i’m laying here,
listening to a tank album,
and i saw my phone screen light up in the dark.
when i turn to look at it,
i see:

Ex-Vogue Cheif Andre Leon Talley Dead at 73

at first,
i thought i saw “en vogue” and jumped outta bed.
uuummmmm via “tmz“…

Fashion icon Andre Leon Talley has died at 73 … TMZ has learned.
A source with direct knowledge tells us Vogue’s former creative director and one-time editor-at-large passed away Tuesday at a hospital in White Plains, NY. It’s currently unclear exactly what he was battling in the hospital.

i’m really shocked by this.
i haven’t heard from him since he confessed he was ( x in-between blessings ).
i was really sad that he was such an influential force in the fashion industry,
but was spending his days struggling with no help from his “friends”.
i’m was baffled as to why that was even happening to him.

i need you to calm tf down.
you aren’t supposed to be like the others.
may andre leon talley rest in power.

article quote: tmz


  1. I love ,respect and have so much gratitude for this talented ,fabulous and elegant man.

    Thank you Mr Talley for being you and sharing your gift with the world. Keep shining!!!!

  2. Wow…I read this earlier but had to process it for a few before I could respond. All the legends and icons are passing on. It’s time for our generation to get our shit together and carry on in their stead. Rest in Power Andre, the fashion world will definitely miss your insight.

  3. I am gagging. So sad and distressed to read this. I bought his Chiffon Trenches book back in Summer and got to know Mr Talley more intimately thru print.
    It may be a, cliche to say but “We have lost a Legendary Icon.” His life in fashion was and shall always be a perfect 10.

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