Why No One Tole Me Kellon Deryck Had A Brother?

tumblr_nenetpyzj91s23t41o1_500^this will always be my favorite picture of kellon deryck.
well who knew he had a brother?
or a very heavy look alike?
let me show you this no named wolf



this is kellon:


they kinda resemble,
this is more of the no named wolf:

yes you can have every part of me.

tumblr_mbi7jme6mo1qk1fs3since the real baller version is taken,
ill def deal with the designer imposter.
he is a excellent copy.

lowkey: f-bi.
find this wolf!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Why No One Tole Me Kellon Deryck Had A Brother?

  1. Kellon doppelganger? Naw…he looks more like the former gay male porn star named Sarge. 👍 Either way, he’s sexy af

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