rest in peace to cheslie kryst

The marvelous and curated world of social media.

a place where we can fool and even convince.
we always font about this.

We never know what people are going through.

people are shocked that a beauty queen would take their own life.
cheslie kryst,
who was the 2019 miss usa and also a lawyer,
did just that today

The woman who leaped to her death from a Midtown high-rise Sunday was former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

Shortly before she jumped, Kryst posted on her Instagram page, “May this day bring you rest and peace.”

The 2019 pageant winner and 30-year-old lawyer jumped from her luxury 60-story Orion building at 350 W. 42nd St. around 7:15 a.m. and was found dead in the street below, sources said.

Sources said Kryst left behind a note saying she wanted to leave everything to her mother, a former pageant competitor herself who was crowned Mrs. North Carolina in 2002. The note didn’t include a motive for Kryst’s actions, sources said.

cheslie’s last video on youtube:

i was looking through her social media and she seemed like everyone i know.
looking happy,
taking great pictures,
making funny tiktoks,
standing next to/interviewed celebs,
and reaching a success that many of us dreamed of/admire/envy.
it wasn’t enough and her pain was too much to bear.
i think there is a real conversation we need to have:

How we are forced to maintain this happiness if we truly aren’t.

let’s not act like some of us don’t shy away from those crying out for help.
society doesn’t take too kindly to those who aren’t poppin’ on socials.
i can attest to how nasty some people can be on socials.

There are folks who come on my platform to make me feel like shit.

jackals do all of this but expect everyone is built like teflon to handle it.
what we don’t realize is many of us are contemplating suicide.
so many people are taking their own lives these days,
it’s almost like a reassurance to do it too.

I pray for all those who are suffering.

it ain’t easy to live on this earth with the pressures we face.
like i’ve fonted a million times,
please let someone know.

Before I even consider taking my life,
I promise I will communicate with friends and the foxhole.

there is no use in having resources if i don’t use them first.
may cheslie kryst rest in power and her soul is finally at peace.

article cc: ny post

15 thoughts on “rest in peace to cheslie kryst

  1. I was just watching a doctor on GMA discussing Chelsie’s death she said instead of just asking loved ones,”Are you OK?” which I’ve done before.We should also ask, “Have you being having any thoughts of harming yourself?”I have never asked that specific question to people I’m concerned about but I will from now own.

  2. First RIP to this woman. Now I must say, my GOD! the emotional pain she must have been in to consciously jump from a HIGH RISE! … I jus couldn’t do it, I would take my LAST dimes if necessary and Take THE best vacation I could….or I would just pack up and go to the closet family or friends that I felt even remotely safe, just SOMETHING other then this, because imma be honest foxhole… I. Don’t. Know. What. Happens. When. We. Die! & I’m not so arrogant to just proclaim, with absolute certainty, that’s it’s the “nothingness” or even the “peace” people profess/hope for it to be, I’m scared and not afraid to admit that! but I HOPE it is peace for those that just couldn’t take it

  3. In March 2021 she wrote an essay for Allure Magazine.She wrote,”Each time I say I’m turning 30, I cringe a little.Society has never been kind to those growing old,especially women.”

    It’s interesting that she was worried about “growing old” when she is/was only 30.From my experience it’s generally much older women concerned about aging but I guess when you work in Hollywood/entertainment industry you may think about that an earlier age.
    I enjoyed watching her on ExtraTv

    I pray she is at peace and Condolences to her loved ones.

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

    1. The times we’re living in seems like the Great Depression all over again. A true tragedy🙏🏿

    2. The first thing I thought of while reading your comment was her feeling that 30 is her getting old. That is truly sad and speaks volumes about how pathetic our society can be about some things.

      RIP to that young lady. I’m soo tired of everyone talking about ‘check on your strong friend’ and other lip service, AFTER the tragedy. Use your words.

      And we’d probably also benefit from acknowledging the differences btwn mental and emotional health. A lot more ppl might be more open about their emotional support needs if they weren’t lumped in w the stigma mental health still carries. It’s not like most of America aren’t unfortunately still side eyeing therapy.

  4. Man what a beautiful women with an auspicious future and a lifestyle many of us would envy. This proves living the glamorous still can be a dark place. I wonder what really was going on with sis to do this? Mental illness does not discriminate and I can say I’ve had suicidal thoughts but never would act on it. May she rest in peace.

    1. Sooo sad.. I’m in shock.. I have to wonder why the spate of high profile suicides. What triggered them to get to this dark place. I’ve wondered with the sense of hopelessness n uncertainty due to COVID is the culprit, combined with memtal health issues.. I think I saw her a couple of weeks ago when she hosted The Miss Universe Pageant from Israel little did we know what was around the corner. This tragedy like Regina King’s son Ian going the same way leads me to wonder. RIP.

  5. Wow. It is so hard to recognize depression especially in the African American community. As stated she seemed to have reached success that many dream of. Rest easy.

  6. I didn’t know her personally but this story hit like a ton of bricks. Lord I can only imagine the level of fear she experience in her final moments. This is so sad. Jamari if you ever get into a dark place please reach out. We love and care about you.

    1. ^i always said that if i ever did it,
      i want people to know so they won’t be wondering why i did it.
      i want them to have closure and be on the same page.

      such a sad story and it seems to happening a lot more with public figures.
      these current times are really a lot.

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