“Now it’s time we say goooodbyeeee…
J U S S I E….”

 we have finally reached the end of the jussie smollett saga.
this case was like a roach infestation.
you think it was done but more kept coming.
jussie smollett was sentenced today and…

Jussie Smollett was convicted by a Cook County jury in December, when he was found guilty of five of the six class four felony disorderly conduct charges he faced. Today, a judge sentenced Smollett to 30 months felony probation. He’s ordered to spend 150 days in county jail, pay $120,106 to the City of Chicago, and fined $25,000. 

Smollett responded to the sentence by pulling his mask down and repeatedly saying, “I am not suicidal.” He stood and continued, “I am innocent, and I am not suicidal. If I did this then it means I stuck my fist in the fears of Black Americans in this country for over 400 years and the fears of the LGBTQ community. Your honor, I respect you and I respect the jury, but I did not do this, and I am not suicidal. And if anything happens to me when I go in there, I did not do it to myself, and you must all know that.”

Prior to the sentencing, members of his family spoke on Smollett’s behalf while letters written by Samuel L. Jackson, Alfre Woodard, and the director of the Illinois Innocence Project. Judge James Linn cited Smollett’s track record of community service and witness arguments on Smollett’s behalf, but argued that the actor had repeatedly lied in his testimony.


why is he chanting he isn’t suicidal?????

i guess this means “b-boy blues” won’t be coming out anytime soon?
it’s a very lenient sentence.
it’s around 5 months in jail.

he’ll be out to enjoy the end of summer 2022.
i mean he said he was the “gay 2pac” and pac spent 120 days in jail.


our words are spells.
i mean isn’t this out the rapping wolves get street cred?

i’m sure he won’t be spending the traditional way in jail.
he is a celeb and all.
he might get the “martha stewart special“.
he can think of this as a mini-vacation to get his comeback together.

i’m still so baffled at how all of this played out tho.
he had record deals!
he was the favorite character on empire!
he was heading into being a force to be reckoned with.
he went from being the fav to being the most hated.
it’s so bizarre from start to finish.
this situation should definitely be used in a college course.
ETA: the judge dragged jussie and said what most are thinking…

…and jussie follows it up with “i’m not suicidal”?

lowkey: they should make a movie about jussie smollett.
i’d watch that.
i wonder who they would cast to play him?

article cc: pitchfork

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I think this whole thing is a shit show and that the sentence was actually kinda harsh. You never see this harsh of a sentence when white folks blatantly lie on black folks. I don’t support Jussie or his lies but the city of Chicago said they wanted to make an example of him and they did.

    1. ^ i mean he could have gotten a year or two.
      it was a few months and he will be out on good behavior.
      he could have avoided all of this but he stood firmly and doubled down.

      he should be thrilled he only got 150 months.

    2. I beg to differ white people or folks as you say get just as much time and in many cases because they are white and the prosecution want to show the public there not soft on white crime they give more time, I am a fan of Jessie but this was an example made out of him and a warning for all stop using excuses to get less time we are all judged by our Individual records not our color,Stop trying to influence the Judicial system by Throwing race in their.

  2. I’m so disappointed in Jussie!! He will never say that he did this. Just sad to see the downfall of a talented young man. I hope he can comeback from this when he is done serving jail time. Damn 5 mos. In jail. I wish him well.

  3. I believe him even moreso after reading the posts on @jussiesmollettcase.Especially after seeing pics and videos of the possible suspects(white men) that witnesses described seeing.

    As I’ve said before, I do not believe he would put his family through this ordeal for over 3 years if he was guilty.I don’t believe he would go through a trial where he discussed engaging in sex acts in a courtroom with his mother present.Or waste all his money on attorney fees if he was guilty.But that’s my opinion, everybody is entitled to their opinion.I’m still a fan and a supporter

    I do find it interesting that people believe the Chicago PD with all their cases of police misconduct including coerced confessions but it is what is.

    1. So you actually believe this stunt queen is innocent? He lied to the police before and apparently didn’t learn his lesson. Throw his lyin ass in jail and be done with it.

      1. Does he have a mental health issue, or is it a character issue? I would have had way more respect for him if he had just admitted to wrongdoing and asked for forgiveness. Doing that would likely have translated to a lighter sentence from the judge as well. Meanwhile, there are actual cases of people being harmed because they’re black snd LGBTQ. I really hope people are caping for this obviously guilty man for the right reasons.

    2. YColette, I agree with what you said. We weren’t there so how can we judge. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. What I want to point out is that the lady in New York (Cooper)who claim that black man (Cooper) was harassing her and was being attacked by him got probation and later the court dismissed the charges. She was arrested and charged for lying to the police! There are several cases like this – how interesting! Glad it maybe over. His lawyers say they will appeal, so maybe it’s not over yet.

