    That is not hard to understand at all.

    I’m not being discriminatory in a mean sense. I treat everyone respectfully the same regardless of what they identify as but I’m also realistic and this mess makes no sense.

    I do not understand why people try to make sex so complicated.

    People have like a clear example in their face that without a man and woman, there would be no us. I’m not talking scientific meddling. I’m talking bonafide natural laws of nature.

    You like what you like and that’s it. A man or a woman or both.

    People talking about romance.. Romantic attraction to me shouldn’t even be a factor.

    Romance don’t make humans, sex does. Sex furthers our species. Sex was not created for just our jump and joy enjoyment, it was created to promote our existence from generation to generation.

    And if you really want to get factual…like really factual…you will soon realize that the concept of romance is man-made…but that’s a whole nother can of worms.


    Regardless of what you claim to identify WILL ALWAYS be limited if you do not have a sexual union between a man and woman. That is not hard to understand at all…because through this…that is how you are here today.

    You can like who you like but don’t try to mess everything up like some complicated science experiment.

    1. Why are you so pressed by how others live their lives? How people identify themselves or who they are attracted to has nothing to do with you. If you don’t like it, keep it moving.
      Ps: your philosophies of the “laws of nature” aren’t necessary on a largely gay blog site.

      1. Are you new or something or a lurker emerged from the depths of foxhole?

        First of all, it’s not about being “pressed”. This is a PUBLIC blog and anyone can post their views as long as they are not hateful. Just stating facts

        p.s.Ya know just because this is a gay blog does not mean that everyone has to agree with everything that pops up on it. People with notable arguments most def need to be heard just like people who think it’s lawful to agree with something because it sounds nice to them.

        “your philosophies of the “laws of nature” aren’t necessary on a largely gay blog site.’

        Why aren’t they? Because it’s not what some gay people choose to hear? Even so, it’s still true.

        Everything in my post is PROVEN to actually be. Just cause folks continue to ignore doesn’t mean it will cease to exist.

        What Kinsey proposed was infact proven to be FALSE. His continuum theory is so outlandish I’m surprised anyone would believe in it. Wait…

        1. Jammy,

          You came through spitting fire and I knew it would ruffle someone feathers and possibly others. People need to get away from these fantasies and deal with logic.

    2. I hear you, but I think it’s complicated by the issue of gender fluid and trans people.

      So you may be attracted to men, or women, but what about people who blur or switch up (I say without judgement, to be clear) those lines?

      If you are into cis women are you also into trans women? Or superfemme men?

      If you are into cis men are you also into trans men? Or superbutches & aggressives?

      Do you feel attraction to non-binary or gender fluid people

      If the answer to all or most of these is YES (yasssssss!), then you’re probably pan-sexual, or at the very least “queer.”

      So we really should extend that acronym to LGBTPQIAE+!

      At any rate, more power to this pansexual brother. He’s doing the most on Twitter, that’s for sure.

      1. @theLovetho

        I respect your views as they try to assert peace in the matter.

        I think it really shouldn’t have to be complicated. It’s only that way because people make it that way.

        Someone has to keep these topics engaging for the sake of convo… 🧐

        Kinsey’s assertions have been proven to be false MANY times. So many times I’m surprised folks even still adopt the spectrum. The only credit Kinsey has is streamlining homosexuality. Meaning homosexuality is NOT A CHOICE for some..

        I brought up a point many posts ago that homosexuality may be a curve to stop overpopulation. Outside of that, how do you justify homosexuality? Cause same sex couples don’t equal offspring.

        By the same token, Do Gay Tops chase women with phat asses? And I mean a Top that likes big asses? If he does then he’s Bisexual. Gay Tops are attracted to men. 🐕

        Everything else has absolutely no basis, even when it was studied scientifically.

        Real tea: The only four real sexualities are heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality and asexuality. Everything else is a subset of these four and are exactly the same thing but with just modified preferences to make people feel special.


        In the transgender and bisexual community it can be helpfull among them too differentiate. In a gaybar knowing somene is bisexual and also has no problem with transgenders can be useful information.


        Pansexuality basically means you find people’s personality’s to be attractive. At the end of the day, a pansexual person still finds both genders attractive but they prefer to look for who a person is moreso than what’s under their dress or in their jeans.

        This is exactly what a Bisexual person is. They are into both….

        If a bisexual man nuts in a transman…what will happen? If a transwoman fuks a man what will happen? Ummm..let’s see..what nature already intended..🧐

        Point being that a made up identity doesn’t trump the laws of nature. He’s still and will always be BISEXUAL. Just a bisexual with a preference.

    3. Jammy,

      I once read, immaturity is thinking you’re better than someone else (be it race, sex, nationality, etc).

      I get a feel that you’re an educated person. I also felt some slight disdain on how others may choose to live their life.

      We all have views, yes. And I, like you, subscribe to science. But science isn’t everything. And if people choose to classify themselves sexually in a manner that helps them through life, what is the harm?

      Let people be. You throwing science around is akin to bible thumpers throwing around scripture.

      Fuck that … and fuck science. Let a bitch be.

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