i think the navy knew but we didn’t want to admit it.
from the oversized shirts,
hands over her belly,
and the weight gain,
we could all tell rihanna was gut full of human.
diggzy aka miles diggs confirmed it today with ^that shot and this one…

she looks so beautiful.
i’m still kinda sus on him,
but if she is happy then so am i.

rih has done a lot out here tbh.
i’m very proud of her and the rest of our island is too.
she has accomplished a lot and is a whole billionaire now.
you can sense a maturity in her that comes with growth.
i’m happy she is taking the next phase of her life with a baby.
i’ll font this tho:

I doubt we will ever get another album from Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty… ever.

i think she is happier in the make-up,
and lingerie lane.
it brings her more joy it seems.
music is a very “iffy” lane because your popularity depends on your next hit.
i could be wrong tho.
she might drop a surprise album on the birth of her baby.
at this point,
i wouldn’t be shocked.
my rih is always full of surprises.
congrats to rih and asap rocky!


  1. You can hang that album up because as long as every other business venture is successful and less stressful for her, that’s all she is going to focus on. Especially since its confirmed, we all knew when you seen her covering up when she reveals everything. Look at what happened with Beyoncé when she was pregnant while trying to get an album out. She was stressed trying to get the right sound, Jay was cheating, she already had how many miscarriages, and still hiding all that from the public. People was happy when Fat Joe released his track thinking Rhi actually hopped on the track, when it was just a mashup from a song she already did. When that album drops, its will be when she feels its ready and needs to come out, other than that, we can hang it up for now.

  2. I kinda guessed after seeing the back to back oversized looks , I’m with you..I’m happy with you but not so sure about Rocky.he never really grew on me but once she’s happy that’s all that matters

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