instead of dragging music artists, drag the united states

the good ol united states is a complete shit show at the moment.
lady liberty’s torch burns no more.
who knew it would come to this?
who knew they’d elect someone super unqualified to be the president?
i was scrolling on one of my social medias and i saw this

a dragging >>>>
ya know,
i felt that part about “retirement age up so people work until they drop“.

i felt that one in my spirit.
i’ve noticed we are all working harder than usual.
companies are literally taking advantage of us these days.
they want to squeeze the last drop until we’re useless.
we can’t even save because cost of living is so high.
don’t even get me started about school loans.
some folks are paying over hundreds of thousands of dollars.
you get the degree,
but you’re in massive debt with sallie mae.
the random violence and racism on high is another piece of bullshit too.
it’s a whole mess foxhole.
gay or straight,
we’re feeling it in some way.
i feel like everything may have to hit rock bottom before it gets any better,

Is this currently the “rock bottom”?

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “instead of dragging music artists, drag the united states”

  1. This is nothing new and has been happening for decades, pull some of the old news archives and you will see that things are the same. Who controls the flow of information? I will exit after saying that…

  2. The Facebook screed is really misdirected conservative anger or Russian propaganda, or both.Corporations, Wall Street and private equity firms and their excessive, increasingly monopolistic power, lie at the core of the problems we’re facing as a country, but the rant/dragging rages at the government, which is under the control of billionaires and corporate interests, and they could not care less for the vast majority of American people.

    Also, please see the film The Great Hack, on Netflix now, which covers how Cambridge Analytica and the Russians successfully manipulated voters, including Black voters, in the US and elsewhere (Trinidad) to ensure that particular people got into power. It’s in part 1 of the Mueller Report as well.

    Back in 2012 we had an articulation of the problem in the simple and understandable formulation of the 1% (billionaires/corporations) vs. 99% (the vast majority of Americans, of all races). Romney, a multimillionaire businessman, was very much for the 1%, and Obama, though he did some key things to help the 99%, chiefly by pulling the US economy out of an abyss (from 2010-2016) and pushing for a near universal health program, was also mostly under their sway (cf. bank bailout, Geithner, Summers, etc.).

    But his two terms underscored the fact that, in a holistic sense, it is usually better for most Americans, at least economically, to elect a Democrat, moderate or progressive, over a Republican (cf. 1932, 1960, 1992, 2008, etc.). Conservatives usually talk a good game but end up benefitting the rich and presiding over or sparking an economic crisis (cf. Hoover, Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan-HW Bush, George W. Bush, etc.)

    In 2016, we had a similar choice: Trump, who was a member of the 1% and their strongest advocate (while also being, as we see, an alleged traitor for Russia; a global white supremacist leader; and a business failure masquerading as a real estate titan) vs. Hillary Clinton, who, like Obama, her husband, and most major Democrats (save Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren), had plans to help the 99% but essentially was owned by the 1%.

    Instead, a majority of white people–don’t ever forget this–but not a majority of VOTERS voted for Trump, and though he lost by nearly 3 million popular votes, he had foreign support and interference, and won by roughly 70,000 in three states, out of 130 million votes cast, to squeak into office via the Electoral College.

    What has he done: he has 1) tried to destroy the US health care system, creating problems like the insulin crisis; 2) taken an economy that was roaring and brought it, just like George W. Bush, to the brink of recession, through terrible domestic (tax cuts for billionaires and corporations) and foreign (tariffs, broken trade deals) policies; 3) energized domestic and foreign white supremacists, and fascists; and 4) created an immigration crisis that could have been solved instead of exacerbated. We have even worse problems in other areas that will only worsen because we have a ballooning deficit, a ballooning debt, AND the economy is coasting towards a recession. If you think people are working hard but getting nowhere NOW, just wait till the bubble bursts, and because of the current economic policies, it’s probably coming sooner than we think.

    So: we have a choice in 2020. We had better get this right or we will look back on our current moment, and wonder why did we not see through all the nonsense and garbage? Why did we not see the attempts to manipulate us? Why did we let a lunatic white supremacist run amok? Why did we let a hostile foreign country control us like a marionette? Why were so beholden to lies and tales on social media? I’ll add that again and again in US history, at least, African American have seen through the craziness, and have done the correct thing, only to be brutally punished (killed, lynched, etc.) by people in power. But back to my point: we have a lunatic in the White House, supported by a party that is hell-bent on destroying this country and this globe. No matter how Russia or anyone else posts fake messages about how the government is the problem or both parties are the same, etc., just keep in mind that you will have an opportunity to vote this mess out, and then DEMAND that whoever takes over work their asses off on behalf of the 99%, not the elites. And if they don’t, get them out of there. But absolutely do not be misled by messages like the one posted on Facebook.

  3. I Felt This Remember Before My Mother Passed Away Sitting in Her Room Crying Saying Social Security Won’t Give Her The Money That She Has Been For Working Since She Was 16, But Are Quick To Give To Drug Addicts Who Haven’t Worked A Day in There Life. She Fought Them For 5 Years Then a Year After She Passed They Wanted To Give Her Benefits.

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