  4. Welp, it is the Age of Aquarius and America’s Pluto return is here, so what’s done in the dark, will come to light. America and the whole world is undergoing a transformation. Shit, yall think the whole Russian invasion of Ukraine is bad? Wait until it spills over into Israel and North Korea does a sneak attack. Yall not ready to talk about that though. Anyway, I kinda feel sorry for Jussie cuz Spirit tells me he is like Kanye with the bipolar/borderline personality disorder, combine that with fame and having a large fanbase, and being surrounded by enablers and social climbers, it just was a recipe for disaster. This whole thing started cuz Jussie got triggered when Jussie was giving Lee Daniels the bussy on the casting couch to get the starring role as a gay hate crime victim in some Broadway play and Lee Daniels, another person who gives me shady vibes, said he was “too fat”. That’s what gave him the idea for this stunt queenery of concocting this whole being a hate crime victim fraud. Welp, I dont see Jussie learning from this. I see him doubling down and tripling down on his “innocence” claim. I do think he may try to pull a “suicide” attempt fraud to gain sympathy from the public or say that he is being mistreated or bullied while in prison. He’ll come out of prison and not learned anything from all of this and STILL have so much delusions of grandeur but his reputation already took a hit like the judge said. So yeah, Jussie needs to get therapy and be on medication but he has to admit that he has a problem. Unfortunately, I dont see him doing that any time soon.

      1. Exactly! We are living in a time now where we are bombarded with so much information, good information, misinformation, disinformation, etc. that people are going to have to evolve and start looking at the substance and intentions behind what people say and do rather than taking everything off face value. For instance, just because a celebrity can sing or dance or gets you moist in your intimate areas, doesnt mean they are perfect people who can do no wrong. For example, everybody loved what Bill Cosby represented to the Black community but at the same time, dude was drugging and raping women for years. Everybody was out here dancing and singing R. Kelly songs for years and he was raping and abusing kids. But we all as a society turned a blind eye and deaf ear to these things because we worship celebrities like they’re gods. Everybody is letting Kanye have his manic moments and act a fool but folks will keep on enabling him because he’s a celebrity and there’s money to be made off of his shananigans. Jussie Smollet is no different. As my grandmama used to say, tell the truth and shame the devil!

  5. It’s just kind of sad to watch the downfall of a talented, openly gay black man. My prayer is that the lessons from this saga and learned and he (and his family) can recover whole and healed. I still listen to his Empire music…

  6. Yall may have heard by now, but he was saying ‘I’m not suicidal’ to imply ‘they’re gonna hurt me like Sandra Bland, so if you hear that I hung myself, I’m letting yall know now that I’m not suicidal.’

    The crazy part is that, while I def don’t wish it on him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he attempted something self-harming down the line when he realizes all that he gave up w this stunt, and that he did it to himself. I hope his ppl stay checking in on him.

    That said, the sentence was trash. There are hundreds of capital rioters, who literally caused harm to the lives of hundreds of other ppl, who got off w probation and house arrest.

    This was a sheer case of throwing the book at him : not for lying, but for lying about racism, because they were finally able to debunk a case of a false claim of racism. So they made an example out of him, and now white bigots everywhere have a reference point for their favorite ‘he’s probably just playing the race card’ moments.

    1. Exactly what I picked up. Jussie Smollet is a very manipulative, charismatic narcissist with a personality disorder. In his mind, he can do no wrong and he will always justify his actions in his head. He is one of them types who are determined to do whatever they feel like doing, by any means necessary.

  7. An utter mess and waste of time. The judge was over the lawyers and Jussie’s bullshit which is why he got the sentence he got. Yes they are making an example out of him but with good reason when the judge broke down the why, it all went back to Jussie and no one else. I believe the judge was fair in his sentencing because he did accommodate this circus in every way to be impartial. At least now it’s over so Jussie can pay his dues and then start the long road to rebuilding himself and his career. He would be smart to simply cater to queer media and use that base as a way to relaunch himself. If he can get the white gays on his side then he’ll be able to get white America back if he wants to be mainstream. But he seems more content working with the marginalized and there is hope he can at least get that back.

    I hope nothing happens to him and he really just lets this go. Some therapy and some time away from the limelight will do him good imo. I simply love seeing a family be ride or die and his grandmother made me chuckle with her little speech. Also great to see The Samuel L Jackson family and Alfre Woodard stand in solidarity with him. Jussie is loved and he should definitely be thanking them for the rest of his life.

  8. I don’t get how he can be innocent when there are texts of them discussing it and doing a run through

    Like …. ?

