i’m always asked about tips for working in corporate environments.
i’ve been in the corporate field in many different areas.


except for 1,
i was a long-term temp for 3.
these are a few tips for being a temp and other things.
so let’s gooooooo

Rule #1

if you have been a temp for more than a year,
look for another position.
do not fall for you’re “a good worker” or “we love having you”.
my last job strung me along for close to 9 months.
i’d have meetings about how good of a worker i was but:

“I’m just seeing how you are before we hire you.”

do you need to me cleaned with Windex,
God’s been working on ne.
i fell victim to the kind words and the bullshit.
i should have been outta there in 8 months.
think of it being a long-term fiancé without a wedding insight.
they see you aren’t fighting for your worth,
they’ll treat you as they THINK you deem your worth.
someone they will string along “until”.

Rule #2

that “work-family” bullshit is bullshit.
it’s cute to hang with co-workers and you may find a long-term friend.
once you leave that job,
you will become a distant memory to those people.
ya’ll with just be ig networks who may or may not like each other’s post.
don’t get suckered into bosses manipulating you with that work-family nonsense.
they love to use the culture as a way to lure people into toxic environments.
i had a temp job at a popular fashion brand.
the job looked like it was gonna be stressful long-term so i stayed a week.
i hated we all had to eat lunch together while folks talked about their home lives.
as a temp,
avoid that shit because your position isn’t guaranteed.

Rule #3

if your black boss doesn’t have a backbone,
or you notice they won’t stand up for themselves,
please see that as a red flag.
they will change rules regardless of what they promised you.
at a past job,
i watched my black boss walk up 30+ flights of stairs during a fire drill.
it was a big gas leak and we needed to be evacuated.
why he go up there?
to get his white boss’s bag that he left upstairs.
3 months later,
when i needed him to stand up for me,
he was like a turtle without a shell.
watch that type of shit carefully because it will be an example for you in the future.

Rule #4

stop fuckin’ your co-workers.
he/she is cute and you have been picturing them naked every time they walk by.
you fuck them nothing develops or the sex is terrible.
now you gotta watch them flirt with new meat in the office,
talk about their new relationships,
or they’re fuckin’ basket cases that make your days a living hell.
i knew a vixen who was “the hoe of the job” and was fucked 1/2 the wolves at work.
she was also in a relationship outside of work but eating the asses of her male co-workers.
it was a mess.
if you want to fuck a co-worker,
fuck them once they leave the job but watch out.
they can still tell folks you did it.
never trust anyone who says they don’t care if people find you ya’ll are talking at work.
red flags on the mountains.

Rule #5

if you don’t like something being done to you,
speak up.
so many times we become bitches for jobs.
people treat you how you present yourself.
if you come off with low self-esteem and kiss ass,
your boss will not see you than anything other than that.
if you get fired because you stood up for your worth then BYE.
you can collect unemployment and find a job that will treat you well.
remember: managers won’t have loyalty to you if they need to fire you.

Rule #6

you can be the best worker,
come in early,
stay late and never go anywhere.
hard work is really just a tall tell people will tell you.
go to work,
do your job,
take mental health days if you need it,
and be friendly to your boss.
learn how to play the game in your office.
if your boss has low self-esteem and kissing up gets you farther,
you can become their bestest friend with your hand out.
realize that will create resentment from others tho.
at least while doing this,
do you job well so people won’t think you’re an absolute idiot.

i’ve watched people who sucked hella dick get promoted over the hard worker bees.
it’s all about luck and timing within the corporate realm.

Rule #7

you have kissed ass,
sold out,
and have given your boss the best blow job after a happy hour.
those are jokes.
you could have been a hard worker and you got promoted.
congratulations but…

now you have more money but more responsibilities.
you got to manage a team,
be accountable for hella shit,
go to every team lead meeting,
and have a brand new batch of demons to watch out for.
if you are black in a white company,
you have more microaggressions to deal with.
if you are black in a black company,
you have to experience a different kind of abuse.

i watched white vixen from a past job be cutthroat to be promoted.
years later,
i saw her after i left and she looked like a shell of her former self.
she told me how much it sucked and she regretted being promoted.
there are benefits but with great risk also comes great rewards.
find a company that you can advance in and it doesn’t come with bullshit.

