Dear Tyson Bettis. Love Me. Sincerely, Jamari Fox

Is that a peen print I spy?
Tyson, not Beckford, is making his career as a model work for him.
Remember, we featured him in the Foxhole first…

Well Tyson,
not Beckford,
is in a video with some non factor aspiring singer named Tiwa Savage titled “Love Me”….

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The New Light Skin-deded Wolf On The Scene


He reminds me of someone I use to know.
George is DEF young and he curses WAY too much.
He is the typical “GET SOME PIPE AND KEEP IT MOVING” Wolf.

OVERIT.COM… until a sex tape drops LOL


I’m sorry that it has come to this George.
I’m sure I’d still strap you up for a ride on the Beat It Up Train express…

Is George Hill over Foxes?

Probably not.
Me, however, is over him.
Unless he drops a sex tape or a peen pic,
I’m already bored with him.
He brought the “light” to my 2 months and now I’m moving onto another light skin-deded Wolf.

See Light Skin Wolves are like light bulbs.
They burn bright and then after a while.
they burn out.

So we put another up on Tumblr (or my site) and let them burn baby…

It is a never ending story.

I always liked a man and I’m sure this Wolf will bring us me visual pleasure,
like George, until he dies out…

Let me introduce you to him…

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