Why No One Tole Me Kellon Deryck Had A Brother?

tumblr_nenetpyzj91s23t41o1_500^this will always be my favorite picture of kellon deryck.
well who knew he had a brother?
or a very heavy look alike?
let me show you this no named wolf
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Chris Brown Has A Good “Designer Imposter”

tumblr_o3p9ktlq4F1rjhl16o1_1280when chris brown is “together” and healthy in the face,
he is sexy.
when he isn’t clappin’ back and making a fool of his career,
he is fuckable.
when he is making good music and putting effort into it,
he is cuff worthy.
well there hasn’t been a lot of that happening as of late.
chris has been kinda…
od’n on the “fuck hyena” behavior.
sorry chris.
you know ima always be real with cha.
 “the shade room” posted a lookalike of chris and well…
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The Corporate Braylon Edwards With The Stuffed 9 to 5 Cakes

ya’ll know how i feel about him.

i saw him on the train on my way to work the other day.
well, not him exactly.
his look a like.
same head shape.
same lips.
same eyes.
taller than me.
the regular “braylon edwards” who doesn’t work out as much and works in an office.
the one that probably lives in an apartment in an ok neighborhood.
probably has a kid with his long term girlfriend.
but, can i say this one had some nice cakes like the original?
the way those butt cheeks were stuffed in those slacks….
i nearly became a wolf for a quick second and started howling.

and i got a few pictures i snapped on the low!
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