    I don’t understand

  9. What he was accused of was too stupid to be real. And it was definitely too stupid for a conviction

    Truth: Chicago is very black. Black ppl vote. Black ppl hate gay ppl. Black ppl vote for politicians who hate gay ppl.

    1. Except that Chicago has a Black butch lesbian mayor. She received a sizable chunk of the Black vote, over another Black (straight somewhat butch) woman. IJS.


  11. Some people jus don’t know how to rest in their blessings. All he had to do was be a pretty boy actor/singer and continue to charm his way up the elite ladder like he was doing! you can’t BUY the kinda reputation & favor he had before all this mess!

    1. That’s what I don’t understand about county. Most ppl are in there for all of 5 mins, and they runnin round rapin the ppl up! Knowing damn well they’ve gone longer without sex on the outside. Maybe it’s because there’s nothing else to do? Are they trying to emulate what they think it’s supposed to be like/seen in prison movies? I just don’t get why that’s going on like that at the short stay resort.

  12. So let me explain how Cook County Jail is, there is no “comfortable celebrity place”. Cook County is filled with the hood niggas and the teenagers to twenty year olds are the ones raping people. Jussie will be fine but it won’t be nice. He only got to the summer and he got his life back. Most of them in Cook County in there for traffic or something other what they actually did. He got off easy. Couple of months in county and no state penitentiary is a good thing. He paying fines and fees. He may have lost his career but he will still be able to survive after that. Chicago just taught him a lesson. Chicago is not going to leave him in a cell to hang himself. Cook County is the one jail where the guards will help you escape. Its not a maximum security. Too many people have walked out in a guard uniform. Jussie will be fine. If anything Jussie is going to be tried by the young guys because they will put in with them. He gon see dudes get raped, taking “showers” which means they have to get cleaned to give it up and nobody will bother them. He making a big deal out of nothing. County is not the penitentiary. You only got a couple of months, do your time and get out.

  13. This was so disappointing. I thought he was on his way.

    I wish they would release BBoy Blues anyway

  14. Did the crime…now do the time. People need to start realizing there are consequences to their actions.

  15. Yes, like a previous comment said, the “I am not suicidal” claims were him referencing Sandra Bland, because the Chicago PD does have it out for him, given all the craziness with this case, and now he will be in their custody for 150 days. I get the whole “do the crime, do the time” sentiment around this mess, but let’s not pretend that there aren’t white people who have done so much worse in terms of lying to the police , e.g. George Zimmerman, and the hundreds of Karen that have been caught red handed over the past few years. However, they received zero jail time, and were charged with zero felonies, after blatantly lying to the police, endangering the lives of others (some of whom were kids), and being caught on camera doing it. To say that race has no place in this sentencing is so false. Black people in this country don’t “need to be made examples of.” We have plenty of examples of black people who get arrested, lynched, and killed over petty, harmless crimes, where, if the person were white, these actions would be a non-factor.

  16. Having seen B-Boy Blues this whole series of events and outcome are even sadder to me, because Jussie Smollett clearly has talent not just as an actor and singer but also as a director! Now, all of it will always be under a cloud because of this stunt, and he damned himself forever by claiming the attackers were MAGAs. Those peeps will NEVER forgive him, bet. I hope he gets some psychological help when he gets out of prison and begins to process what he did and how it turned out.

  17. So, the first problem is trying to have a principled argument in an unprincipled legal system and unprincipled society as a whole. You can totally say that Jussie committed a crime, but the reality is that it was absolutely a victimless crime, the only one injured ultimately was Jussie; and people need to quit with the argument that this makes hate crimes harder; for one there is no evidence of that especially since this crime happened 3 years ago and 2nd we as a society don’t believe the hate crimes that happen in front of use with video evidence.
    The 2nd problem is Jussie admitted to doing drugs and could very well be an addict with mental health issues that exacerbated those issues with his drug use, he may in fact believe the lies and believe that someone did something to him. What’s interesting to me and where race starts to show its face; we are not ok with Jussie believing the lies but flip the script and where are ok with the January 6 capitol rioters believing the lies. If anyone is watching those cases you have people talking about how they were brainwashed and lied to and go into court and argue that they suffered from some altered mental state and as a result many of them are getting probation or just 2 weeks in jail; keep in mind that in the capital riot you had damaged property, multiple injuries, and even a few deaths.
    The 3rd issue as I see it is this play towards class resentment. This idea that Jussie is part of the elite (how), the elites get away with everything (yes) but that’s a separate thing. All this talk about the money wasted (about 125,000) well it’s not like that money was going to go into the communities that needs it, the city of Chicago pays out millions to settle misconduct cases that comes out of the taxpayers hands.

    I think the proper sentence in this case would have been probation with some court ordered drug treatment and rehabilitation program.

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