Dear Tyson Bettis. Love Me. Sincerely, Jamari Fox

Is that a peen print I spy?
Tyson, not Beckford, is making his career as a model work for him.
Remember, we featured him in the Foxhole first…

Well Tyson,
not Beckford,
is in a video with some non factor aspiring singer named Tiwa Savage titled “Love Me”….


Song is absolutely terrible.
Well to be fair,
I didn’t listen to the song so it’s not fair to judge.
(as I put it on mute like 10 seconds in).

Here is some behind the scenes footage.
The REAL video we are interested in:


I don’t really do models…
But I’d make an exception.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Dear Tyson Bettis. Love Me. Sincerely, Jamari Fox”

  1. Oh yeah, very nice indeed! You certainly have an eye for talent Jamari!!!! I just hope he’s a Fox!

  2. Damn this dude is like WOW, I have seen him in a few pics, never knew who he was, but he comes across much more sexier in videos. Very nice indeed.

  3. he is cute but i dont want that to come back and bite us in the ass… ther wrong way lol. but ole dude in that fake ass wack ass weed song has me worried. are all these fine wolves gona do somthing lame and make them unatractive again?

  4. I got a woody just by watching the videos of him, dude is right. I would pay mad money to have him infront of me naked.

  5. looooool look at that peas of meat ready to be seasoned and coocked, lool and jamary why dont you do models?

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