How The Straight Wolf Mentally Turns You Out And Makes You Chase Him

I know you have met this Wolf before.

I know I have.
And he is A N N O Y I N G.
Fine as hell but A N N O Y I N G.
I usually get along great with everyone,
but there is that one straight Wolf who gets shy around me.
He usually tries to stay clear of me like I am covered in pulsating sores!
I usually take offense, as I feel everyone should like me because I’m fucking amazing.
But, with him it is different and quite frankly, it pisses me off.
So, I end up going after him like he wanted in the first place…

Is this all a plot to have YOU chase HIM?

I have come to the conclusion that the mofo is in love with you.

You never thought about that twist in the story line huh?

That has to be it.
I mean, you catch the muthafucka staring you down like he wants to eat you on the spot.
Not to mention, the feeling you get when you are around him.
The Wolf version of “hard to get”?

But you never thought to think like that because you were so focused on one angle.
You are focused on WHY he doesn’t want to be around you?
Why is he doing these things that you KNOW you are right about?
You never stop to think that he may see you as someone he truly and deeply admires.
So what does he do?
He subconsciously turns the tables on you so that you come after him.


He probably wants you to over exhaust yourself.
To the point that all you think about is him and how you want to somehow turn him out.
All those mixed signals fucking up your brain because he is setting the perfect trap.
Got you ready to profess your love for him like a dry romantic movie starring Kate Hudson.

Sad part is, it may just never even go anywhere.
He likes you, but he wants the chase on your end.
Usually, this type is lazy because at least with a D/L Wolf,
he will let you know he is interested by signs that you need to pick up on before he moves on.
This one here just confuses your poor brain and makes you a sad mess.

I’m letting you Foxes know that it isn’t you.
It is pretty much him playing a game called “Chase Me To Boost My Ego”.
It got me thinking about these Wolves who want us secretly.
In life, the stakes of meeting a Wolf we are actually interested in is small.
The chances of meeting a Wolf we ARE interested in,
but us playing the “Is He Feeling Us?” guessing game is high.
Why can’t this whole process be easier?
I mean, we know he wants this but why all this jibba jabba?
Maybe he looks at us like we are confident and that intimidates him?
Or, maybe he is just is satisfied being the way he is and you simply peak his interest?

Frustrating as hell I know.
I should be named the Wolf Whisperer with all the “?” Wolves I been through.
But I had to stop and wonder about this theory….

Wolves chase Vixens who do not take them seriously.
They will bend over backwards for the Vixen who isn’t easily caught.
When they finally catch the Vixen, they fuck the shit out of her, and put a check next to her name.
Usually makes the Vixen turn around to chase him and he is gone to the next.
(Anybody see where I’m going with this?)

Is this the same thing with us…

Is it all simply for the thrill of the chase?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “How The Straight Wolf Mentally Turns You Out And Makes You Chase Him”

  1. Yeah I think it definitely is the same thing with us, we repeat the cycle over and over by chasing a straight Wolf and then he throw out mixed signals because he’s confused himself, then he decides one day, he’s just not that into you and then you get the cold shoulder.

    1. ^you ever notice it is the same story tho!???

      You see him.
      He sees you.
      You think he is fine.
      He does something that makes you question him….

      …. and then watch it…

      You ignore him (playing hard to get)
      He drops a big hint.
      You pick up the hint.
      You drop a hint.
      He ignores you.
      You drop more subtle hints.
      He ignores you + drops a small hint.

      And it goes on and on until he finally decides to get at you OR like you said,
      gives you a massive cold shoulder.

  2. I am right in the middle of this mixed signals wolf thing and its driving me insane lol. But I do it to myself so i can’t really be mad. I enjoy his conversation. I enjoy the looks. I enjoy the attempts at keeping my attention through random questions. I know you LIKE me, all the signs are there. But do you like me ENOUGH to take the next step? So far, not really…

    He is fine as hell though.