Rule #8

i would go to work and as soon as i got home,
i was on the foxhole putting up entries.
there were jobs i’d log in and write on the clock.
don’t tell noooooooooobody.
as tired and over the day as i was,
my career was most important to me.
this is why i didn’t want to have a shit ton of responsibilities.
i wouldn’t be able to do this and that.
if you have a career you want to achieve,
sometimes taking a low position is how to play it.
you want to be able to write blogs,
go to auditions,
and perform events after work.
this is why a lot of people choose temp positions tbh.
being a temp means no benefits like health and dental.
it is really what it is.
temp with the possibility of them hiring you if they like you.
between that time,
don’t get attached because you’ll be disappointed if they don’t want you.

some of these are just my experiences.
you may or may not have the same.
i’d love to read some of your experiences.
teach others the game so they don’t make the mistakes as we did.
you’ll get your blessings faster by being a blessing.

love ya.
my cashapp loves tips too btw.
—-> @happyfox < —-


  1. Never settle for being just an employee. When you work for a company and they do not hire inside to become higher up, you become stuck in that same position, same pay rate, same bullshit, and same cycle until you leave that job. Those type of jobs are for younger people who just want a job and not be noticed. Not for somebody who is looking to be valued for their worth.
    Business is Business. Personal is personal. Keep your personal shit at home. What you may think is a good friend, can be a enemy plotting on your downfall telling all yo shit to the whole company. There are some good ones but you have to be very careful and at least make sure if you do say something personal, cover your ass and have something just as worst on them. Company drama always starts when you volunteer information trying to make a friend which can turn your job into high school.
    If you want to work in corporate, have a corporate attitude. If you want to work in retail, have a retail attitude. If you want to suck the boss dick and lick his ass to get a higher position, that’s you. You don’t need to act like nothing can’t be done to you because you are the boss cum bucket. That’s a retail attitude working in corporate. If you are taking your $10.50 an hour job like its $100.50 an hour salaried with benefits, make sure what you are doing equals that on a resume so you can get that type of job. Cleaning the grill and putting everybody down can’t go on a résumé for a corporate position. That’s a corporate attitude in a retail position. If you are training new hires to be company blueprint’s that’s how you get a corporate position. Become the training manager.
    Please don’t turn every straight guy into your conquest to turn him gay. Its bad enough people have a stigma of gay men but to make that stereotype true is the worst. I knew a guy who thought guys being friendly was them coming on to him and he would try to get them to show their dicks just to approach them later and suck it. Don’t be that gay guy.
    Make your résumé work for you. Make sure you apply for positions with similar experience. Given you may have worked for McDonald’s or any fast food but turned around and worked at a Department store. That’s Customer Service work period. When applying for a managerial position, if you were ever a team lead, left in charge, closed a store, counted all the money, did what most managers do, that is your managerial skills to put down. The same works for Project Managers. If you ever took responsibility for major projects, you are a Project Manager.
    Education. Whether you finished or not, if you never had a solid major, never put dropped out. Putting dropped out means you quit. Saying you didn’t finish says different. Work looks at things like that because you may quit the job. Saying you never finished, that’s something they can ask you. If you tell them you didn’t finish because you had to relocate for a job, relocate because of death, relocate for any reason, you were forced to stop but you didn’t give up. You can’t continue because you don’t have the money which is why you are working towards to finish later. So many brothers have college education but put dropped out, which stops a lot of jobs from going further. Never let your education stop you from getting a job. Find a hiring manager and have them look at your résumé and ask them what would be the reason you didn’t hire me.
    Your approach. The handshake. Your eye contact. Your ability to acknowledge information. Never give a woman a firm handshake. Don’t try to match strength with a guy, a simple firm handshake is fine. Always look them in the eye even when they are reading your résumé. When they are talking, shake your head in approval. That lets them know you are receiving the information. Never just be in the room and say “I just want a job”, that’s what McDonald’s or Walmart is for. Learn a lil something about the company and always ask questions.

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