kim kardashian has kinda grown on me slowly.
i won’t be watching her shows or going out of my way to check for her,
but she has been around so long that she is like an infestation.
she said something for variety that has everyone mad.

a broken clock can be right twice a day.
she said people need to get their ass up and work

kim can say this.
say whatever you want but she works.
she is a brand and business.
i don’t know why kourtney interjected cause…

…i dunno what she and those background props to kim do.

i feel like kim was addressing her fellow attentionistas tbh.
most of these new gals are blow-up dolls for rappers and baller wolves.
all these do is lay down,
put their legs up,
dream about purses,
and get dumped in so they won’t have to work again.
the most they’ll do for “work” is onlyfans or a club appearance.
the attentionistas be on the hustle with some of these idiots.

i hope kim isn’t following the government with this “get back to work” shit.
you know they are manipulating folks into going back into an office.
biden out here acting like people were home scratching their asses all day.
she might have just been addressing her legion of vapid blow-up dolls tho.
females AND males.

lowkey: kim is like teflon.
she don’t care bout no dragging.
cardi b should take notes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. This B*tch is so disingenuous, talking about hard work and toxic work environment as if most working women have a choice on how toxic a work environment especially in male dominated corporate America. It is easy to talk cash money $hit about hard work when you have nannies to help you with your children, a chef to prepare your meals, and assistant to run errands, and a whole staff to cater to your every need. Be a real woman like many single mothers who have to juggle getting children clothed and fed in the morning before work, work at a shitty job for less pay than her male counterparts, and come home and feed and take care of those same children without any help, then come back and talk to us about hard work. This was so offensive to working class folks who bust their asses never getting ahead no matter how hard they work. She has been blessed with opportunities the majority of us will never have a chance to have. This capitalistic system we live in will never be fair for the majority. It has been designed to fail most of us. These people who always scream work hard never really do. It is sad that so many people look up this woman as she is some standard bearer. I applaud her for being able to turn her whoring into legitimate cash, its the American way but for her to play like she is a hard worker is a bit of a stretch.

  2. What does Courtney do, like really? She is the only one who doesn’t have a rapper or basketball player for a baby daddy. I’m just tired of hearing about all things Kardashian, including Mr. West.

  3. To be honest, she doesn’t really do much work either. A lot of these so called “companies” are turn key operations that are given to them on a silver platter simply because they have a following. Theres a great channel on YouTube that goes over how that industry works, and broke down Kylie Cosmetics and everything that went into it and the level of involvement that most celebrities have. If her mother wasn’t the modern day pimp and professionally pimped her daughter and parlaying that whole family into potential billionaires off a sex tape, she would have married Ray J and still been the assistant to Paris Hilton…

    Its true that when you have more money, opportunities and life most likely just gets easier…

  4. She’s a full of shit. She’s only successful because she had the machine behind her. The machine being Ryan Seacrest who ran E! news and would use his platform to promote the KKKlan NON STOP because he owned a stake in their show. It has nothing to do with any hard work she did. We’d all be where she is if we had a machine behind us.

    I’m just too old now to not see these celebrities for what they are. It’s all smoke & mirrors. Even the celebrities we grew up with owe the majority of their success to the machine. None of it is organic. Which wouldn’t be a problem if certain celebrities like Kim didn’t start liking the smell of their own farts.

    1. Right. She don’t work herdamnself!

      Like, Ivanka Trump telling speeches claiming ‘Americans want to earn what they have, they don’t want any handouts.’ ‘Where? Always some privileged person WHO WAS LITERALLY BORN INTO IT, tryin to speak for the masses working struggle life jobs. Saddest part is they have middle America thinking that they truly want to earn it the ‘hard way.’ Been running this bs to ppl for far too long.

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