atl tayh is too fast, too furious, and too f*cked (if he killed this woman)

i feel like the only time i hear about onlyfans star,
horace dillard jr. aka atl tayh,
is drama.
i know his porn videos are what made him,
but his need for speed is what might end him.
a foxholer sent me the news that he nearly killed a vixen in atl by driving fast and well…

A woman is alive after falling 30 feet from an interstate bridge after police say a street racer is what put her life in jeopardy.

Leslie Reese, 27, underwent surgery Wednesday for her injuries.

Channel 2′s Tom Jones spoke to her father, Irving Reese, as he waited to hear how his daughter was doing at Grady Memorial Hospital.

“That’s my baby girl,” Irving Reese said, choking back tears. “I’m just in disbelief that my daughter fell off that bridge. I just can’t believe that she fell off that bridge and survived.”

how many counts is that?

he might be going to jail and she is about to sue him for all that onlyfans bread.
this hasn’t been his first time getting ( x arrested for speeding ) as well.

folks need to realize this ain’t no “fast and the furious” out here.
ya’ll wanna drive fast?
two options:

Go play Mario Kart
Become a professional racer and join Nascar

it really is that simple.
thank God she survived that because he woulda been outta here frfr.
as for atl tayh:


lowkey: why does he look absolutely insane in his mugshot?

article cc: wsbtv

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “atl tayh is too fast, too furious, and too f*cked (if he killed this woman)”

      1. With a nice name like Horace Dillard Jr, it reads and sounds like two bright individuals conceived this handsome young man. I, however, noticed that he has a propensity for violence. All those unfortunate videos in the public domain are now going to be used against him. The ones where he says he wants to fight this one or that one. I am so thankful my club days are done with.

    1. Well that would on brand, considering our best and brightest don’t usually resort to sex worker the second they turn 18+ now do they…?

  1. When is his birthday? Because I need to look up his astrological natal chart to see what is happening in his chart which caused this?!!

      1. You’re right kam’rom. Also, since Jupiter A AND Saturn are back into Aquarius (which Saturn & Uranus rules)….it’s no coincidence that this happened! Oh and besides the Mercury Retrograde too as well.

  2. These Onlyfans creators be in some shit. Like it’s always something! Thank god the woman didn’t die but who knows how life will be for her now Smh

  3. If he wasn’t intoxicated he will plea to a lesser charge like speeding which means no jail time. However it is a wake up call if any. If not he will be in jail. I’m glad she is alive and able to walk again. That lawsuit tho, you will definitely see a lot more of Atl Tayh for that reason alone. He gotta make that money to pay her. He will not make it in jail. As much as he likes to suck dick, he will definitely be somebody bottom before he get out. You can’t fight all of them.

    If he wasn’t charged with drunk driving, its not even going to be on his record. He is just going to have a reckless driving charge and a speeding charge. If he plea, it will be something that won’t touch his record. Maybe now he can slow his attitude and them cars down. You only get one life saving moment in your time and this was it. Try it again and see if GOD don’t punish you. He young and stupid but hopefully he get some sense now.

    1. It sounds like you’re very skilled in the law? Maybe you should be his attorney. lol Because Lord knows, he’s gonna need it! I wonder what the other OnlyFans girlies are saying. #smh

      1. You have to read between the lines when the news make reports. They went out of their way to make it seem like he purposely tried to hit her. We all have seen him on social media, he is a hot head but if you are driving, you know how driving on the expressway can get. Some people drive slow in the wrong lanes and people try to speed around them and some people don’t use signals so they swerve over and end up hitting other cars. They didn’t once say he followed her or it involved drunk driving. It just said he hit her. Wreckless driving will get you arrested if you are speeding and it caused an accident. All the news focused on was that he was a young black man driving a fast and he was arrested. I don’t want to play the race card but if Tayh was white, you wouldn’t have even known who hit her. It would’ve been an accident and that the driver didn’t see her. From their own reports, she stepped out the car and waited on the side. You can’t see anybody standing in front of their car until you pass them. They found out he had a driving record and his picture went up instantly. All news stations do that to black people. They put up their pictures when they don’t even know the full case and make the suspect a public enemy because it makes good news reporting.

        I’m not one to defend somebody when they are wrong but sometimes you need to hear the facts regardless who that person is. They are still human and make mistakes.

