rip traci braxton

i’m shocked af.
i loved traci braxton on “braxton family values“.
she is also responsible for this iconic gif:

 she lost her fight to cancer today…

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13 thoughts on “rip traci braxton”

  1. Heartbreaking and shocking! I’m glad I’m the end that Traci was able to have a career in the limelight with her various gigs and tv success of BFV. She’s the only Braxton sister to stay married and have grandkids. That will be her legacy, rest well!

    I would love to see the sisters do something musical in tribute of her. Hopefully this makes Toni dig deeper with her musical output and gives Tamar the spark to take her singing career more seriously.

  2. I screamed when I saw this from Toni Braxton on instagram!! My heart is so heavy now!! I can’t believe it!! Enjoy life as much as you can. RIP Traci Braxton 🙏

  3. Damn. R.I.P. So sorry to hear this news. I hate this for her, especially as she was finally enjoying her time and space in the family spotlight.

  4. Sending love and prayers to that family during this difficult time of bereavement. Condolences to her husband, son and grandchildren. May God continue to give them peace and comfort 🙏🏾 Rest PEACEFULLY Traci🙏🏾🙏🏾🕊🕊

  5. This truly breaks my heart! I adored her because she was the realest out of those sisters and didn’t fake anything!

  6. I was stunned when I saw this news! I love all the Braxton sisters and was JUST listening to “Broken Things” the other day. I agree with Young Gay and Black in that I hope this propels the sisters musical creativity and output…

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