he kissed a guy, liked it, but decided to date/marry a woman (and he will probably never admit it)

in ’23,
are people still shocked that some males have same-sex experiences?
it could be a kiss,
some cute oral,
or full-blown wacky sex in the bush.
i feel that in the 90s and early 00s,
that would be shocking.
as we headed into the 10s and 20s

Nothing as far as sexuality is shocking anymore.

i’m so desensitized to males and same-sex experiences.
the same republicans who condone anything gay

…allow me to enjoy their outings in the comfort of my home.
i need people,
especially vixens,
to understand something…

Some males have had same-sex experiences before they dated and got married.
Some are in a “during” phase atm but thats a whole other story.

so yes,
vixens won’t date a man who ADMITS they had a same-sex experience.

You sho nuff ARE dating or married to some males who have had one (some).

when males get pushback on our honesty about exploration,
why would we even admit it?
most people are more comfortable in the lie than the truth anyway.

lowkey: a foxholer sent me this video from pastor jamal bryant’s podcast.
he asked his panel of vixens their thoughts on dating males who have dealt with other males.
the answers will…



… not shock you.

4 thoughts on “he kissed a guy, liked it, but decided to date/marry a woman (and he will probably never admit it)

  1. No surprises w that panel. Until ppl ‘en masse’ accept that sexuality is a spectrum, it’ll never change. Think about the number of gay men who feel the need to emulate heteros in their own dating lives. Heteronormativity is a bullet right into a gay man’s foot! Both can cook, both can clean up the damn house, and both can use their damn parts! The shit isn’t rocket science, it’s literally just societal pressure ppl are bringing into their personal lives.

  2. This type of conversation/discussion is a tale as old as time. And it will never be outdated. It will probably go on forevermore until the end of time. But for the sake of it, I’m glad that you posted it. Because you hit on a lot of key points.

    It’s 2023, we are in the Age of Aquarius. As you said Jamari, ANYONE who is shocked by a person’s same-sex past is clearly living in the Stone Age. Or is just cappin and choosing to be delusional. I would say approximately 70% of Men and 30% of Women have had some sort of same-sex experience….”willingly.” This doesn’t include those who were molested or abused as children.
    ALL of these Women, especially the one with the black Locs on the far right, have dated…and I can almost guarantee been in love with a Man who had been involved with Men at some point. She just has that “look” about her. Ya’ll know the look I’m talking about. The look of the “around the way girl, who only messed with the thugs or bad boys, who had a bunch of homeboys. That she didn’t know he was secretly smashing on the low.” Until one of her gay friends, spilled his tea and told her. So she’s clearly been scarred by that before. And it’s still seeping out of her pores! BUT, she’s the same type who will condone a Woman having a “one time lesbian experience” and thinking that it’s no big deal. As they all have just stated. #smh So for that, I will say there are double-standards on both sides when it comes to certain ideals.
    I agree with you, Jamari. I am so disenchanted with Men at this stage in my life, because as I age, I am beginning to innerstand that they are just simple as fuck. They aren’t anything really special. They aren’t these “Adonises/Hercules” we were programmed to think that they were, which is why we used to put them on a pedestal. They are just as flawed as we all are. (Gay, Straight, Bisexual, etc.). They will literally fuck ANYTHING as long as it gets their dicks hard. Most times, they have no shame and are operating from their Male genetic primal instincts. When it comes to love, sex, family, legacy, etc. And I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, because we need that balance of it in this world. However, as I’ve begun to heal and grow over the past few years, I just stopped and took a good hard look at all of the Men whom we were pining away at over on social media. Only then to discover maybe a year or two later, they are either on drugs, homeless, disease ridden, have major mental health issues, etc. Afterwards it made me STOP. And take a step back and say, “Whoah?! They really aren’t that much different than me. They just know how to fake it and put on a facade.” But eventually the facade must come down. And you can tell by the innerworkings of their mindsets by some of their posts, if you pay attention. So most Men are just fickle and only want their most basic needs met. They don’t need all of that other stuff. Unless they are “boujie” and have a lot more feminine energy like that of a Female. I’ve just recently come to see this. The issue is, we must remember this in our mindsets. Whenever we interact with them.
    Subsequently, that’s why it’s important for each of us to think for ourselves and operate as an individual. Because each of us has a story to tell. And our experiences our different. I think if people spent more time working on their own issues, they would have less time to criticize someone else. And as Black people, we are the worst when it comes to this sort of thing. The Caucasians are a CLOSE SECOND tho. LOL

    1. We I think the biggest elephant in the room is “competition”. What I mean by competition is that women will always see other women as competition! Now when you bring a man that is also sexually attracted to other men into the competitive fold women tend to feel less than because that is something different from what they are. Plus you also have to factor in a lot women feel they are all their man needs “exclusively” when sexually a lot straight men let alone a bisexual men is appetite is quite large. Personally I think some people are not that sexually evolved (perspective wise). Honestly you have to understand where people are at and either take them or leave them….

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