Model Mayhem

So I went with my boss to an event my job was holding,
tired as all get out,
and I was happily surprised that it was for a male model casting…

You know I perked up when I saw all the various flavored meat.

one black model in particular was giving me the eyes when I walked in the room.
I purposely ignored him because lets face it, he is a model and I am sure anything with a hole he has been in.

But today,
for whatever reason,
my mojo has been on “oh so low” that I wasn’t even lusting after him.

And he had all the right Wolf credentials that I was looking for…

Tall, dark-skinned, nice body, bald head, big dick, and a fat ass.

He was everything I was looking for and he was giving me all the right body language but, the place we were at and who we were around definitely limited us from making a connection. I’ll see him again I am sure.

What amused me is the older white exec who was in charge of the event claimed his territory first. When I asked him when said fine black model was leaving, he looked at me like I had asked him for his social security number!! He said the particular model was leaving and he was chosen. I asked when he was returning, I got the icy glare of death.

 From my stance, he could see that I wasn’t intimidated by his glare.

The thing with these older execs is they use their power to get a quick mid day fuck by a thirsty model who wants to be put on. Modeling is not a guaranteed job Foxes. It is something that is very cut throat and competitive. Plus, male models do not make that much money and are not always used. I always say that models are also part-time hoes because they use their bodies to sell clothes and sell sex.

It is nothing to see a model fucking for features.

OD: But, I may need to get into a position of power so I can lock down a sexy Wolf.
Hell it worked for Terrance Dean, right?


Later Foxes

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Model Mayhem”

  1. Lol I never looked as models as being whores but… i guess i can see it like that. You better tell Ms. exec to lust after some other Mandingo! U know how the “white girls” live for that type of thing.

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