Marshall Price Has A Package For You

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-6-53-30-pmyou know i’ve covered marshall price before.
check the archives.
oh and drool at ^that picture.
fox turn ons: seeing your bawdy outline in a shirt.

anyway he has something he wants to show us…

ya know what?
that package is way too big for my liking.
i’ll let the rest of the foxhole feast.


i’d french kiss the tip tho.
all jokes aside,
marshall’s skin is #goals.
it’s like smooth godiva chocolate.
get in here and share your skin care secrets!


lowkey: marshall is dating a black vixen now,
judging from his snap.
i guess that snow vixen couldn’t handle that pipe anymore?

see more marshall: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Marshall Price Has A Package For You”

  1. Why do these people feel the need to show off their physical attributes? I’m here for some smart photographs. Men displaying their characteristics of empowering our communities instead of their pecs.

    1. Finally! I’m not the only one saying it! Thank you! Nothing wrong with a little eye-candy but shen do we start thinking outside of the box? These guys need some more depth.

      1. Oh… I just remembered who this is… LOL. Wrong person to be asking about depth! LOL! This is the “straight” guy that was shaking his ass etc. for years right, and now he’s all “straight” and “masc” and all that goodness. *rolls-eyes*. The “ladies” can keep him, one less mess out of our hair, or is he? lel. I’m just going to let him do him.

      2. @ Christian, apparently I’m not missing much on the ol’ IG. Seems like such an empty existence for the attentionisto, and in part, the followers that stalk them daily, but much more so the attnisto.

        It also seems exhausting.

  2. Forget the pipe, y’all can have it. Have you seen how he’s looking in the back though? I was just thinking about them videos, his cakes had me hypnotized, he knows how to bounce them too 😍

  3. These dudes don’t want real careers. They want likes and attention on social media.

    That’s alright because first of the month, rent is due you can’t pay with followers or connectpal subscribers.

    1. That is where you may be wrong. Connectpal actually works for them since people are foolish enough to spend $15 and $20 to buy the videos.

      1. I thought it was a monthly membership?

        In any event, I ain’t paying to see no penis that’s gonna end up on tumblr eventually anyway.

        That ain’t the work of the Lord.

  4. Yea, it is no secret he’s has a nice piece. Is he really dating a black woman now? Really? That would be the first time I heard of him dating a woman that was not white.

  5. Wow that’s alot of penis. These men get paid because there are wealthy men who damn near worship big black dick. You dont even have to do anything with them and theyll still give you bread. But yeah he’s very sexy and but who is taking all of that on the regular. Smh that’s too much dick lol

    1. +1. Not speaking on the the featured guy, as I don’t know him, but I Sometimes wonder if there’s high class escorting going on via IG. If profiles double as a look book

  6. I mean if they’re happy thoting on social medial good for them, i’m not judging cause some i enjoy lurking at some i just don’t care. But that guy is a no for me, after seing those videos of him, that just screams despair.

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