  4. No surprise. No sympathy. A toxic ass will soon meet his destiny. Happy the young lady is alive and I’m sure she will sue his ass for coins HE DOES NOT HAVE.

  5. Glad the young lady is alive smh.

    That is black gays for you, especially the porno/onlyfans ones. They are Ghetto, violent, aggressive, reckless, ignorant, unintelligent and just plain tacky. This could apply to straight black men too tbh. Send all of them n*****s to PRISON!

    1. I can’t say that I disagree with you! More often that not, that’s the case. And tbh most of them come from broken homes too. So what we’re seeing is their trauma.

      1. Exactly! You’re right! Many of them come from broken homes and it’s sad they turn to destructive behaviors to cope. They need some serious therapy and deep counselling Thank you for understanding me instead of attacking me! ❤️.

    2. I totally disagree with you that this is “black gays.” You’re lumping together a lot of people who would never do anything like this. This Tayh person has serious issues that he needs to address, but this is not a problem of “black gays.” UGH.

  6. First thank God that young woman is alive. Second I could tayh was on a downward spiraling. That’s onlyfan ego and money got to him and he probably think he untouchable. Sad for real but I bet if he do manage to not get jail time which I doubt it he’s not gonna change.

  7. Frankly I’m to surprised at all. He never came off as someone with any self-respect. I’m a full supporter of sex work and sex positivity, but I can see what your mindset is if your schtick is fucking in public places hoping to get caught.

  8. Its unfortunate all the way around. I always questioned his risk taking sexual antics.[ F*ckin in public places where kids, families and others who don’t want to see something that should be private between 2 adults ] Obviously, its in his nature to play with fire. I hope this is a wake up call. I wish this wasn’t the method . This is tragic.

  9. Broker homes aren’t a recipe for disaster..Plenty of two parent homes have fucked up, entitled children. Personal choices create drama. He fights like a woman from what I’ve seen.
    Very girly. These queens should slow down. Enjoy being young because time ticks away slowly, like sands through the hourglasses, these are the years of your life.

    1. Thank you. I know a guy from a two-parent home, with Ivy-educated, Jack & Jill, Links parents who’s sitting up in Rikers as we speak. He thought he was too clever for his own good and ended up catching the fall for a PPP scam last year. I’m sure he’s still in shock that his misdeeds caught up with him.

      Watch out for guys like Tayh a/k/a Horace. Cute, flashy, big ass dick, phat ass ass, because they’re unhinged and entitled as fuck. They’re used to getting what they want and can’t stand to be wrong.

      Horace’s parents (or whomever raised him) are to blame. It’s clear that they emphasized rewarding him for the wrong things during his development. Ok so boom, your son gets all the girls (or guys), or he’s tall and good at sports… but them grades looking like no. He can’t hold his own socially without rage. He’s not kind. He’s not empathetic. He’s hasn’t grown into a good person. He’s just another selfish brat running around bragging material bullshit on social media. And they wonder why everyone is being so hard on him and want people to donate to his gofundme. LMAO! Parents think school is where kids learn how to be decent people, but if you’re a shit ass person, your kids’ going to be one as well. Parents better wake up reevaluate what’s important before we have another fucked up generation of maladjusted crybabies with big ass dicks and watermelon asses loony as fuck!

      Oh and that’s not his house in that pic Jamari posted. He was attempting his best Bow Wow challenge lol.

      1. ^ i know way too many fucked up people from 2 parent households tbh.
        “clever” is an excellent word to describe it.
        you’d think they were better but they can be worst than someone from a dysfunctional one parent.

  10. After all of his public fighting, drama, etc. it’s clear this person Tayh might have serious psychological issues, and probably should be getting some kind of therapy. People have pointed to his reckless behavior in other ways and this near-murder car wreck confirms that he probably has problems with impulse control, thrill-seeking, anger and boundaries, and more. I’m very glad the young woman will survive and I hope her injuries are not so extensive that she cannot have a full recovery, and in Tayh’s case, I hope this leads him to get some sort of psychological treatment ASAP. He clearly and badly needs it.

    1. ^ impulse control and thrill seeking would explain all the fuckin outside for onlyfans.
      the anger is all the fighting he ends up in.

      he seems to be really damaged person and you’re right,
      he def needs therapy.

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