The Corporate Braylon Edwards With The Stuffed 9 to 5 Cakes

ya’ll know how i feel about him.

i saw him on the train on my way to work the other day.
well, not him exactly.
his look a like.
same head shape.
same lips.
same eyes.
taller than me.
the regular “braylon edwards” who doesn’t work out as much and works in an office.
the one that probably lives in an apartment in an ok neighborhood.
probably has a kid with his long term girlfriend.
but, can i say this one had some nice cakes like the original?
the way those butt cheeks were stuffed in those slacks….
i nearly became a wolf for a quick second and started howling.

and i got a few pictures i snapped on the low!

i wish i could have gotten better shots.
he was talking to some dude and i didn’t want to be obvious.
but from a certain angle, you could see that curve i like.
plus, you can tell he has an arch.

braylon or his look a like?
can i have both?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “The Corporate Braylon Edwards With The Stuffed 9 to 5 Cakes”

  1. Damn I do that all the time…I need to post some of my random photo opps from my office scoutings. LOL And yes he got some cakes on HIM!

  2. I would have to do my “brush up against that ass trick” on him just to test those waters. That might get me popped one day. I feel that it’s unfair for a man to wear tight slacks if he’s not offering up his ass. LOL

    S/N: You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Taking pics of a man’s rear end while his back is turned. All of you deserve spankings right across my knee. SMH LOL.

  3. I think those are “cute” cakes. Not too fat and proportionate to his body. I’d hit but I probably wouldn’t glance for too long if I saw them unless he had a cute face too.

    Now if some high-sitting cakes that sit up so high you can run the side of your index finger all the way down their back and land RIGHT on top of that thang?

    Lawdy lawd.

    You have to have the thick thighs to carry that ass too. This is why I’ll never move from the south or even my city. There are some beautiful people in my city man.

    You all may be some booty hunters, but I can do research and write a book of dissertations on some booty and what I’d do to it. Real Talk. Lmao

  4. Why are you taking pics of people without consent? Hope i dont turn out in one of these.

    Yo Jamari, did you see the dude from the Chocolate m&m commercials? Phew . you need to feature him AND HIS ACCENT!!

  5. Omg lol man i will pull out the cam phone in a min. In wall mart lol but I’ve found that recording is a lot better an believe it or not less noticeable… (dnt judge me) 🙂

  6. Yes I love the pic and those cakes are ok but I’ve seen better. Hell braylons cakes ate fucking huge and they got Carrie rohds name all over um

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