ray j and princess love are hitting the “3 strikes and you’re out” disqualification terms

the body language in this picture is telling.
they look like two college friends who saw each other at a party.
you know i’m realizing in 2021 during this pandemic foxhole?

Many couples are realizing they actually hate each other.

i don’t know about you,
but i’m seeing a shit ton of breakups and divorces.
folks spent sometime in closed quarters and was like:

“I don’t like him/her.
I don’t even like my kids.”

ray j and princess love are what you call “a relationship way past expiration”.
even in icu for pnemonia,
ray j wants out of his toxic marriage for the 3rd time via “tmz”

Ray J is starting a new battle — that’s actually an old one — even as he’s fighting off a nasty case of pneumonia … he’s filed to divorce Princess Love. Again. 

Ray’s divorce docs — filed Wednesday in L.A. County Superior Court — mark the third time the couple’s now walked down the divorce aisle. Princess fired the first salvo with her divorce filing in May 2020. 

They spent that summer in quarantine, and tried to patch things up, but by September Ray had filed. Since then, the couple’s made another attempt at reconciliationboth moved to Florida with their 2 kids. The couple’s marriage first hit the rocks in late 2019 when Princess accused Ray of abandoning her and their baby girl, Melody, in Las Vegas. She was also pregnant at the time … and gave birth to their son, Epik, in January 2020.

this scene from “love and hiphop hollywood” always told me what i needed to know.

sidebar: ray j has/had a really nice butt.

must be jello cause…

even in the hospital,
while laid up in bed,
he had enough strenght to file for divorce.
you know he hates her.
she was doing a caszh modeling gig while shit is hittin’ the fan.


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just a caszh.
it seems like they like hate sexin’ each other.
it seems to lead to her getting bred each time.
i don’t know why they are still trying to keep making a doomed marriage work tho.
kids be damned.

If it isn’t working; it isn’t working.

they could both co-parent and meet new people with who they actually vibe with.
this doesn’t help their kids to see all this disruption.
this third filing needs to be the final one.

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Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “ray j and princess love are hitting the “3 strikes and you’re out” disqualification terms”

  1. It’s something in my spirit that makes me legit want to stay away from anything Ray J related. I remember that note Whitney Houston slipped Brandy a note the day of her death. I remember rumors of Ray J being her handler and dealer and alledgely was the last person she was seen alive with if I recall correctly. Idk what difference that makes, but yea, I’m good on Ray J. And Princess Love? Is that her real government name? Like its okay lol we can stop using aliases after 30 guys. It’s lowkey embarrassing after a while. At least to me.🥴

  2. Fame is literally “The Baddest Bitch”. These reality tv dimwits can’t get enough of her. Ray J should be concentrated on breathing, staying alive, yet he uses air to spread more of his Fame Whore tomfoolery and fuckery. Fame is bondage. It is just as bad as crack, heroin, meth. Hell it’s just as deadly as fentanyl laced cocaine.
    Princess and Ray Jayette are not that interesting. Whitney Houston, who I loved, allowed her ENTIRE ILLUSION to be forever stained, messing with this broke back fuckboy. Go away already.

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