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i know that i’m going to date a wolf with kids.
as we grow up,
males have kids and also realize they are attracted to other males too.
i don’t want to meet their kids until it is serious between me and dad.
i’m not trying to play “new daddy” but that’s a lot during the first stages.
i know vixens who don’t introduce any partners to their kids.
they only meet the kids once the relationship gets serious.
i hate when vixens have randoms all around their children.
i was reading up on this whole former basketball wives star,
royce reed,
and the debacle involving her kid last night.
her 14-year-old son was allegedly molesting other kids.
she turned herself in for felony child neglect


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this is the ig with the alleged court documents:


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this is royce’s statement on ( x her ig ).
according to the docs,
sex addiction
and anger issues at 14?

in my head,
this is not gonna end well.
whenever they speak about red flags during future behavior,
this is where it starts.
from the claims,
he made other kids do sexual acts because he was mad????
in my head,
this sounds like alleged learned behavior.
there have been a lot of wild accusations going down with these folks.
( x dwight accused royce of having sex in front of their son )
( x dwight being accused of being gay )

there were other rumblings as well too.
this is where i’m getting the alleged learned behavior from.
this is a very sad and serious situation.
i was reading a reddit thread a few weeks ago called:

x What’s something fucked up you witnessed as a child that you were oblivious to until you grew up?

many were speaking about being molested as kids by other kids.
i don’t think we speak or font about this enough.
we barely want to speak out about being molested by adults.
many of us have been molested by someone around our age.
it could be a cousin or the next-door neighbor’s kid.
there were mini-monsters that lurked the playgrounds with us.
it can lead to a lot of the sexual deviance we witness now on social media.

I feel many people are overly sexually based on their past trauma of molestation and rape.

…but it’s disguised as it’s “i just love sex and i’m free“.
nah homie,
you are just acting out.
many have suffered at the hands of molestation as kids.
we are just taught to not speak about it because no one ever believed us.

lowkey: i wonder what dwight howard feels about all this?
did he fool us with that devout christianly act or what?

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Author: jamari fox

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  1. So allegedly her son was molested at 6 or 7. It never said who did it. Her son has been going thru some really bad issues. Dwight had him and whatever happened while he was with Dwight, Dwight got the belt and tore that ass up. Royce got mad because he had a whip on his legs. She called the police on him and there was an investigation. Dwight told them, yea I whooped my child because that’s what happened to me when I grew up and look at me now, ain’t nothing wrong with me. He was not charged with anything. So in this case, they asked when was the last time he saw his father and he just saw him recently and something about before that. The courts have said that Dwight and Royce son can not be with any kid that is 2 years younger than him. That is kind of hard to keep a 14 year old from a 6 and 10 year old if the parents are together in a healthy relationship. When this story came out, there was no mention that it was her boyfriend kids. People were believing it was random kids and saying she is wrong for allowing her son around other kids. Now that its her boyfriend kids, you can’t really blame her for anything. She didn’t do anything wrong. I know her boyfriend pissed but in this situation, how can you charge her if the parents are together. Clearly her son has issues and needs some help because he too is a victim of sexual child abuse. If he has been abusing them for a year and the kids just now saying something, you can’t blame her for that. Apparently this is not a new boyfriend that is coming into the picture. I pray Dwight, Royce and the boyfriend find answers and help they need to get through this. A child being sexually abused at 6 or 7 is now having sexual aggression at 14 and doing what was done to him and now 2 more boys are victims or child abuse. If she turned herself in, that means Dwight has him. There is no way any court is going to allow him to stay with the boyfriend and his sons.

      1. That part. You can’t blame a parent for bringing their kids around family especially if they are being raised as a family.

    1. Its on BET why shouldn’t it be posted? All networks are covering it, this is just a blog, what’s the difference?

  2. We as the public should not know this information, everything should not be available for public consumption. When I first read the articles which had details, I had to stop reading because the nature of the reporting seemed highly inappropriate; you’re talking about Royce but you are totally exposing the kid. There are supposed to be laws that come into play that are supposed to protect kids from this type of exposure but somehow when it comes to black people those protections go out the window. I’m not trying to minimize any victims experience but when kids that young are involved the theory is that with proper counseling kids and grow up and become productive; I just don’t know how you do that with something like this held out there for the public to see.

  3. The first thought I had was that he was probably molested himself

    Then I thought deeper

    He’s 14 . That’s highschool. Was this molestation or is he acting out sexually with other boys and their parents found texts or nude pics and began to accuse him of things. By 14 we typically know who we are sexually as far as attraction. Or have an inkling

    I just think when we see pregnant 14-15 year old girls we don’t bat an eye the way we do when we hear it’s two boys and that seems to be more of the disgust in the comments on blogs

    We got a whole show 16 and pregnant and teen moms

  4. Yeah, if your child has molested kids you are required (by law in this case) to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Doesn’t matter if it’s your partner’s kids, the kids at church or his friends. The boy has a problem and is creating more victims every time he does this. As long as he’s a minor, it’s on HER to supervise him & follow the court order. Can’t let your guard down in a situation like this. She’s not evil but she made a terrible mistake. Bet she won’t make it again. His dad needs to be more involved, wherever he is. It’s not all on the mom.

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