    1. ^its the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Because you can’t get him out your head.
      You have the “what if?” and the “i think…” questions.
      Everytime you see him,
      you start expecting a sign.

      But guess what?
      When you turn the tables on him and ignore him,
      that is when he starts dropping bigger hints.


      1. HATES IT!!! He’ll search our work place (we do a lot of walking around) until he finds me. Brings up something completely random to keep me in conversation. Makes eye contact all the time….

        But i love it lol. That’s the sad part. I “what if?” ALL. DAY. LONG. and map out our lives together. But its not like these are ambiguous things like he handed me a pen and i took it the wrong way. These are BLATANT attempts at getting to know me or being around me. It got so bad as to where i needed someone else to see it. So i had to explain the situation with my other fox co-worker and she got to see it for herself. Said its pretty obvious he likes me and that i should make the first move (so what if he has a girlfriend? Do you see how he looks at you!?).The straight or presumably straight wolves will keep you in this sort of limbo where you don’t really know where you stand. Other times i feel like this its all a game and there are some ulterior motives that would lead to something negative. The right thing to do is ignore them completely. But its hard to do that when there aren’t any other prospects around (or up to his standard) to keep your mind off of him.

  3. ^I notice when I say fuck it and ignore completely,
    they like the chase,
    but it seems when we chase,
    it is a turn off.

    For instance:

    Worker Wolf has been on ignore.
    I was in the office getting some supplies and I was talking to one of the Vixens.
    I was rubbing my bottom lip back and forth and I caught him staring at me through my Foxy senses.
    Well do you know he decided to bring something over to where I was standing with the Vixen just so I could talk to her.
    I STILL did not pay him no mind.
    He was staring at me in my face and when I made jokes with the Vixen,
    as usual,
    he would be laughing at what I have to say.

    At this point,
    I will take my sexy somewhere else.
    But I know that he is watching and sniffing out my scent.

    At least with you,
    you are talking to yours and making solid conversation.
    He may just reveal himself… or he may be just comfortable being cool with you and not putting a title on anything.
    I say just go with the flow but sooner or later, you may have to let go..

    1. And thats definitely where I am. This is me going with the flow but i can’t help having expectations. I want things to progress further but i know i can’t hit the fast forward button. I mean for now I’m enjoying the friendship. The discussions. The “accidental” brushing up against. The effort that’s there. But for how long, you know? PLUS, he has a girlfriend and i know he does. Out of respect for her, I shouldn’t be pursuing him at all even if he may not be completely happy with her or he’s secretly into men and feels he must live this heterosexual imagine to please those outside of himself. He may very well reveal himself to me but a big part of me thinks he’d rather keep it where it is. No titles, just chemistry.

      What’s keeping me hanging on for this long is that i dont really know for sure and I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity because I’m over thinking things…

  4. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^very true because dating him could end up being a nightmare.
    The way it is sounds cool.
    Sounds like you are both already talking but no hanky panky…

    None! And That’s whats keeping me around. I’m FINALLY talking to about a guy who isn’t all about sex. I don’t know if I’ve ever had this experience with someone who was interested in me. But then i wonder… well… have i gotten so used to men being sexual as a way of saying “i like you” that if hes not that way… does that mean he isn’t attracted to me physically? He does sometimes flirt through touching but is very subtle. I dont really know.

    Dating him could be great or it could be awful. I’d just like to know which one. I can’t say for sure whether or not i would still be on him this much if i had other dating prospects. Part of me says yes because of his looks combined with our connection simply because so far my dating prospects are not often as fine as this guy is. His looks are playing a HUGE role in this lol

  5. For me, I think it boils down to wanting something I can’t have. Those hints that I think I see, r most of the time things I make up in my head. The n I end up hurt cause of some make believe shit. And on a good day I thing every man I cross on the street wants me, especially if I just got my hair cut and have a fly outfit on, u cant tell me nothing.

