Lay Down Some Rubber (Jodi… Jodi… My Jodi….)


Jodi looks like a good fuck… and that is it.
Well, judging from his little sex tape and his Twitter wall… he is a nice Wolf to let beat one time you need some.

For those who need an update on Jodi,
click here.

this version has him and his friend…

… but, out of the two,
who would you lay down some rubber for?

I’m sure Jodi fucked him LOL
Jodi just looks like that type who needs his dick on someone’s Foxhole.
… and you lost 5 Wolf points for that cigarette.

Maybe this entry should be:


And Jodi,
if you are reading,
can we get another sex tape?
You do those very very well…
and when you make the tape,
STOP doing the “Oh My God” dramatic face.
We understand you are the “star” of the tape…
but just beat the Foxhole up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Lay Down Some Rubber (Jodi… Jodi… My Jodi….)”

  1. I’d fuck the friend becuase i feel that i would be another foxhole for jodi to lick and fuck and then keep it moving. I mean jodi isnt fuck one consistent dude in his videos, they are always different so I’d rather take the friend after of course having him fill out the required forms and submitting to an assest allocation inquiry. Lls #MOE

    1. ^Jodi is the perfect fuck.
      He is basically using his body to provide us pleasure.
      He is not to be taken seriously besides being naked.

      He is MEAT.

      you dunno if it is clean meat or not LOL
      He would have to get tested and a bath in hand sanitizer.

  2. We foxes all have different taste but as whorish as the wolf is I’d like for him to be more than just meat that pounds the foxhole.. I want just a little more plus I would feel eeire knowing he boned my whole crew we all would look stupid in the end. At least that’s how I would feel

  3. Yes, like lets say for instance you me and vain are a crew. Well he boned you first, and then Vain and then myself. We in the end would look dumb and thirsty most likely because if we close and we would be probably we knew he fucked out or the other so we look like clowns..

    Disclaimer: We have nor will we ever be clowns, or hoe or slaves to the dick. This was a hypothetical situation and no animals were hurt in the use of this example.

    1. ^ya know what?
      Observing him,
      He looks like that type.
      He looks like a slave to his dick so I feel what you are saying.
      I guess I just saw him as easy pipe.

      Just reading his wall,
      He gives off the vibe of skeezer

  4. YOU LITTLE FAGGOT!! WHO EVER THE FUCK THIS IS, when i find out ima turn u every fuckin way but loose!! fags kill me!! DONAVON & I DO NOT have a fuckin sex tape out #1 That in a completely different person FROM HIGHSCHOOL I HAVE A TOTAL OF 21 TATTOOS!! in that recording i had none this shit is pretty OLD and so faggedy that yall would congregate on a gay ass Post & Talk about me as if any of yall NO ME!! who all havent i fucked in atlanta? Lmao i barely be in, near or around atlanta!! This is so ridiculous That sumone had this mUCH TIME TOO put this together!! ” Im in stiches over hur laughin because NONE OF THIS INFORMATION IS CORRECT aside from the fact that Im jodi balenciaga from the ballroom scene everything else is simply a hoot i mean like readlly? u got my twitter my fb and the whole 9 get a fuckin life

    1. ^Jodi

      Did you bother to read what I wrote about you?
      Probably not.
      I actually complimented you and thought you were hot.
      You came on here ranting as raving like someone stole your sunshine.
      If anything, you should be flattered.

      Read it again and then try your response again.

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