flash brown has allegedly come out (with something from savage x fenty?)

i guess porn wolf hybrid,
flash brown,
might have no more fucks to give.
as you know,
he is a hot topic within the foxhole ever since he joined onlyfans.
a foxholer sent me this:

bi and a fox-hybrid?!?
this is the alleged picture they sent me from his onlyfans…


so he is into cross-dressing?
is this how all bi fox-hybrids act?
i’ve have heard some males say vixen’s panties feel better to wear.
remember home-wolf from tyler perry’s “sistas”?
( x see that break up scene here )
 whatever flash is doing,
or however he chooses to do,
i hope he is happier.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “flash brown has allegedly come out (with something from savage x fenty?)”

  1. Hope he’s strong enough for the backlash.

    People lost their minds over Khi Laverne. Black gays for the most part don’t tolerate any hint of perceived femininity.

  2. He’ll be fine I bet his popularity soars. Femininity tends to be accepted more with in shape physiques. However bigger people are fat shamed

    1. Let’s talk about it !

      It’s the weirdest thing idk if you know daddyblackxxx I think he has the perfect body to take a dick ( I like ass )

      People body shame him all the time on myvidster and it’s so weird to me gay men think board back is sexy ..I like skinny guys too but these gays be the quickest to call someone fat or out of shape when most of them don’t work out themselves

  3. I’m not surprised at all by this…

    Bi/Pan men in the Straight Porn Industry:
    I remember a red-headed pornstar mentioning in a Vlad TV interview how she believed (rather stongly) that 80% of the men in straight porn were bisexual (or pansexual). She shocked so many people when she said that, but I believed and wasn’t surprised when she said it. Now, after all these years, look…

    Chris Strokes, Julio Gomez, Bo Sinn, Alex Jones, Slim Poke, the masked man from DickDrainerz, this new dude Damion Dayski, and many others are men who work in porn that have activated my Piscean intuition (a very credible source btw) and made me go “yup, this is definitely fruity.” LMAO!!! And I’ve been proved right with two of the aforementioned me…

    Now I ain’t saying all the men I mentioned are full-blown bi/pan men. But, as someone who has coincidentally only been in relationships with men across the bi/pan spectrum, I’m quite confident that these dudes (see above) have done/do some not-so straight shit behind close doors.

    Flash Brown:
    For Flash, I am not surprised by this at all. Him being bisexual doesn’t surprise me at all (see section above). Neither does him preferring to bottom for men. This is actually quit common for bisexual men. Some like to explore their submissive side with other men. Due in part to the fact that most women (esp. black women) ain’t trying to hear that you want your prostate tickled or get pegged. God forbid you say you have same-sex attractions on top of that…

    I due fear he’s going to be clowned by the black gays for this. We don’t take to kindly to having our fantasies shattered… But, I’m glad that we are living in an era where black men are slowly (and I mean very slowly) becoming more comfortable and openly exploring their sexuality. He will get no shame or condemnation from me.

    ~The End~

  4. The image did not come up for me. He very well could be pandering though. That seems to be in these days and the quickest way to a bag. We have to wait and see.

  5. That wasn’t a very good pic he took of his lingeried ass. Certainly not worth downloading. Couldn’t you have just posted it on your blog J? Wish there was a preview on the download page at least to see if it was worth it.

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