  6. FUCK MEN.
    some of y’all didn’t get that so let me repeat.
    This may or may not relate to this post in ways but it all comes back to that statement.

    You can be the finest thing in the world, have all the best qualities and a nigga will love you, think you’re great and still be lookin for the next best thing. Until you put his ass on notice that he is standard issue and easily replaced with another factory/stock part. I recently noticed with every guy I’ve dealt with that if I’m mutually interested its not til he pisses me off and I show my ass (not literally) that the dude is wrapped around my finger. Dudes don’t want what’s easy or nice. Nice gets you nowhere. Being attactive getss you only so far. Having your own gets you a pat on the back. HAVING AN ATTITUDE AND FUCK YOU MENTALITY GETS YOU ANYTHING. In the world of men at least. Chasing and showing a dude you’re interested is not what will get you anywhere cause they dontu appreciate that shit. Show your cards (good qalities) then snatch that shit away.

    If you cant tell FATC has recenctly become over men. Even the “nice” ones aint shit. So treat them as suck and you will probably come out on top. If a man is what you want. Im not even sure at this point. Relationships are the pits.

    Until next time. Hi Jamari.

      1. Lol niggas just being niggas. When you realize your worth you dont put up with bull shit and i always have so i never do. Guys take kindess for being weak seriously and its sad. I’ve also just come to a point of asking God that he fill the areas and times where i want to be with a guy because i’ve put too much effort towards finding the right one and too much of myself toward one i thought was. SO i now am doing me and focusing on me and when im lonely God appears in one of my friends or an opportunity and im not anymore. If someone comes along or sticks around in the midst of that so be it. But in the mean time im treatin these niggas like they dont deserve mine til they prove otherwise. Not being overly mean but not being afraid of scaring someone off because of my natural allergy for bullshit. And im done.

    1. Not mean as in “damn you a real nasty bitch”,
      but you treat everyone how they treat you.

      Being mean can be learning to say “no”.
      standing up for yourself when he crosses the line.
      calling him out when you know and suspect he does wrong.

      nice but nasty.
      a wolf likes a fox with an edge.
      i bring that edge to every aspect in my life and i get respected.

  7. UrSoVain :

    #whoisjamarifox :FATC made an excellent point.Entry coming up…

    So if a guy likes you, be mean to him?

    I dont know Vain, I have tried being a dick head and I always get the damn yo, why you so mean thing thrown at me. I didnt it so effectively that one even told me I was cool as shit but I’m evil. ROTFL. I think its more or so about them achieving something they have thier eye on, so in my opinion I would recommend that we only entertain those who are really putting effort into entertaining us and want to be in our lives, absent the suttle hints, and the chasing. I mean its fun for a while but after a couple weeks or months, make a decision already. One of my infamous lines is and I have surprised a couple dudes with the, “So I mean are you ever going ask me out on a date or do you just like to admire me when I come by and you see me.”

  8. Damn why did FACT describe the way I feel about men perfectly(LOL). My new life revolves around being in the gym alot and I come in contact with some of the finest str8 men and they frustrate me because they play alot of games. I have this one who caught me checking him out a couple of months ago(Im usually not this dumb as to get caught) I thought he would give me the gas face when he saw me again, instead this dude flirts with me, not verbally, but by coming by me when Im on a machine to make sure I see him. Lifting his shirt up to show off his amazing abs when Im in his eyesight, I have never even spoke or said anything to this dude, but its like he plays this game, and I cant get enough because he looks like the ideal man of my fantasy, but of course he is probably jobless, with 7 baby momma’s, and crazy as hell.

    Speaking for myself, I think I place more value on str8 men and catching their eye or talking to them, even if it never goes anywere because it like they are the forbidden fruit, and a part of it is how society has ingrained in us that you should only be str8 so we chase this ideal even if it does us harm to our mental state in the long run. I find myself way less judgemental on str8 dudes than my gay brothers, and going out of my way for them.

    Jamari once again your blog makes me examine things about myself even when they are ugly truths

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