if you can’t ride jonathan majors, we might have his clone at a discounted price?

^this meme of jonathan majors has gone viral.
as it should cause his facial is very suggestive.
whenever someone goes viral in sex appeal,
others pop out that they know someone who “looks” like the person.
i’ve seen a few “rihanna” and “beyonce” clones that were on point.
( x glorilla grandmother claims glo looks like rih )
a foxholer fav(?) claims folks think he looks like jonathan majors.
guess who…

do we see it foxhole?
i kinda do but then i don’t…

but then i do…
but then i don’t.
i do see bawdies to use as sexual punching bags but thats about it.

lowkey: more sex for zaq if people see this?
jonathan majors is the “one to f” atm.
riding his twin might be as close as some of us get.

10 thoughts on “if you can’t ride jonathan majors, we might have his clone at a discounted price?

  1. His body is thicker than Jonathan’s but I can see the similarities not twins

  2. Yep nose, mouth and jawline. That’s just our beautiful strong Black features. I love Men with prominent Black features. Both are handsome. I’ll take either lol

  3. It’s funny because everyone sees jonathan as this alpha immense masculine sex symbol, but if you really pay attention to him (especially in interviews) you can tell he’s very corky, kinda like he was the quiet nerdy kid growing up which adds to his cuteness. You can also tell that he’s not use to people perceiving him as attractive. He gets flustered or deflects every-time someone mentions how handsome he is. Deep inside he’s still that skinny theater kid in that viral before pic that circulated. So I’m sure all this attention is new to him. It’s so attractive when someone isn’t aware of their sex appeal. You get the fine specimen without the cocky attitude lol. Love Him.

  4. I see it . ( Same Tribe) He looks good . I love his features. Both men look good.

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